How to treat varicose veins are an effective way to

How to treat varicose veins (varicose veins) with the help of modern techniques of traditional medicine, effective natural remedies to traditional medicine, special simple exercises — the subject of this article.

Varicose veins creeps imperceptibly, and in the first place, even asymptomatic. Later, your feet start to hurt and increase, appears fatigue, and vienna, with time, you start sweating through the skin. But the disease is in a state of disrepair, often leads to very serious violations in the body and loss of health.

Let's not stretch me on the causes and disease. Straight to the issues to get rid of it.

Treatment of varicose veins

varicose veins of the feet

Varicose veins – it is very frequent and, usually, the disease of the woman. Birth, wearing unbearable weight leads to weakening of the valve system of the deep veins. The result starts the suspension of the circulation on the surface of vienna, swelling of this through the skin. The walls of the vessels have the same thickness, because the expansion manifests itself in an uneven way.

Modern methods of treatment

Consider how to treat varicose veins methods of traditional medicine.

The newest method, which appeared in Russia more recently, is the laser therapy. He is so good and popular? Of course, its biggest advantage is that this method does not require operational intervention. He closes the failures of light in the veins and has an excellent effect. The patient can easily without a long rehab. Today, the clinical use of this treatment method is quite common.

Phlebectomy is a surgical technique, which is necessary in many stages of the disease. Is carried out and the hospitalization, and is given anesthesia, a few more days of delay for the rehabilitation. After that, the patient is ready to leave. The method is quite popular and very effective.

Minimally invasive method of dismissal, without hospitalization and, often, it is performed directly in the doctor's office. A long rehabilitation, he does not require, in addition to the fulfillment of some precepts.

Hirudotherapy is based on the popular method of treatment of the infestation of leeches. The saliva contains special substances, which when the bite of fall in human blood, have an anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating the whole body action. Exactly these substances affect the dilution of the blood, which leads to the normal circulation. But this method has a large number of restrictions, and benefit from a treatment not everyone will.

Compression therapy involves the constant wearing a special outfit. The use of such a method is huge, but mostly only in the early stages and prevention. Assigns this medical procedure, and only he can control the degree of compression.

The surgical removal or "collage" of the veins creates short-term effects, because it eliminates the consequence of a disease and not the cause.

However, the folk medicine, natural and natural remedies often eliminate the condition completely.

The treatment folk means

How to treat varicose veins natural remedies in folk medicine, and which. Let's look at revenue.

Morning fasting to eat two baked apple half an hour before breakfast. Veins in legs treating bath: a handful of oak and willow bark add 2 liters of water, a quarter of an hour to boil, time pulling. Then drain in a tub, and add the warm water until the desired volume, wait about 15 minutes.

When varicose veins, disease of rub the veins diluted apple cider vinegar. If you drink, in addition, the drink – divorced vinegar with water 1:20. If the body does not accepts the vinegar, substitute apple juice.

There's a simple way: bandages fresh, ripe tomatoes. Your cut slices or apply pressure to the porridge. Compresses place in the evening, but switch every four hours. Simultaneously, drink an infusion of antonoika. Three washed apple download in enamelled dishes, pour a liter of boiling water, cover with a lid, wrap up warm. After four hours of fruit mash in the water, strain. Drink 50 ml of medications with a tablespoon of honey empty stomach in the morning and before going to sleep.

How to treat varicose veins salt wraps. We make a 10% salt solution: in 100 ml of warm water dissolve a full teaspoon of salt. We take the life of the size of a thick cloth or an old towel, wet in the solution and pushed it. Wrap them with the foot, on top of a without the plastic film doing a wrap with a dry cloth. We reserve the dressing before drying, is one and a half to two hours. Best of all, it is time to do lying down. Such breaks help to quickly remove the pain and the swelling.

Teas and infusions

Veins treatment: cut 10 fruits with nuts, pour in powder half a liter of vodka, remove the 20 days for the infusion, not forgetting to stir from time to time. Tincture lubricate the feet, morning and night, use the internal receive 25 drops in 100 g of water daily.

Fill needles wood with enamel dishes, pour in boiling water half a centimeter above the conifer level, cover with a lid, wrap up warm, let it rest for an hour. More than an hour's torment in a steam bath, refrigerate until lukewarm state. Place the houses pain at night, top cover polyethylene, and something relevant heat.

Varicose veins treats the tincture of Kalanchoe, this is very effective folk remedy. Fill cut the leaves half-liter bottle to half, put the vodka, remove the week in the darkness, not forgetting to stir from time to time. Coe. RUB the dead in the legs before going to sleep from top to bottom. The pain calms down quickly, however, the elimination of a mesh of small vessels and stagnation of blood, the treatment will last for 4 months.

the treatment of varicose veins

Collect acacia flowers white, fill it with vodka in 125 grams of flowers – 250 ml. Do three days of infusion, after coe. RUB them the patients of the foot. Dye that you will have to make two or three times in the therapeutic course, and the elimination of the disease occur necessarily.

For the prevention of varicose veins shows a sedentary life, the correct and balanced diet and refusal of bad habits. Try to take care of your feet, do gymnastics and move more, and then you will not learn about this disease, such as varicose veins.


All of the exercises, we begin necessarily with a small amount of repetitions and without much effort, for not overloading the muscles.

Exercise 1

Lying down with the arms extended and the feet relaxed we started to put in motion the foot on the side of his head and pull the toes of the feet. The frequency of repetitions and leisure – in a second time.

Exercise 2

All known, exercise "Scissors". Let's go in the back, a little increase legs and we started to they do the cross-cutting movement.

Exercise 3

On the internet you can easily find a wide variety of exercises for the feet, choose the ones that you and practice daily.

The exercise of the methodology of China

It is very effective to the exercise of stagnation phenomena and varicose veins, disease. Let's go in the back, we raised the ceiling of the feet and hands and we started to them to shake for a few minutes. The relief you feel instantly.

The exercise of the teacher

We have become the side of the door, hold your hands on both sides. The feet put end-to-end in the port. Pulling the hands, the body almost on them, looming. We started shallow, in inches per 15 to 20 the squat by bending the knees. Once again I emphasize — only work on the knees!

So squat up to more easy-to-fatigue – can be 10 times. And only then, when the muscles become accustomed, and will perform a number of abdominal easy, then, and only then, days later, to 10, to increase the number of repetitions and the depth of the squat. Eventually, the execution of the squat needs through a month 2 to gradually bring you up to 100 times.

Treating the disease requires mandatory daily walks. On the walk or in the country it is possible to get close to-if not thick tree, take it, and for the health of doing the squat exercises.