The medications of varicose veins in the legs

About 10 percent of the population of the entire planet suffer from varying degrees of varicose veins of the lower limbs. Are more vulnerable to varicose expansion of a vein of the woman. Causes of the disease feet are many: obesity, sedentary work, birth defects of the vessels own blood, a result of pregnancy. In the first stages of symptoms can take a little vacation, more is required a visit to the doctor. Of varicose veins in the legs the doctor should issue special medications.

The elimination of a disease in the house

the tool of the varicose veins

Varicose veins extension – the pathological changes of blood vessels in the legs, which is characterized by a thinning of the walls and the formation of blood clots in the legs. Treat disease of the lower limbs should be strictly under the control of professionals in order to avoid secondary diseases, for example, thrombophlebitis feet. Of the funds for the treat of vienna, too, and they come in several steps. From of drug medications may be such a form, as ointments, pills, droppers and t. d.

One of the remedies most better and effective, is considered a honey. When the varicose expansion of veins, it is recommended to use the honey as a preventative, and for medicinal purposes, for atdOStryh states with moderate pain. Honey since ancient times, is valued for unique properties. Honey for a long time, do not lose their own characteristics, which makes it stand out from a number of other means of treatment.

So what are, specifically, the effects it has honey in the treatment of varicose veins? Honey ingestion improves the output of blood from the veins of the lower limbs, Normalizert the blood circulation, relieves pain. There are, of course, special recipes to combat the disease of the feet, for example, honey with carrot and beet juice. To treat varicose veins and relieve symptoms, it is necessary to take juice in the same proportion, for example, half a liter. The pint of the liquid add a cup of honey, preferably liquid, and squeeze the juice of a small lemon. Drinking is the tool you need a tablespoon 3-5 times a day. The tool helps treat the disease at an early stage.

Drug treatment

Doctors give preference to all of the same medical treatment. Surgical intervention is required only if particularly heavy run-ways and so, when the drugs do not give the due effect. More frequently are assigned to the tablet, in conjunction with the ointments. They alleviate the swelling, eliminate the pain in the legs, contributes to liquefaction of the blood and copyrowt other symptoms of varicose expansion of blood vessels of the lower limbs. IUdikementoznye medicines are divided into groups depending on the focus of the action.

Group Dosage form
Anti-inflammatory medications. Most of the times is the ointment for the treatment.
Medicines for varicose veins. Are common to all medicines forms.
Anticoagulants. More and more pills.

Anti-inflammatory help you to clean not only the local heat in the legs and the swelling, but also contribute to the removal of the pain. Abuse your application is not worthwhile, because they act irritating to the stomach, which will also have to deal with. The application of gels and ointments does not prevent the suction active in the body.

Drugs, generally, are awarded in the form of tablets. Tablets protect the veins of the feet, increase your vital energy, stabilises the circulation of the blood. When you take the pill improves the general well-being, decreases the swelling of the legs and feet, the nutrition of the tissues, it becomes enough.

Many medicines are applied on a continuous basis, but in different doses.

Medicines of plant origin

The basis of good drug – chestnut-of-india, extract of grape leaves. Medicines of plant origin – the cumulative of the action, therefore, the result of the treatment of the veins not manifest immediately. Some tablets comes dиOSмин, which helps to reduce the fragility of small blood vessels of the feet, reduce pain, tone the walls of veins of the lower limbs.

Anticoagulant are called drugs that promote liquefaction of the blood, and inhibit the occurrence of blood clots. Are available in the injection forms of injections and pills. In the majority of the funds by the substance is heparin. The ointment on this basis, the insertion in the specific area the defeat in the legs. Very quickly the visible result:

  • decrease the swelling and pain in the legs;
  • the skin acquires a natural color;
  • is removed from the severity of the feet.

In no case can not be self-assign yourself to a treatment and take the medications of varicose veins uncontrollably.

For methods of therapy and surgery

the treatment of varicose veins

Another method of treatment of varicose veins is GeerdontArabia. Leeches help to relieve the swelling, reduces the fever and pain in the region of the affected areas. Under the action of a substance in the saliva, it occurs in a dilution of the blood. Many IUdikementoznye medicines produced based on this substance.

Coagulation, or laser treatment helps people with severe stages of varicose expansion of blood vessels of the feet. The pain when the patient does not feel, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia. The result in the feet is not visible immediately. You should treat about a month, before removing the symptoms.

If the medicines have been ineffective, and other methods do not work, then it is assigned to such a decision. The operation certainly entails certain risks when you delete plots ven. Patients with tрonфическими pests (very difficult to treated with medication) and high blood viscosity, which practically can't walk because of the pain, the next day after the surgery can you get out of bed and move around independently.

The more radical is the treatment of varicose veins expansion on the feet is a surgical operation.