The most effective recipes of medicines for the treatment of varicose veins expansion

The treatment of varicose veins in the legs popular tools popular for several reasons: it is accessible, inexpensive and efficient. In addition the majority of the drugs the base all have the same natural components in a little more concentration.

Knowing a few secrets, you can not only solve cosmetic defects, but also to strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

The treatment of varicose veins: the characteristics that you need to know

folk remedies of varicose veins

The cure is an experience of more than a generation, surveillance and precise guidelines to get rid of virtually any disease. Even our grandmothers used the method known treatment methodologies to the base of the plants.

Many people have high hopes is the treatment folk means. However, even the experienced witch doctor can not give 100% result. In addition, the basis of a long-term treatment for the exposure period of the active substance.

During the treatment period it is important not to give up recommendations specified in the revenue of the proportions of medicines of natural origin. Even the most harmless grass can charge within and of itself a threat of death if you do not receive.

The impact of the popular treatment methods for varicose veins of the lower extremities is the following. Depending on the complexity of the implementation process of the disease are associated with exposure techniques. Recipes folk of varicose veins can help you:

  1. Improve the elasticity and flexibility of blood vessels.
  2. To increase the clearance for the correct circulation of blood.
  3. Make the blood thinner.
  4. Remove the inflammatory processes.
  5. Eliminate the itching, burning, redness.
  6. To prevent the formation of blood clots.
  7. Take the swelling of the lower limbs.

Using popular treatment methods, you can pause the development of varicose veins, diseases or reduce symptoms in general. Prevention also helps to eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins.

Force of nature: the dignity of the people of funds

Folk remedies of varicose veins in the feet, you can prepare the same. For this, you do not need to have specific knowledge and skills. Just follow the recommendations for the implementation of the prescription. Components compresses or ointments, you can prepare independently, or buy one ready-made at a pharmacy kiosk.

The main advantages of the treatment of varicose veins folk media are considered:

  • Low unit cost of the finished products: ointments, creams, broths, compresses.
  • It is not toxic, it is important to know what are the allergic reactions can call the application or not of medicines, the vegetable-based group.
  • The storage time of up to one year, to subversion as the plants can be stored and up to two years.
  • Some herbs can be collected, thus, minimize the costs to zero.

The treatment of the blood vessels of the feet, the popular media – is not only an effective method, but also available for many categories of the population.

Forms of treatment: local technical and general

Herbal medicine for varicose veins feet – as an option, which allows the combination and the traditional methods, and is independent of the treatment. All the known methods of folk medicine conditional divided into two types:

  1. As a general diet, along with the ingestion of broths of herbs, methods of treatment varicose veins ointments, reception internal broth of herbs.
  2. Locations, the impact of drugs for a specific location of a particular problem.

And if the broth and baths for the feet you can prepare the same, so the miracle-ointment varicose veins should be done under a clear vision and control of the knowledgeable and experienced man. Otherwise, changing not only the consistency, but the active substance lose their typical properties.

Diseases of the digestive system and kidney diseases must consult a doctor. The diet can provoke an aggravation of chronic diseases.

Acacia flowers

Acacia flowers foil, no rods. I like to fill them to the jar of a liter and pour in the vodka. Let it rest for 7 days, strain it and put in a dark place. After seven days, dilute the boiled cooled water one-to-one. Received for the tincture store in a dark place. In patients stain rub once a day (preferably at night).


To know how to cure varicose veins using the bitter absinthe, you need to understand that the absinthe — substance allergic.

Cut the bitter leaves of the drug artemisia necessary to grind up the formation of juice. Received to dilute the mixture with yogurt (any fat content), in the proportion of one-to-one. Cause the resulting mass in cheesecloth in 3-4 layers and applied in areas with advanced features of veins.

Keep the compress for 30-40 minutes once per day. To perform the manipulation of an important period of aggravation of the disease.

Crushed willow bark

A few more hundreds of years ago, was treated for varicose veins with the help of willow bark. Take 2 St. tablespoons of chopped willow bark (fresh), and pour a glass of cold water. Put on fire, bring to the boil and remove from heat. Cover with the dish with a blanket to warm up to the mixture obtained could steam at this temperature, more than half an hour, as in a thermos bottle.

Obtained by decoction it is necessary to dilute the night with warm water and flying feet. After feet are warm, it is necessary to grind the broth diluted in areas of skin with veins bulging.

Large varicose veins will require a long treatment of data the method not less than 20 consecutive days. All the manipulation it is better to spend the night.

Thus, the method can be cured and varicose veins below the knee, and feet.

The cream of the milk and the kernel of nuts

the treatment of varicose veins

The kernel of the nuts must be carefully crush or grind into a paste with oil consistency. The cream of milk, home dilute the masses, until you get a dense mass, which will not drain the skin.

The cooked mixture has knead like bread dough, and applying the pellet to in the increased of the veins in the legs. Such manipulation perform at least once per day for three weeks. The cream softens the skin, and the sour milk product penetrating into the interior, makes the walls of blood vessels elastic, and thus enlarge the step-by-step thick blood to the deep and superficial veins.

The acid green tomato

Green tomato — the best tool, acute pain and heavy swelling. Varicose veins treated in this way. You can simply applying slices of tomato on a specific area, with the advanced features of the veins, and you can cook the noodles. Will need 2 green and tomato, 1 teaspoon of honey and 5 drops of fir oil natural.

Tomatoes peel, release the stalk and rub on a fine grater. Then, add drops of oil and honey. Mix, heat to a temperature of 35 degrees and a thick layer of imposing the folder in the sick space. Wrap-foot portfolio of oilcloth, and then in a duvet.

Keep this tool need at least an hour. The acid green tomato filled with a large amount of antioxidants and useful acids that slow down the processes of aging and wilting of the skin, help remove visible symptoms of the disease, as well as to promote the softening of the walls of the blood vessels, making them much elastic.

Royal jelly

Is effective the ancient people of revenue based on breeding of milk. Mix 10 grams of breeders of milk with propolis in the amount of 100 grams olive oil 150 grams.

Bring the mixture to a temperature of 50 degrees (high-temperature components lose their typical properties), and add glycerin 50 grams. Wait until the mixture cools. Ointment need to swab in a patient places the affected varicose veins periodically, when the pain.

Vein treatment folk means effective only option if, during the preparation of ointments and broths complied with all the recommendations.

In case of non-compliance, temperature, useful properties evaporate.

The medicine-based natural products – a efficient tool for that requires attention at all stages of production. The treatment of varicose veins folk creams and decoction will require careful compliance with the proportions and dosages.

The juice of aloe on guard your health

About the medicinal properties of the aloe are not have heard is that lazy. In addition to the known anti-inflammatory and anti-septic impact, the aloe juice helps to get rid of varicose veins in the legs.

The juice of aloe in the amount of 100 grams worth to mix in with 5 grams of Shilajit. The mixture needs to put into critical point and wrap hot cherStanim scarf. The technique also allows to resolve and redness, swelling, and, in the convex of vienna, much to lose, in volume, after the first compress.

Varicose veins in the legs disappear: ginger compresses

Ginger treatment varicose veins at home – the most enjoyable, but the most effective. It is possible to use the compresses, and ointment to the base folder of the ginger.

For the manufacture of the ointment need to grind 100 grams of ginger peeled. Pre-heat to a temperature of 80 to 90 degrees and add 50 grams of glycerin. Use a paste better at night.

The tiredness and the swelling comes out in just a few minutes. The stain can not only the damaged areas, but and the soles of the feet. Easy burning – a sign that the ointment it is necessary to rinse. After redness will pass through to lubricate the feet of a simple moisturizing cream.

Vascular, the medicines do not need to be applied: under the influence of ginger veins begin to expand, the lumen increases.

Can be consumed teas with a decoction of ginger. Family to you drinks add fresh ginger and dishes — dried ginger. This constant reception of a useful component, not only eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins, but and strengthen your immune system in general.

In the winter, it is important to keep the feet warm and, at the time of performing the manipulation of shades of ginger it is important to wrap the feet in the best possible way: this will deepen the active components under the skin.

The patients who were treated disease folders of ginger, they observed relief of symptoms after the first receiving. More important to continue the treatment.

The curative properties of hawthorn

Varicose veins are veins of the lower limbs can be removed with the help of tinctures of hawthorn. Dried, the fruits consumed as a broth, the proportion of water and thorn – 3 to 1. After eating half a cup to your interior.

Tincture of hawthorn can be prepared also at home. For this, you need to grind 50 grams of buckthorn and pour 250 grams of vodka. After 7 days, strain it and put in a dark place for 2 weeks. Take it after a meal, 30 drops three times a day.

The apple cider vinegar and nutmeg crushed

As components for cooking the noodles you can use fresh, shredded seasoning of nutmeg.

How to treat varicose veins nutmeg? Apple cider vinegar should be only natural. Four tablespoons of nutmeg mix with 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and dilute glycerine (10 grams).

The resulting mass should be applied with a thin layer on the affected areas. For the best result it is important to apply the toothpaste on 5 cm above the stage, with the advanced features of the veins. Keep mixing until it is completely dry. Wash with warm water and rub the cream on varicose veins to fix the result.

Kerosene masses

The old method, which might not use everything due to a peculiar smell. Need to take the old man to read an overload of cucumber (with the crust to brown) and rub on a fine grater. In the resulting mixture add the kerosene in such an amount so that the mixture of cucumber was completely covered.

Leave for 10 days in a cool, dark place. The result is a viscous liquid consistency, with the smell of gasoline. Jelly masses need to rub on the skin and let it dry. After rinse with warm water. The smell on the skin remains, but here is the vienna, even the most affected are hiding.


revenue of varicose veins

One should not think that the people methods cause major damage to your health it is impossible. Based medications ingredients natural powerful means, which can cause not only allergy, but complex, clinical worsening.

To know if you can cure varicose veins home alone, it is worth to remember about the duration of treatment. A force of nature allows you to deal with any disease, it is important to track the manifestations of the disease and, if necessary, undergo medical examination.

The treatment at home popular tools is, in part, self-medication, and when this treatment is necessary to control all the changes that occur in the context of the disease.