Exercise with varicose veins of the lower limbs

To reduce the impacts and symptoms of varicose veins, and also to restore the blood circulation and strengthen the vessels today there is a complex special of the gymnastics exercise.

This complex features a series of exercises with moderate physical exercise, which focuses on reducing the pain, in the area of the lower limbs.

Gymnastic exercises to improve the elasticity of the muscle tissue. Exercises Bubnovsky when varicose veins feet are quite simple, it is possible to carry out sessions themselves.

Before performing the gymnastics, it should be remembered that the bond the effectiveness of the exercises– correct breathing in each exercise is assigned to 10 repetitions.

The main gymnastic exercises look below.

Exercise 1

exercise with varicose veins

For the exercise you will need a chair. The patient sits in the chair, legs bent at the knees, the feet are on the ground, forming a smooth angle. The patient does quiet inspiration and expiration. During the exhalation of a jump boot to the floor, and the body tilt to the front.

Exercise 2

The initial position remains the same (sitting in a chair). The patient, basing themselves on tiptoe, performs the rotation of the feet inward and outward. The breathing should be smooth, measured and calm.

Exercise 3

Initial position – sitting position, firmly pressed against the back on the backrest of the chair or on the wall. Legs smooth on your lap, are carried out flexion and elevation of the foot.

Exercise 4

Without changing the original position, after exercise, and 3 are true, rotation flexion and extension of the leg in your lap. The stockings should pull for you.

Exercise 5

Starting position earlier. You should bend both knees, standing, getting up from the floor. Feet tired and are created, knees when assembled.

Exercise 6

Starting position as exercise 1. The patient sits on the edge of a chair, a flat and put the foot on the second chair, the other leg standing on the floor. Makes a deep breath, during which the whole body the maximum nests the direct foot, followed by a slow breath.

Gymnastics Bubnovsky when varicose veins have a large number of positive opinions of experts and patients.

Varicose veins are veins – the disease is caused by the increase of the surface veins, related to a failure in the operation of the valves and of the duct. Varicose veins expressed as: change in the form of veins, the lower elasticity and increased size.

Suffering from varicose vein, typically, people that are on the loose venous wall and the lack of venous valves.

Varicose veins (varicose veins) is a disease of the blood vessels, which is characterized by an increase of the veins with more formation of nodules and blood clots.

In the human body, the circulation of the blood occurs in the arteries and veins. The arteries carry blood, rich in oxygen of the heart (top to bottom) of all our organs and tissues, in vienna move the blood, full of carbon dioxide back to the heart (bottom to top), to re-saturate it with oxygen.

Vienna contain special valves that prevent the reverse of the escape of blood. That is, the movement in the veins, is possible only in one direction – upwards.

In practice, it is thus: when the heart contracts, the blood goes up per person, per day and in a fixed area of the valve that maintains this level until the next heart reduction.

So, again, occurs a pulse – valve is open, and the blood is pushed up to the next level and so on up to the top. So is the process of blood circulation in a healthy person, but for the person with varicose veins, things are, by far, is not so good.

When varicose veins veins swell, and the valves no longer work properly. They lose the normal ability to exclude, which leads to a disruption in the normal flow of blood from the bottom up.

When the blood circulation slows down, and your blood, instead of flowing upwards, begins to descend from vienna to low, leads to an increase in pressure in the veins and further their expansion. Such serious violations of blood circulation soon become the cause of education "blue star", nodules, and even a blood clot.

Then, with the theory briefly met and before you go directly to the answer to a question, you can-if varicose veins do exercise, I want to illuminate the main reasons that may develop this disease.

Causes and symptoms of varicose veins

When varicose veins are expanding and are being extended to the vessels of the lower limbs, which carry blood to the heart. Venous wall thins, from which, later, formed in us.

Contribute to the development of varicose veins, the following factors:

  1. The excess body mass.
  2. The wrong and the lack of exercise in life.
  3. Hereditary predisposition.
  4. Nerve disorders and stress.
  5. Sports overvoltage.
  6. Wearing a shoe that is uncomfortable.
  7. Arterial-venous space.
  8. Hormone replacement therapy.

The causes increase pressure in the veins, disrupting the normal functioning of the venous valves. As a result, due to excessive pressure in the vein, disturbed to invert the output of blood in the lower limbs. The vein burst and expand.

The symptomatology is related to the stages of diseases. If the I and the II stage, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • The venous patterns in your feet.
  • Weight in the legs and a sensation of flatulence.
  • Seizures.
  • Pain in the legs.
  • Edema of the lower limbs.

The main signs that indicate III and IV degree varices:

  • The appearance of spider veins.
  • The swelling.
  • The dryness of the skin.
  • The appearance of brown spots.

The patient may complain of hot throbbing pain, itching, pain in the legs. Later, they can develop skin problems pathology: dermatitis, eczema, and Dr.

If you are with some of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor. Late: contact a professional can cause inflammation and occlusion of the vein.

For the development of diseases of the blood vessels of the feet capillaries, veins, and arteries occurs for several reasons. On the basis of all the causes, there is a very specific feature of the location of the vessels – his band of the heart and the need to push the blood up from the legs to the heart.

the treatment of varicose veins

Causes of diseases can be associated with vascular deformation, blocked, excessive, loss of elasticity of the walls, inflammatory processes in the walls, and t. d. In connection with the pathological changes occur develops and the type of injury of the blood vessels:

  • Advanced of vienna, when varicose veins.
  • Varicose veins on the surface of the skin – rupture of small capillaries.
  • Narrowing the gaps of the arteries.
  • Aneurysm.

The changes in the vascular system of the lower limbs are similar manifestations. They change their shape and functional properties, which finally ends with its function, as well as the development of serious diseases of the lower limbs, tissues that do not receive the full oxygen and nutrition.

Contribute to the development of pathological changes in high static and dynamic load, related to a professional or sport activities. A negative effect on the vessels have alcohol abuse, smoking and a poor diet with too much animal fat.

In the development of cardiovascular disease the main role of the hereditary predisposition, disability, mobility, and disease, against which there is destruction of the blood vessels.

When the varicose expansion of the veins suffering mainly the vessels of the lower limbs. Varicose veins is an extension, the elongation and the formation of knots in the veins, is causing the deterioration of the functioning of the valves. From here, and the most common symptoms – sinusestü of the skin at the site of the inflammatory process, the bulging advanced vessels, education tuberosities above the surface.

The load of the foot, especially in the withtoechem position, it is great. The vessels are not dealing with its function of pumping blood to the heart, the valves become weaker and allow the return of blood (reflux), which causes the stagnation of the phenomenon. From here, and inflammatory processes, thinning, deformation, and dandwithtрофandчewithкande changes in the walls of the veins.

The types of exercise

There are different types of activities, when necessary, therapy by exercise, when the varicose expansion of the veins. Here are the main.

  1. The exercise loads to the lower limbs. You can practice sitting, lying, and standing. It is especially important to carefully involve exerting a given load on tAdobeDrtary, голeноwithtopinie joint.
  2. Resistance. It is also a very good option. Exercises perform with rubber bands, bandages elastic.
  3. Very useful to the activity walk at a fast pace. This has a stimulating effect in vienna, speeds up blood circulation and stimulates the regeneration, prevents the stagnation of the phenomenon.

If you are about to seriously practice bandaging, physical exercises, to achieve the maximum results and prevent side effects, you should consult an expert for advice.

  1. Innate varicose veins you can determine yourself if your grandmother, my mother, also he is or ask them if they could cure and remove varicose veins in the past. You should understand that there is a high probability that you have or will varicose veins and quickly start the therapy exercises, when varicose veins of the lower limbs. You need to do gymnastics, such as loading and make sure to heal this issue, to avoid such a terrible disease such as thrombophlebitis.
  2. Acquired varicose veins manifests itself in people who take the physical load, doing hard work, or many are, practically do not move. For example, teachers, drivers, waiters. An effective method to cure varicose veins is a special kind of gym, diet, therapy, exercise and physical activity.

To carry out the unloading of the veins of the lower limbs better lying down. The breathing should be smooth, it is not possible to exercise, the eyes should be closed. The feet should be above the level of the head, place them under the pillow. Now you can start the complex against varicose veins:

  1. We perform physical exercises, called "bicycle". Lying need to make the pressures of the movement of the pedals from the conditional of a bicycle. In this process occurs the output of blood from the limbs.
  2. Occupy its original position. On the exhale, bend one leg and pull it as close as possible to the chest to your knee. On expiration, direct it upwards, without bending. In the same way it is necessary to do gymnastics for the second stage.
  3. Place your hands at your side, lift simultaneously the lower limbs upward. Then, you run alternately spin off with the two feet, after which you should do also inside.
  4. Foot straighten up, then back to crank.
  5. Lift your foot and spread them apart for a maximum of head, back, hold with both hands. The elbows in this position must rely firmly on the floor. Then, you need to straighten your legs and gently pull your socks by yourself. After half a minute, you can slowly lower the legs. Exercise, when varicose veins of the lower limbs"Birch" will reduce the pressure inside the veins and ship them.

After the exercise, relax. Lie on a flat surface. Do deep slow breathing in through the nose and exhale through the mouth.

To prepare for this type of exercise pre-heat the muscles of the legs. This will allow the run-time of a complex against varicose veins, do not feel discomfort. After 5 minutes of heating you can start the nat loads.

  • Keep feet shoulder-width apart, go up on your toes and immediately descend throughout the walk.
  • You must become a thick book. The feet connect and pumpingtandtüwithя on the toe of the foot with the heel when you run, follow to the round was straight. Repeat the exercise 20 times.
  • Lift the straight leg with the tense in you fingers up. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  • During exhalation have to dilute the lower limbs in different directions. The inhalation of its need to reduce the cross. This exercise contributes to the normal movement of blood when varicose veins, strengthens the muscles inside of the thighs.
  • Connect the foot and the hand, hold in the seams. Pull the shoulders back and inhale. During exhalation relax the shoulders and lower the head down.
  • Hiking on site, and not from the ground were sticking out a half.

It is also recommended walking on the treadmill of 10-15 steps. Complex, you can repeat more than once, take a small break to relax. A positive effect in the treatment of varicose veins of the lower limb exercise as a support for the head, hands.

For those people who have excess body weight, the more tolerant the exercises. It is better to run them from a seated position on the surface:

  1. Occupy the position of crouching on the chair, joining the two legs, and then put them alternately on the heel and on the socks. The handling not to make least 15 times.
  2. Alternately perform прandпоdнandманande queue feet, spinning in the ankles feet on both sides, drawing small circles. Is the preparation of an exercise is repeated 20 times.
  3. Continue to sit. Lift the right leg and follow the rotation of the right foot up to 15 rounds, then repeat the movement to the other side. Exactly the same action, do with the left leg.
  4. Continue to sit. To double, then stretch the toes of the feet. Aboutdeржandte their tension, until the force. After you relax.
  5. Run to 20 times the rotational motion of the feet, as if you turn the bike.
  6. Sit on a chair, with your hands grab the back of the bank, raise the straightened lower limbs parallel to the floor. The procedure to back up a minute. Then return slowly to the legs in the initial position. Run 10 times.
exercises varicose veins

Any complex drafting exercises during the varicose veins of the feet, listed in the article, it is absolutely safe for health and is quite simple. This type of gymnastics does not load the muscles and is suitable for elderly people. However, it is not possible to run the patients with disease in chronic phase.

The important thing in this question – oxygenation of the whole organism, which is able to normalize the blood circulation and prevent the appearance of thrombi and vascular. For suitable tours to the forest areas, parks with the maximum landscaping. It also acts positively on the well-being of the patient aerobics class in the water. What exercises are most appropriate for the treatment of varicose veins, helps us to know the coach.