How to treat varicose veins are veins in the legs of men: the medicines and procedures in the hospital

There is the opinion that the varicose veins – pure woman's disease. In fact it is not so, varicose veins common in men, but a little less than the female half of the population. Before treating varicose veins in the legs of men, you should always consult a doctor. Pathological of vascular disease, can occur in people of a mature age and among the young guys. The main problem lies in the fact that men tend to not pay attention to the manifestations of varicose veins, and your doctor if they return, when the disease was launched to the stage. Treat this varicose veins in the legs is more difficult.

That is dangerous varicose veins are for men?

the treatment of varicose veins feet

Despite the fact that the men the varicose veins refer more calm, do not panic, do not fall into depression when in the feet appear swollen of vienna, to them, this disease is not less damage to the female body. That is dangerous varicose veins in the legs in men, especially if not treated – the fact that, in the future, will start to develop swelling of the ankles, will have the constant nagging pain in the legs, muscle spasms in the lower limbs. The attacks of spasm, pain with walking, loads, will cause the man is going to walk through the force, and after some time, not to inhibits. Varicose veins of leg extension urgent need to address!

Normally, the men, which are marked with the signs of varicose veins, begin to pass unnoticed in a sedentary lifestyle, the less you move, do not practice sports, because it is the delivery of the first discomfort, and then a sharp pain. If you do not do anything, do not treat varicose veins of leg extension, and then it will manifest, even when the feet are in a state of calm, sit, lie down unbearable. But the greater part of men are embarrassed or simply afraid to go to professionals, seek help from family, friends, buy in the pharmacy of expensive medications that can in fact cause even more damage. Especially dangerous is the self medication varicose veins hands.

A serious consequence of the varicose veins becomes the manifestation of dermatitis in the affected areas of the skin, which will be expressed as red spots and itchy skin, cosmetics, medicines only help in the beginning. When the illness worsens in places scratching may appear wounds, which will bleed, and there is not much the infection or inflammatory processes. Urgently needs a treat!

To prevent the terrible paint – which is important in a timely manner to consult a doctor who will prescribe a treatment able to eliminate varicose veins in the early stages of its manifestation.

Causes of varicose veins

As in women, the causes varicose veins men are different as a result of one or several factors:

  1. The most frequent cause of varicose veins is heredity. If the family has relatives in line, the men were problems with the blood vessels, the patient refers to a group of risk. With a probability of 70%, there is a risk of the emergence of varicose veins. Must necessarily adhere to the prevention measures, to not have to resort to a treatment.
  2. Varicose veins are men of standing may be the consequence of overloading the physical, if the patient involved professionally in sports activities, which gave a strong charge on foot, vienna from may also increase.
  3. Provocative varicose veins a man can become the excess weight. Obesity in the vessels were formed of plaques of cholesterol and body fat, which can significantly reduce the speed of blood circulation in the body. However, due to the large weight of the person increases the pressure on the legs, which contributes to the development of varicose veins. Treat it without diet is useless.
  4. Varicose veins in the legs can cause a sedentary work and the operation, in which the man for a long time does not change its position. Occurs the stagnation of the blood, increases its viscosity and varicose veins will not take long to arrive. Treat you will have that drug, for example Warfarin.
  5. Systematic lifting of loads, goods, dimensional items also affects the manifestation of varicose veins. In the feet of a higher work load, which leads to a gradual weakening of the wall of the vessels, the admission of blood, formation of blood clots.

The bad habits of men also contribute to the accelerated development of the varicose veins. The vascular system of the body dies, under the influence of:

  • tobacco;
  • alcohol;
  • of drugs;
  • Smoking blend;
  • water pipe;
  • snuff tobacco.

Inflammation of the veins and of the arteries will occur very quickly, and when a man (in this case, there is a hereditary predisposition to varicose expansion of veins. In addition, bad habits worsen during the disease, after all, the toxins, toxic body, will resolve within vessels and veins, forming occlusion and causing blood clots. Treat pathology need special drugs.

The symptoms of varicose veins men

Symptoms the manifestations of varicose veins in the legs men is that in the calves and thighs occur the swollen vienna, having numerous branches. When you do this, the vessels and veins can change colour, and, due to reduced blood circulation in the body of the man, changes the color of the face. But for sure the diagnosis will help just a diagnosis. Only then will be possible to develop a treatment plan.

In addition to the pain, male causes varicose veins and other physical discomfort:

  • the swelling;
  • the feeling of tiredness;
  • weight in the legs;
  • numbness of the lower limbs;
  • sensations regular "chills" in the skin of the feet.
varicose veins in the legs

The presence of such sensations or symptoms should take the man to the doctor, the student of this problem – the considering. If the disease is in the early stages, can be treated without surgery, with a wide variety of procedures and medical therapies. If the disease is already running, without surgical intervention can not do.

Self-medication only after consulting a doctor!

The people is the ever-popular tool, which is easy and at once resolve the more is a complex disease, but sometimes, self-medication can bring only harm. Therefore, the recipes of folk medicine was passed down from family to family, and drugs, which helped a patient, necessarily recommended to friends and relatives. But, the important thing is to understand that every representative of the stronger sex their causes of illness and disease is different, although the signs are the same. Consequently, the treatment of each patient is also given individually , otherwise it can cause complication, thrombo-phlebitis.

Between the mass of the medicines, methods and ways of treating varicose veins, the same approach can help an and be harmful to another. That is why, how to treat varicose veins in the legs in men can tell you just the doctor. Practicing self-medication is dangerous, there is a risk of aggravating the disease. Before making use of any kind of recipes, medicines and other ways of dealing with varicose veins, it is important to consult with a doctor.

Some of the recipes of the medicine based on medicinal plants are welcome, and doctors, so if you have plans to be, the application of any home media – tell your doctor. And only after your approval, you can begin to self-medication. Sometimes, after a bad experience of a man comes to the doctor, withholding the fact of the application of the prescription, and introduces the doctor misleading. Your doctor need to be the most open and honest for your own health. Only then the treatment will yield the due effect.

Medicines: ointments, gels, creams

Varicose veins are in men is very common that the disease, in this respect, there is a variety of medicines which offer to cure it or, at least, relieve the symptoms of the chronic form. Between them and drug tools and cosmetic treatment:

  • the gels are used to treat headaches;
  • ointment relieve the inflammation;
  • creams – contain natural ingredients;
  • lotions and sprays;
  • stickers – have a temporary effect;
  • the broth of herbs are used people treatment techniques;
  • lotions – are made from dyes;
  • extracts for the treatment of varicose veins – added in the bath for the feet.

The medicines given to the patient, who clearly expressed symptom of swollen veins, have the following steps:

  • strengthen the veins of the wall;
  • relieve the inflammation in the blood vessels;
  • improve the quality of the blood;
  • accelerate the flow of blood in the body;
  • heal the pain of the symptoms;
  • reduce the performance of the viscosity of the blood;
  • improve the metabolism;
  • accelerate the exit of the lymph in the legs;
  • tone vascular of the whole system.

In the treatment of varicose veins man can be assigned to a special substance. The choice depends on the risk of development of allergies and contra-indications, depending on the state of health of the patient. If contraindications, not, not, so, from a list of suggestions of medical funds, the patient can choose the vehicle that will speed up the processing and increase the chance of cure when fighting with manifestations of varicose veins.

Give yourself self-medication in any case can be, even though this "miracle" tool helped a neighbor or a relative. To not get hurt, not to aggravate the current state, it is important to consult your doctor. And do this as soon as possible, otherwise, the treatment may not bring a good result.

It is important to understand that any tool in the treatment process should have at least some effect, positive or negative. If you apply the ointment or gel, and improvements does not feel, even at the minimum level, then you do not need a tool and you try to treat something else. When there is the possibility of applying directly the medicinal herbs or plants, you must make a bet not only for them, but also on the medications that contain just the chemical components.

Surgical intervention when varicocele

When the varicose veins the feet of the men who enters in execution, the internship and the present, pain in the legs, and the man, turning to the doctor, waiting to help the conservative tools and techniques. But they can be ineffective. Cast varicose veins men have not resolve the problem medications and requires surgical intervention. This is the only effective treatment and faster. Especially when it comes to the varicocele.

The patient can choose the laser therapy, or surgical removal of the swollen veins. Laser coagulation as a treatment option, it will be less traumatic, it is just 2 hours time and on the same day, the man can go home.

prevention varicose veins

The surgical intervention, the operation is carried out with the application of the scalpel, leaves permanent scars, although small, and even suggests the hospitalization of the patient. The operation carries the vascular, surgeon, which takes the history of the disease and know about the treatment that was carried out, helped him and what effect that had. Then, the man must pass all the tests on the performance of the functions of blood, after which is assigned to the day for the realization of the surgical intervention. After the surgery, the patient will have to stay under the supervision of doctors 5-7 days, after that for rehabilitation it released to home. Additional medical treatment can last for about a month.

After you have carried out the procedures, it is important to be accompanied by a doctor every six months, if there is no notable damage. When the changes are in a negative sense, it is worth immediately consult the doctor. Thus, it is important for the patient to reconsider their attitude to the sport, changed the power supply system, with an emphasis on vegetables, fruits, grain, meal and restricted the use of pickles, wood smoked meats, canned products. This will speed up the rehabilitation after the surgery, and will not be called again as a manifestation of the disease – not have to go back to the treatment.

However, any that is useful for the gym, after the operation of a diet, the exercises and the physical exercise a man has to give. And when rehabilitation is successfully completed, the doctor will indicate the dietary restrictions and sport. If all these requirements are not fulfill, varicose veins can come back after having shown completely in another place, for example, in the groin.