How can I prevent varicose veins in the legs?

Varicose veins, is called the pathology of vascular medicine of the lower extremity. Even though, in reality, the illness can affect different organs. But it is on your feet, you can see the "shiny" of all the manifestations of the disease. And it's better to know ahead of time about how to prevent varicose veins, which, after a long and difficult process of treating this dangerous disease. What to do, how to maintain the beauty and health of your feet, how to prevent varicose veins and how to stop varicose veins are a a closer look down below.

Warned — means armed: causes of varicose veins

prevention of varicose veins legs

Varicose veins are one of the most common cause of death. More often than not, the development of the disease is affected by a woman as well as your body undergoes various hormonal modifications. Yes, and it is with the factors causing the appearance of varicose veins, they are usually faced with a lot more frequency. As the saying goes, know your enemy. And if you want to understand what are the main causes of varicose veins, then it will be easy, it will be possible to prevent their development, to wit:

  • Due to hereditary predisposition. If it is in a sort of line in the female has had problems with varicose veins, "and" asia," you must understand, this is the same fate. But if you put in the business is left to chance. As can be seen in the statistics, varicose veins are inherited by up to 60-70% of the time.
  • You are pregnant. Due to the increased in the tummy is created, added to the pressure on the organs of the pelvis, and the vessels of the lower limbs. The result of the venous wall rupture, they become thinner and less elastic. The extent of the vein, it causes the hormone of a yellow body, resulting in relaxation of smooth muscle.
  • Stockings and socks with tight elastic bands. They will pull out all the pots, thus preventing the circulation of the blood to normal.
  • A lot. Most of the heavy lifting that generates onerous and excessive in the feet. In addition, when the excess weight is observed in other co-morbidities, reduces the elasticity and water vapor permeability of the blood-vessels.
  • The wrong way of life. As soon as the water stopped working it creates a lot of pressure on the feet, but also in the seated posture can cause the stagnation of the processes in the lower limbs. So, here it is necessary to choose a compromise, giving the feet a holiday such as standing and sitting in an office chair.
  • Hormonal disturbances in the body, malfunctions of the endocrine system. During puberty, the menopause, or after childbirth is the most dangerous for women in time periods, which are characterized by a higher probability of preventing the development of varicose veins.
  • The constant stress and getting enough sleep. When any of the nerve-shocks, and the disturbances in our body fail in all of the systems. The movement is not an exception.

If you take care of themselves, well in advance, then the probability of avoiding the development of varicose veins of the lower extremities is significantly reduced. This will help you to use the simple preventative measures that are available to all of us.

The prevention of the varicose veins of the lower limbs

About the causes of varicose veins, we now know it, and in case of danger, able to pay more attention to our feet, and in the blood. But if the person doesn't fall into any among this at-risk group, it does not mean that the varicose veins, he is not a threat. And the preventive measures that are suggested by the experts, it should also be interesting and useful to you all.

Simple tips on how to prevent varicose veins, there are the following lines:

  1. Keep track of your weight. Full of people, a lot more likely to suffer from varicose veins, and that his well-shaped fellow. All of the strong pressure that is created in the lower division. Even more than the excess weight not only causes the development of varicose veins, but, significantly, making it more difficult for the treatment of this disease.
  2. The choice of shoes. Tight shoes, high heels, or the complete absence of it implies an incorrect distribution of the load on the leg. Whether or not a person is at risk of, or option comfortable shoes on a small steady heel. At least, for the journal of the socks is worth to buy a pair of shoes from that model.
  3. Sports, and therapeutic exercise. The great strength of the security of the load, and for some kinds of in professional sports is not the best tool for the varicose veins. And here is for the therapeutic exercise, swimming, pilates, aerobics and other physical activities to moderate, with no vent, it will be an excellent prevention of varicose veins. On top of all of this is the lack of time, it is possible to find at least a 10-to 15-minute walk from work to home. It's already rigged for the fiscal year that will result in a tone, of the vessels.
  4. As a massage. This simple step will help you to how to prevent varicose veins in the leg, and to heal the disease at an early stage. That is performing this procedure is a very simple one. You need to sit down on the floor and extend your leg to the front. You start to rub it, moving her feet to the top of it. The same procedure is then repeated with the second leg.
  5. Do not put the foot on the leg while the seat cushion. In this position, compressed the vessel, and stopped the circulation of the blood. You should avoid this posture while sitting at the movie theater, read a book, watch tv, and the t. d. d.
  6. The special knit. The mesh compression — a beautiful, prevention of varicose veins. By using this no-fusstOK and-a-half, is also recommended in the early stages of the disease.
  7. While you sleep, put it under your feet on a pillow. As such, they are to be assisted up to the level of the heart, and it's going to improve the circulation of the blood.
  8. The water you drink. With a low intake of fluids, increases the viscosity of the blood, which makes them harder to move through his veins.

But it is the single most important measure of prevention has been, and continues to be on the move. For a good circulation of the blood, it is necessary to adjust the lowering of your muscles and heart as well. And dVigatExecutive activity that will contribute in the best way possible. So the question is, how to prevent varicose veins, prior to the rib of the man, and not rise again.

To prevent the development of varicose veins during pregnancy

varicose veins in pregnancy

During pregnancy significantly increase the risk of the appearance of varicose veins. The causes that have been described in the above, and now it's time to consider action on how to prevent varicose veins in the legs, or to stop already, it's a progressive disease. The most effective way to this position, the compression of the fabric. To use it, you you you you you you need immediately after you get out of bed, and staying there for the entire day, taking only at night. On your own with the purchase of clothing is difficult to deal with, as well as a guess as to what it should be, depending on the stage of varicose veins in the legs. So, with that, the matter should contact the by taking, once a woman finds out you are pregnant.

There are three kinds of compression of knitted or crocheted fabrics. The first one is designed for girls, so you may not suffer from varicose veins, and they try by all means to avoid that fate. If, on the legs, visible varicose veins, or have been, small varicose veins, lumps, you can always buy knitwear in the second degree. Oh, and if it speaks to you for a long time, it is not about the prevention and the treatment of the implementation of the varicose veins of the lower extremities, tromileytand, and the swelling, it helps to just loop the compression of the third class.

Self-assign yourself from the loop of the compression during the pregnancy, it is not possible. In the first place, and to assess the degree to which the development of the disease it can only be an expert, but after a little research. And then, in the second place, it is important to note that the period of gestation.

In addition to the compression of the garment, or in place of it, they also will help these preventive measures:

  • The use of bandages, elastic and if you have a high degree of pressure on the legs. The technique of bintовandния should take a look in the owner's manual.
  • Dressed in cut-free. This is true not only in the air, but it is filled. With the pressure, as well as the hips and knees and can cause circulation problems.
  • Sports activities (yoga, swimming, gymnastics for pregnant women). A little physical exertion will benefit you in this position. This will not only help you in preventing varicose veins, but it will also give you the ability to control your weight.
  • Sleeping on the left side. The doctors say that this helps to improve the circulation of blood.
  • It is not a plan for long walks. Floor is helpful, but pauses for rest.

A life on the go, or for the prevention of varicose veins in the sedentary work

If, on the obligation you have plenty of time to get into a sitting position, to stop the development of varicose veins of the lower limbs to help of simple exercise.

1. Until, that is, the boss does not see, to play, to walk for a few minutes on the table. So, they're going to find yourself above the level of the heart, which will help to improve the circulation of blood.

2. Each and every a half-hour to take a break, getting up from the table. During this time, you can walk around the room, making the various dispositions, and other simple movements.
3. During the work, do not raise the chair, lift the toes of the foot to the top of it. Within the scope of the movement to improve the muscles of the lower leg, and the blood, and drastically chaset to the top.

All of these recommendations are easy to implement and within reach of each and every one of us. If they are in a way responsible for bringing, not only are varicose veins you are not in danger, but many other diseases may be able to avoid it.