What you can and what is not possible when varicose veins?

Varicose veins is a disease with which the man has to coexist the next few years. She is prone to the progression, therefore, the patient has more than adjust your life-style, to avoid the transfer of varicose veins following form, and to avoid complications. Talking about this is that when varicose veins can and should do, and what we should avoid.

You can do massage for varicose veins?

what you can do when varicose veins

Massage is one of the techniques for therapy of symptomatic varicose veins. It applies:

  1. In the early stages of the disease, when the veins are visible, but expressed symptoms still do not. In this case, the massage helps to prevent or slow down even more the change of blood vessels with the development of symptoms of varicose veins.
  2. When subcompensated varicose veins, when in the feet visible to us, complicated, of vienna, and in the evening, a man disturbed unpleasant symptoms: swelling, pain in legs, tiredness. The massage will help to "disperse" the blood, improve the microcirculation of the tissues of the lower limbs, relieve or reduce the symptoms of the disease.
  3. Chronic lymphovenous insufficiency. The consequence is with dystrophy of subcutaneous fat and elephantiasis. The massage is needed in such a situation. It allows you to improve the output of lymph and slow down degenerative processes in the tissues.

You can't do a massage if varicose veins is accompanied by the formation of blood clot in the veins. In this case, when the mechanical impact on the vessels of the lower limbs increases the risk of arterial thromboembolism. Simply put, the cover of a blood clot can lead to rupture of the vessel wall and reach the heart. This state often ends with the death of a man in a few minutes.

You can go to the varicose veins?

Varicose veins is a very common disease. If the varicose expansion of the veins of the lower limbs of the man were forbidden to walk, and the wheelchair manufacturers get rich past. In fact, riding in the varicose veins can be. Furthermore is walking on the varicose veins need to, because walking is to work the muscles. Cut and relax, they push the blood, helping to improve hemodynamic venous.

I can run when varicose veins?

Run to the varicose veins can be. More than that, it is useful. Make jogging gives not only tirelessly, but delayed results. The main risk factors of varicose veins than those in which a man is capable of affecting – it's a long stay in the same position (standing, sitting) and obesity. Make jogging partially or fully resolves these two factors.

And, behold, in the later stages of the varicose veins run is not possible. If the vein filled with thrombus, the skin appeared trophic ulcer, intense physical load only worsen the situation, and can lead to severe complications. In such cases, it is worth to opt for more of a moderate exercise – for example, the walk.

Can I do exercise when varicose veins?

In the later stages, varicose veins, and do exercise, it is not possible. When mild to moderate severity of the disease – may be, preferably, under the supervision of an instructor. Some recommendations:

  • it's not worth too much of the load legs;
  • avoid tight clothing;
  • the shoe should be comfortable, and in no case narrow;
  • if necessary, use meshes of compression;
  • avoid static charges.

You can give birth to varicose veins?

prohibitions on the varicose veins

According to statistics, during the first pregnancy of 30% of women develop varicose veins. This is related to the hormonal changes in the body, which decrease the tonus of the veins, overload of the vascular bed, and, thus, increase the risk of varicose veins extension. These 30% of women pregnancy no one stops – surely they give to the light with varicose veins. But if you have the disease remains in the stage of execution, and in the legs visible blood clots, worth immediately consult a vascular surgeon, otherwise, in childbirth, possible complications.

You can take a shower when varicose veins?

Lead to varicose veins bathroom as possible. This procedure, even which helps reduce the symptoms of the disease. With the aim of eliminating the edema, place the legs above the level of the body – at the edge of the tub. But if you thrombophlebitis – if the bath is better to give up, taking advantage of a shower.

You can walk into a vapor when varicose veins?

In the initial stages of varicose veins to go to the bathroom, you can. In addition, it is useful. For the baths is the characteristic temperature differential. The body heated and then suddenly cooled. This helps to improve the tonus of the blood vessels. After a bath symptoms varicose veins typically go.

It's not worth to believe that this procedure can be used for the treatment of varicose veins. It is, perhaps, removes the symptoms, but the pace of development of the disease is of no effect, only if you do not plan to visit steam every day over many years.

You can drink when varicose veins?

Drinking vodka to varicose veins unwanted. Over time, this dramatically increases the risk of varicose veins. The beer is even worse, as is reflected in the condition of the blood vessels. Usually drink a lot, and this soft drink overloads the circulatory system into the mainstream. Some time ago the beer increases the amount of circulation in the blood vessels, stretching them.