That is, an adhesive which is for varicose veins?

Many of the patients ask the medical doctor, which is an ointment of chinese in the of the varicose veins.The disease, varicose veins, and aids in the last few years, and has become very popular with both men and women. Varicose veins are, in and of itself is not deadly, but it is running the way that it may lead to a disability, impair the appearance, and reduced quality of life.

The chinese patch for the treatment of varicose veins

strip out the varicose veins

The main cause of this disease is the stagnation phenomenon in the venous blood. And, as a result, it reduces the work of the heart, the liver, the spleen, and other organs. The disease can cause hypertension of the vein.

Many people often resort to removal of the diseased veins. However, it is only to eliminate the external manifestations and does not cure the disease itself may cause serious complications such as trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency, erysipelas inflammatory processes.

Very often, in the treatment of varicose veins, apply to the operation. During the operation, by simply removing the affected area of vienna. But, by the operation, followed by another, just as it has been deleted, the root cause of the disease.

The real cause of the disease to the varicose veins is being overweight, lack of exercise, hormonal adjustment. So, first of all, you have to change your way of life. Don't eat too much, eat a healthy and useful food, take exercise, go on a walk.

Due to the prevalence of the disease, and came after him for complications studies have been conducted, and the development of new methods of treatment. Some of them have shown good results and effectiveness.

In the treatment of varicose diseases of the veins and are prescribed various creams, gels, medicines, injections, bandages, elasticated. But a lot of times, this will bring only a temporary relief. For a complete cure you need for the recovery of the valves in the vessels, making it the venous blood flow.

One of the newest methods of treatment for this disease is to cure the adhesive, which has the following characteristics:

  1. The very chinese strip out the varicose veins to apply, if, as of any medicine.
  2. The product is applied to the area of the varicose veins.
  3. Unlike a medicine, ointment or gel, the patch of varicose veins remains on the surface of the affected area for a long time.
  4. Thanks for the patch, is a deeper penetration of the substances that have a positive impact on patients in vienna, and they are.

The use of the adhesive for the therapy of varicose veins

These patches of varicose veins, they are applied in practice.

Some of the most popular ones today are the chinese, the scotch tape. In China, they are manufactured in accordance with the ancient doctors, and tibetan. It includes some of the 10 medicinal plants.

These herbs over the millennia, used in China and Tibet. Its medicinal properties have been investigated by researchers. It is proved that varicose veins appear when there is the pressure of blood in your arteries. When you make a change in the thickness of the veins, and becoming more and more subtle over time, the elasticity decreases.

Of the ointment to the chinese of varicose veins is made on the basis of medicinal herbs. Thanks for the paste to occur, an improvement in the condition of the vein and the surface of the skin.

While rubbing the paste to penetrate through the skin, making it to the state of the cell is improved. The pressure in the veins decreases, the skin is smoothed. We encourage the metabolic processes which result in the diseases of the skin-to-skin. As with any shower gel and cream for varicose veins, and a chinese sticker to your varicose veins, it provides the location of the impact.

If you do decide to use a band-aid for the treatment of varicose veins, be sure to ask the question, from which it is made up of the herbal medicinal composition and the like of the impact, vienna, austria, in order not to harm your health.

There are indications and contra-indications to apply the chinese patch. It is prohibited to use this medication in women who are pregnant, as it may occur as an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the medication.

It is not recommended to use this drug for people who have an intolerance to one or more of the components that make up the patch.

When you choose the sticker of your varicose veins, you should keep in mind that the treatment is effective when, and only when you use a therapy to an additional application, as prescribed by your doctor creams and gels.