Instructions for use Varius

How to use the tool presents no difficulty. In the instructions for use Varius we recommend that, before you apply the gel take a shower of water hot to maximize the dissemination of so. This is necessary so that the active ingredients of the medicine as well penetrated into the skin and has exerted the desired action.

Statement Various

The medicine is applied in a small amount on the affected skin area and rubbed their slow movements. The excess gel, remove the cleaning cloth. Gel leave until complete absorption. If the skin has a wound or abrasion, the medicine applied, it is not possible, as this will cause irritation. The procedure to pass from the morning and evening. The course is 3 to 4 weeks, if necessary, the application of the gel continue for 4 more weeks. For preventing varicose veins the drug is applied on the skin once a day. To secure the result it is recommended to repeat the course through a month. to open a bottle of gel will stay on for a long enough time, according to the instructions in the Variussince the correct storage.

Contraindications to the use of gel Varius

The medicine is manufactured on the basis of natural products, environmentally friendly, and safe. But when ignorant use varius perhaps the emergence of undesirable side effects and complications. Before you purchase the drug it is worth paying special attention to the indications and contra-indications. Application Varius it is unacceptable, in such situations:

  • The idiosyncrasy of the active components. After application of the gel on the skin in some people, a severe allergy caused by exposure began poison.
  • Pregnancy. The drug practically does not cause complications, but during pregnancy to use it you need to with the utmost caution.
  • The defeat of the skin of the integument. The tool is contra-indicated the application of people who suffer from different forms of eczema and dermatitis.
  • A violation of skin integrity of the integument. It is not possible to apply the gel Varius of the damaged areas of skin and open wounds.

Instructions for use Varius is inside the packaging with the product.