The treatment of varicose veins at home

The treatment of varicose veins at home – a real opportunity to minimize the risk of complications and disease, for those of you who correctly and in a timely fashion appropriate to the challenges of home therapy. The majority of people with symptoms of varicose veins in the initial phase to estimate the serious damage to the health caused by this disease.

The professionals, on the other hand, indicates that the varicose veins of the lower limbs results in the development of the dire consequences and complications for the patient. The only therapy is appropriate, including the animals, from the media, to help stop the progression of the disease, and it decreases the risk of complicated disease.

The signs and symptoms of venous thrombosis rape

varicose veins

Varicose veins in the legs, and, unfortunately, it is diagnosed in the elderly and younger patients. The doctor believed that this condition, and especially, it often grows in the midst of a pre-disposition to the disease, and identifies a number of characteristics, pointing to the advance of varicose veins, are veins.

  1. If it is the pricking of a little bit of "action", as if to rise above the level of the skin, and this can be seen when a visual inspection is the first sign of the pathology of the patient, is self-evident.
  2. In the evening, legs felt the break, and a burning sensation in the limbs, and the sign of varicose veins, and reflects the evolution of the disease.
  3. The swelling of the feet, and manifests itself in the second half of the day, and it stuck for a few days of divergence, and after more than a half an inch, it is considered to be the third symptom of the disturbance of the venous flow.

If this symptoms of add, muscle cramps in the calf muscles, tired feet, and we can safely say that the one is the progress of varicose veins. In time he began treating varicose veins will help to prevent further immediate treatment in the hospital.

The internal therapy of venous pathology.

Varicose veins – a serious disease that requires observation and treatment by a specialist-phlebologist. By understanding, we can cure you of varicose veins, is directly dependent on the degree of negligence on the part of a disease process. However, even doctors, still insist on the options of the home, to assist in the therapy of the varicose veins person methods.

To treat varicose veins at home, that is appropriate for simultaneous internal and external stakeholders of the impact of the pathological process. For internal use only receipt, it is recommended that you use the power of herbal infusions and herbal pills, because in the old west they were able to gather a wealth of experience in herbalism foot disease, and is transmitted to the this little of the wisdom of the people, from one generation to the next.

  1. Ground up in a grinder or in a blender with a tablespoon of hop cones. For the raw materials cup of boiling water and heat on a steam bath, and a quarter of an hour. The juice you need to drink before you eat the whole serving at a time.
  2. The flowers of the sweet chestnut (50 g), pour them into a bottle of vodka, insist two weeks, it's always a tremendous, tension. Take 40 drops, three times a day.
  3. Liqueur, nutmeg, prepared from 100 grams of nuts and a bottle of vodka. Infused with a blend of 10 days, take 20 drops three times a day before meals.

In the internal treatment of varicose veins is directed to the strengthening of the vein, and blood vessel walls from the inside to the outside, and a decrease in the clotting of blood.

Therapy from the centre of the city

Most of the diseases of the lower extremities successfully treated with the help of complementary therapies, foot trays. The patient's foot, in the evening, and visibly swollen, and the flower is attached to a burning sensation – all of these symptoms can be alleviated, if, in a few short minutes to secure the patient's foot, in the heat of a broth of medicinal herbs.

  1. A white bath with a decoction of a mixture of nettle, burdock, and birch leaves (3 tablespoons of mixture to a pint of boiling water) it relieves the burning sensation and swelling in the ankles.
  2. It helps to normalize the circulation of the 25-minute procedure, with the addition of the juice of a flax-seed. For the preparation of a tray with a couple of tablespoons of seed to brew the quart of water, boil the water within half an hour, filtered, and added to two gallons of warm water.
  3. Toning is a therapeutic bath with a decoction of herbs, cottonweed swamp. 100 grams of dried grass, tired, in 5 liters of boiling water for about 8 hours, and strain. For the duration of the procedure is about 40 minutes.

The important to therapeutic is the prerequisite for the achievement of the treatment bath, the temperature of the water in the procedure, it should not be more than 38 degrees celsius. Experts have called the attention of the patient, so that, while varicose veins are not recommended as a hot tub, the sauna or the Turkish steam bath.

The outside of the treatment site

The locations of the wing and a door mirror are considered to be an important point in the treatment scheme of the approach from the how to get rid of varicose veins at home.

The very first rule that you must obey by the rubbing of patient's feet, this is the one that all the movements should start from the hops, gradually going up the leg, from above. It's so light and refreshing massage can be done daily, by using a couple of drops of aromatherapy oils, provided that the patient does not have a skin injury, eczema, trophic ulcers.

The methods of treatment of varicose veins at home can also be used:

  • the color of the leaves, the grass, made in the proportion of 1:2, with vodka, for a week in a dark place: her feet are two times a day;
  • those who do not have an allergy to bee products, and effectively help you honey: goes to him to make it about 50 days after 2 hours of exposure time, leading to 12 hours.
  • an effective means of swelling in the middle of the stopped traffic is considered to be potatoes-boiled, he can apply to a patient with your feet up on the day, changing the gauze every four hours.
  • the tone of the blood vessels, enhance, and compress of salt: the liquid is cooled down in the fridge, put it on the diseased foot, and keep it up to warm up to her.

Help when varicose veins of the legs, and the rubbing and returns the infusion of the fruit or the flower of the sweet chestnut. Effective and it is considered to be an option for the treatment of varicose veins, the feet, in the house of the ointment to the base of the apple cider vinegar, you agree to the inside out.

Diet therapy vein problems

the treatment of varicose veins at home

Diet therapy plays an important role in the fight against varicose veins at home. Experts have called the attention of his patients are overweight, as well as when the varicose veins disease, it is the main provocateur of the exacerbation and the complications.

The correction of the patient's weight should be carried out with the help of your diet, as well as any marketing tool, it can cause irreparable damage to the body. The doctor will relate to the products and drinks are prohibited in the varicose expansion of the veins:

  • all of the alcohol scale, regardless of the strength;
  • durable café.
  • the canning of the product;
  • smoked and salted foods;
  • the sweet and the salty.

The allowed and recommended in food in the period of the treatment of varicose veins at home product from the following list:

  1. Baked potatoes are served boiled, but it contains a rich set of nutrients, which contribute to the vein wall.
  2. Rye flour, oat flakes and grains, you are able to not only normalize your digestion, but has a beneficial effect on the blood vessels and capillaries.
  3. Fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in unlimited quantities, particularly useful for the normalization of venous flow freshly-squeezed juices from fruits and vegetables (in unlimited allows you to of the cabbage, the carrot, blackcurrant).
  4. For the correction of the weight and, simultaneously, as a means of varicose veins, it is advisable to drink a lot of green space: the fennel, the parsley. It may be in the form of fresh juice, you can be in a salad.

The black and white list, when the varicose veins

To cure varicose veins at home is possible only when it is consistent, comprehensive and meaningful approach to such a therapy. In spite of the preferences of the patient, it is worth to take seriously the symptoms of varicose veins, and the recommendations of the doctors in the area of nutrition.

All the professionals have left on the so-called "white" and "black list" that came with the product or recommended against the disease. In terms of the steady-state diet of the patient, adjusts to the quality of health care, and at-home treatments, it provides, regardless of the follow-up to it.

"White-list (drugs to thin the blood)"The black list"
For the fish, and fish oils Flaxseed and olive oil.Soup, meat, jam, cold cuts and cured meats
Lemons, grapefruits, tomato juice, beet root, fruitsBanana, mango, chokeberry, pomegranate juice
The onion, the garlic, the ginger,Rosehip, Aronia

In addition, experts recommend, from time to time, to monitor the clinical performance of the paint of the body. If the analysis shows a thickening of the blood, and a propensity for thrombosis, and the doctors prescribe a course of aspirin to prevent the progression of varicose veins, education and thrombophlebitis.

The animals of the hardening procedure

The methods followed by the measures, a comprehensive understanding of the problem of how to cure varicose veins, doctors will often add to the breadth of procedures, and showers. It is believed that these methods significantly in the venous wall, blood vessels and capillary walls, contribute to the normalization of the circulation of the blood.

To accomplish this, alone, is easy to do, it is important to note the sequence of steps in the process:

  • tightening will begin with the walk-in shower, lowering the temperature of the water, every day, to varying degrees, (and possibly the temperature has to be at least minimally comfortable with);
  • in the early days of the leak are not to be held longer than 1-3 minutes, but with each one followed by a period of time to increase, rising to 7 minutes.
  • after that, as the body gets used to it, you should go for the treatment in the shower, in contrast to the 10 seconds of cold and hot objects cool;
  • on the first day of the showers from the contrast of no more than 5 minutes, and gradually, the duration of the procedure is brought into a half-hour.

It's not worth making the decision to do this is a age of procedures to remove varicose veins. Only a doctor is able to determine the degree to which the feasibility of such a treatment, after a study of the history of the disease and the related human disease. Otherwise, it could lead to complications that warns you of the conventional wisdom: "what a treat it is, and the other for the kill..."

An alternative therapeutic exercise


The answer to the question of how to treat varicose veins home so that help is real and effective, from the point of view of many experts, it is a therapeutic exercise, or a complex of special physical exercises, aimed at activating the venous flow.

  1. The first and most common type of exercise is considered to be the so-called "birch tree", allows for all the stagnation places, the the flow of blood to be purified and to "let go" of the excess from the ends. For this exercise you should lie on your back with legs straight up to the top, and, simultaneously, the locking of the back with the hands by placing the body almost to the shoulders. Exercise is the best to do it at night, when the body is relaxed and your feet are still overworked and tired.
  2. The opposite of this method, which is performed in the standing position, it is considered to be a set of exercises, "art": from the foot, straight legs, stand up quickly, in half and falling sharply in all of the foot. Do a daily 10-to 15-fold.
  3. In a sitting position on the floor, with your hands tilting backward. One foot should be bent with the knee, and the other is in the area of the fold-up – and omit the 10 times, then switch legs.
  4. In the standing position, the feet placed shoulder-width apart, and then gradually squat, leaving the trunk smooth. Too much squatting is not recommended, as it can be out of balance, but in and of themselves "squat" it is recommended to have at least 10-fold.

The technique in the cab of the exercise works, and how to treat it, and as a way of preventing varicose veins at home. Experts recommend doing this exercise on a daily basis, and people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, are involved in a sedentary job have to suffer to lose weight. If we add to this still everyday, walking in an hour, swimming, and hiking are on the "cutting edge", and the resignation of a high-heeled shoes, so you can significantly reduce the symptoms of varicose veins, without the assistance of a medical practitioner.