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  • Daniela

    I had the second stage of the varicose veins. Vienna were very visible on your skin. Swelling and pain of the tormented constantly. Daughter I bought the gel variusand , even though I didn't expect. Liked through time, probably about a year. But my case was much neglected. The first thing that I noticed — the skin became normal. Then, gradually disappeared the pain and the swelling. Have become less visible varicose buds. This is the true magic.

  • Jonathan

    I have varicose veins. And it manifests not only in the legs. When you appeared to me for the first time seizures, I think I've got wrong with your heart. Went for a examination, but heart disease not found, and received a diagnosis of varicose veins. I bought the gel varius at the recommendation of his doctor. Already after the first use, commented the result: the pain went on and stopped seizures.

  • Sabine

    Varicose veins me tortured for nearly 12 years. Close I do a lot of all means, ointments, creams, tablets. But the best drug that I believe gel Varius. He is very nice, cools the skin, quickly eliminate the swelling, as well absorbed, has a pleasant smell. After its use not irritation and itching on the skin, as happened after the application of other tools. I realize that the inflammation and the swelling to pass.

  • Natascha

    Buy varius advised me to a friend. She is really special to me, sent the tool from Moscow, because in my city was not on offer. Applied the gel I'm just about a month. The drug I liked. Quickly relieves fatigue and pain of the feet, swelling. After a month of application of vienna, have become almost imperceptible on the skin. Now I use the drug already in the purposes of prevention.

  • Daniela

    After the birth of the baby, problems arose with the veins. Really not helped. The feet at the end of the day, just covered venous the hill. I went to the doctor who advised me to buy varius. Gel anti-varicose veins, I used it twice a day. The first result that I noticed after a few days. Decreased pain and swelling disappeared. Of vienna, it began to look almost normal. I'm happy, I'm going to continue the treatment.

Comments Varius