Varicose veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment for men

Varicose veins in the legs – the problem is quite common. They get sick, regardless of age and sex. More and more exposed to her a woman, but it occurs varicose veins men also.

The disease is very dangerous and treacherous, due to the fact that in the beginning the symptoms of lack and, in a pathological process is already running. The statistic points to the fact that every 4th man, after the age of 40 suffer from that disease. But and the young age is not always a guarantee of a disease, because the hurt varicose veins can and adolescents.

varicose veins of the legs for men

To the representatives of the male, this pathology is always accompanied by severe evolution. In this case, they turn to their doctor in extremely critical condition, because it is considered that this disease is typical only for the women.

There are a number of reasons varicose veins is formed in men. In addition, these factors are quite specific and are more common on this floor:

  • the presence of sedentary or standing work, when none of the members of luxury hotels a long time;
  • the military service, or paramilitary bodies;
  • heavy physical activities, intense sports activities;
  • recreation activities, accompanied by hypothermia members.

As a result of this vein extend, and are being extended. It is also the most male risk factors refers to the use of alcoholic beverages in large quantity and smoking. This can refer to women, but is more common in the strong half of the population.

The main male factor can be attributed to ignoring the treatment. Because of this and exacerbated the situation. In most of the cases, men end up in the hospital with ulcers in the patients feet, and then the treatment much more difficult.

I disease has its symptoms and treatment for men. The male less attentive to their health. There is a symptom which should motivate the man to go to your doctor immediately:

  1. The appearance of spider veins.
  2. Color the skin becomes uneven.
  3. Decreased sensitivity in the extremities.
  4. The presence of seizures in the area of the calves and thighs.
  5. Swelling in the legs, yves the end of the day.
  6. Many times the hair stops growing in a high place of the edema.
  7. Vienna, by means of palpation become visible.
  8. Protruding veins begin to swell up.
  9. Appear impact and sealing.

The longer without treatment, the more will be the symptoms. If with shoots, do not do anything, then appear ulcers, wounds. They are very difficult therapy, and often accompanied by lesions infectious, including contamination by blood. Also, it occurs to thrombosis, can lead to severe consequences, including fatal.

Diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins men

Many patients ask about how to treat varicose veins in the legs of men, and what are the preventive measures that allow you to alert to the development of the pathology, if you have a genetically conditioned predisposition to the disease. It should be noted that the treatment of male varicose veins legs is not that different from therapy female pathology.

Diagnose varicose veins can help many tests such as doppler ultrasound, duplex search. With its help, you can set the exact state of the vessels, clots of blood, if they exist. Are also assigned to the tests, to know the possibility of other pathologies. On the basis of this, the doctor puts a diagnosis and assign treatment.

The difference is only at the time of treatment, as to the men that many times there is no other output than an operation. It should be noted that, even after the completion of an intervention possible, the development of man, and the recurrence of the disease.

The treatment is always performed in a comprehensive manner. It is usually sent in:

  • resolution disturbing of the symptoms;
  • elimination of the probability of complications;
  • resolution of cosmetic nuances.
the treatment of varicose veins

If the processing is necessary for the patient, the doctor attaches methods, not providing for the purchase of medicines. The recovery condition is the fulfillment of an integrated response.

Remember to ignore at least a part of the treatment, it is not possible, because, then, the therapy will not bring the desired result.

The drug-free techniques of therapy include:

  1. One of the regular sporting activities. With the help of the muscles of the blood will go away more quickly, they will serve as a sort of pump. In classes, is a regular walk, a complex of special classes.
  2. Wearing compression mesh fabrics. There are special bed is able to improve the circulation of venous blood through the pressure distribution uniform at the ends. You need to pick you up-size, this will help make the doctor. In most cases easy in a situation of possible wearing 1 and 2 of the class of compression. Put the clothes, you need to immediately after waking up, and shoot before you sleep.
  3. The normalization of body weight. This can be accomplished through exercise and diet.
  4. Elimination of smoking. This habit contributes to the stagnation phenomena in the lower limbs.
  5. The avoidance of a long finding in an uncomfortable position.
  6. During leisure, you need to put your legs in the level above the heart, to the blood faster if esvaía.

The accept, it's not worth, because the key influence on the resolution of the pathology, they do not have.

The treatment is minimally invasive

Minimally invasive methods involve the operation with a small intervention. Apply them in case of non-heavy state of the patient. These methods are very effective and have few adverse manifestations. They are painless, as they are carried out under local anaesthetic.

One of the most modern methods, is endothermic ablation techniques. Its essence lies in the fact that the coagulation is affected vienna occurs through radiation of heat. In the vein is inserted a small catheter in conjunction with the tool, which emits laser radiation and radio frequency. They are heated, the wall of the blood vessels and clot. The cuts are necessary for the operation of small, the procedure is painless, but not always available in health services.

Laser ablation is performed in a similar way, but with some differences. She is able to reduce the symptoms of the disease, provides the minimum of discomfort. It is found in clinics are much more likely to ablation by radio frequency. The disadvantage is that after the procedure the patient may experience weakness and weight in the limbs. Additionally, it may occur bleeding at their feet.

If the patient is not suitable for the realization of other models, it is recommended to perform sclerotherapy. The method consists in the fact that the struck vessel is introduced a special substance, the adhesive vienna, so it is removed. There is a technique, when, instead of the traditional liquid injected into a vein foam. This allows you to attach therapy and large veins.

Under the action of this method, the symptoms may disappear, and the dead of the veins in the legs disappear for some time. But there is the likelihood of re-disease, the skin may change color. In some circumstances, the technique is able to cause blood clots, headaches, irritation around the vessel affected. It can also be the consequence, in the form of fainting. You may need multiple sessions to the complete disappearance of a disease.

In very rare cases after the operation you may develop a stroke.

Prevention varicose veins men

If a man has the body is this innate genetic predisposition for the development of pathology in the venous system of blood circulation, such as varicose veins, or he is involved in a professional activity, which by its specific exposure conducive to the emergence in the body varicose veins expansion of the vessels of veins of the lower limbs or chronic venous insufficiency, so it is important to pay special attention to the prevention of the disease, after all, prevention is better than after a fight with her.

In the first place, it is necessary to abandon the alcoholic drinks, because they affect the functional state of the liver, which contributes to the increase in the plasma of the blood level of lipoproteins of low and very low density. These components, forming deposits on the walls of the vessels of the circulatory system, initiate the mechanisms of formation of blood clots. The activation of mechanisms of formation of blood clots if you have genetically caused by a predisposition to development of varicose veins of the lower limbs, together with the external factors negative leads to the appearance and progression in the body men the varicose veins of the legs. Also you should review the diet. Delete need to of fat, salted, smoked, canned, sharp. The meat should be consumed only lean varieties, increase the number of seafood, vegetables and fruits in the daily diet. Should still be consumed in dairy products, with a small percentage of fat.

prevention varicose veins

Specific prevention varicose veins in the legs — is the abandonment of animal food, because many have tried and proved the effectiveness of this of varicose veins. Also need to pay attention in casual clothes. It is important for clothing and footwear was the most comfortable, is not chopped. Preferably, use clothes and shoes from natural materials. The first step to the fact that the vein will start to expand if wearing a shoe is uncomfortable. If your feet are tired strongly, it is allowed the use of ointments and gels to improve the state of health, and also in popular medicine has the weight of revenue with the use of apple cider vinegar. In any case, if you already have the disease, needs to urgently consult a doctor and follow the treatment will not take time and effort.