Varicose veins are veins pelvic: causes, symptoms and treatments

In the case of varicose veins of the expansion of the vessels of the pelvis tends to decline, vascular shell of the duct of the pelvic region. Because of this, its diameter is very large. Such veins do not create normal conditions for the reflux of the blood. Then develops a stagnant process in the pelvis, and the destruction of venous shells. The result of such disease become pathology of organs in the sphere of women's reproductive.

The essence of varicose veins, pelvic in women

varicose veins pelvic

Female genitalia characteristic of a good blood flow. Therefore, to ensure the normal low tide, significantly increasing volume of the blood there is a large mesh vessels venous. Through it, the blood is accumulated from the tissues the sphere of reproductive and transported to the inferior vena cava.

Due to the deformation of the blood vessels appear defects:

  • advanced from the lumen of the vein;
  • saturation of the blood;
  • overhangs the walls, resembling the us;
  • the weakening and sagging.

When the varicose veins defeat pelvic vienna accumulate in the blood of the reproductive organs, but is not able to ensure their transfer to the inferior vena cava. Finally, it is formed the stagnation. The blood through the walls of the strained again into the tissue of the genital system, causing swelling, inflammation. The organs lose their function.

If you do not produce treatment of varicose veins are the veins in the pelvic causes:

  • hormonal processes in the ovaries;
  • hemorrhage from the uterus;
  • failures female cycle;
  • infertility;
  • the impossibility of having a child in a natural way;
  • threat of abortion;
  • thrombosis;
  • thromboembolism pulmonary artery.

The causes of varicose veins in the pelvic

The main patients with this disease are women of childbearing age. Some female patients attempt to resolve abdominal pain folk media. But this treatment does not bring the cure, therefore, the grip visit to the doctor is not possible.

The disease develops under the influence of the following factors:

  • the sedentary nature of the work;
  • it's very great physical stress;
  • failures hormonal;
  • inflammatory disease in the pelvis;
  • disease congenital veins properties;
  • the problem of sexual properties.

Ectasia of the vein of the pelvis resembles a similar disease of the blood vessels of the feet. Both states are characterized by disturbances of the valves, exercising the flow of blood to the heart. When violation of your work is done the opposite by releasing the blood. Due to the destruction of the valves of the liquid stagnant. Full vienna withdrawn, and the disease is greater. From the expansion of suffering the vessels that are near of the fallopian tubes, plus the uterus, the vagina.

The symptoms of varicose veins pelvic organs in women

About the presence of the enhanced diameter of the vascular mesh in the pelvis the woman is able to understand why some feature in the spotlight:

  1. Annoying pain, are concentrated in the lower part of the belly. Rarely discomfort develops in pahovom the property or in the lumbar region. Strong pain can occur after getting foot, sexual contact, and in the second part of the feminine menstrual cycle.
  2. Unusually heavy vaginal discharge. Appearance, consistency and smell normal, no changes.
  3. The external manifestations of a disease in the form of asterisks, in the stretch the groin, on the thighs. This symptom appears in 50% of patients.
  4. Problems with urination and failure of menstruation to occur during the execution of the disease.

Depending on the severity of state of patients of the female sex are separate of the symptoms listed, or all. The degree of its manifestation also varies.

The degree of disease

There are various classifications for this disease. For example, it is common to the division for a reason that has caused your pathological state. This option is varicose veins is divided into:

  • the first, which was caused by a malfunction of valves;
  • secondary, that appears as a result of complications of various diseases of the internal systems.

The medical conditional share varicose veins features leaking and the syndrome of thrombosis venous plethora pelvic organs, and varicose veins vessels outside of the genitalia, groin. In practice, usually, the patients are marked with the signs of both forms of the disease, since they are mutually cause.

Also the disease evaluate the intensity of the pathology:

  1. The first degree is varicose veins plexus organs of not more than 5 mm. It is also seen as a strong deterioration of the blood vessels.
  2. For the second-degree typical is the increase of the lumen of the vein up to 10 mm. The affected vessels not only of the ovary and uterus, but also the fabric.
  3. To the third degree, traditionally, a significant expansion of the diameter of the blood vessels, no more than 10 mm. in this case, involving all the pipelines.

The diagnostic methods of the internal varicose veins

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is necessary to resort to the hospital. Diagnostic activities, and the establishment of an exact diagnosis take up a lot of time. So, hold yourself with a visit to the doctor does not need to. Traditionally, the issues of internal varicose veins dealing with an expert. Women initially, you can make contact with the problem to a gynecologist to make sure that no attendant diseases.

To properly place the diagnosis, the patient is recommended a full examination. For a start, the doctor identifies the possible causes, the starting-point of the pain syndrome. Detect the external manifestations of the varicose veins as possible during the inspection of the feet of the patient.

The main diagnostic methods for the disease are:

  1. With laparoscopy choose the varicose veins defeat of vessels ovarian.
  2. Ultrasonography of the vessels shows the stage of the disease and the extent of vascular network.
  3. Doppler shows how systolic decreased speed of blood flow in the vessels venous internal organs.
  4. Selection procedure gives a more exact idea about the pathology. Procedure carry out the introduction of contrast in the subclavian and vein femoral.
  5. The ct scan shows varicose veins of the uterus, shows the disease of ways, and its width.

Treatment of varicose veins in the pelvic

the causes of varicose veins

After establishing a definitive diagnosis to treat varicose veins, to restore the normal flow of blood. To do so, could the termination of return of filling of the venous blood of the ducts of the ovary, leading to the normal indicators of the tonus of the blood vessels, relieve the symptoms of varicose veins. Therapeutic actions imply the acquisition of medicines, in periods of exacerbation and to prevent the reoccurrence of constant running exercise.

If the disease has not reached the third stage of development, use of symptomatic conservative treatment. He intends to bring the normal indicators of the conditions of life of the patient, without great physical effort of the long stay in the standing up position.

To completely cure the disease is very difficult. But the responsible execution of all therapeutic activities removes most of the symptoms and improves the condition of the patient.

Surgical treatment

The operation when the varicose veins pelvic do in the following cases:

  • ectasia reached 2 or 3 degrees;
  • the disease progresses quickly;
  • you want, in the future, the pregnancy;
  • the patient feels a sharp pain;
  • often the fallopian bleeding or other pathology gynecological sphere.

When pelvic varicose veins perform these types of operations:

  1. The laparoscopic surgery through a hole, in the abdominal cavity. In this way, sutured, cross, or eliminate ovarian vienna. This manipulation is required for the termination-the opposite of casting the blood.
  2. Special operation perform intravascular way. Puncture of a vein in the hip, insert therein the catheter. By controlling the process, x-ray, the way to get up ovarian of vienna and close.
  3. Surgical removal of varicose veins carried out through holes of small size. In this way, they clean the subcutaneous vienna, if they were changed. Also use this method of banding external sexual of vienna, on a stretch of confluence-la in femurs of vessels.
  4. Gynaecological precise manipulation, to remove a new growth or correct the curvature of the uterus.

Folk remedies

For the healing of the dilation of the blood vessels in the pelvis sometimes used recipes of the medicine, not conventional. Similar treatment can not serve as a complete replacement for the conservative treatment or operations, but is able to complement the traditional methods. It is particularly effective for such methods help in the initial phase of development of the pathology.

The infusion of dandelion is prepared from 1 St. l. shredded rhizome 200 ml of hot water. The ability to close the lid and leave for 2 hours. The filtered solution is divided into 4 parts and use during the day.

Tincture in alcohol from chestnuts mashed, prepared from 100 g of feedstock and 500 ml of vodka. The tool to survive in a dark room for 15 days, filter and take 20 drops, three times a day.

In the morning, it is recommended to take carrot juice in the amount of 100 ml with 1 h. l. linseed oil.

Physical exercise

To improve the well-being when varicose veins the pelvic it is useful to make the following structure:

  1. Putting the foot to the side, lifting his fingers and fall again in the wake of 30 times.
  2. Now, the semi dilute away, while the heel connect. Repeat ascent and descent of more than 30 times.
  3. The feet place as well, so that their fingers were linked, as the heel extended to the sides. Up and down the fingers 30 times.
  4. Lie on the floor and do an exercise "bike" within 1 minute. When you do this, the legs fully Vibramlive.
  5. Lying on the floor, do an exercise "birch", to try to straighten the leg completely. Maintain this posture for 1 minute.

To run complex can be happy at a convenient time. Animals rearrange the exercise exchanged and replaced by other appropriate. It is advisable to combine the lower physical load and the use of compression clothing.

Prevention and forecasts

To alert varicose veins of the vessels in the pelvic and stabilize your well-being, it is recommended that you follow the following tips:

  1. The use of compression tolgoth or tights.
  2. Every day exercise against varicose veins.
  3. In the current day by making a shower of sensations, soaking, alternately, hot and cold water to the problematic areas of the body.
  4. Operating, every hour or two to make brief pauses, during which it is recommended the floor.
  5. Adjust the menu, increasing the amount of vegetable fibers, and vegetable oils. The spice and the salt into a large number of dishes you want to delete. Optionally, it is recommended not to use products that cause constipation.

The majority of patients this varicose veins without treatment, with the time progresses, and ends with dangerous consequences. Only in specific patients entered during the pregnancy bulging thighs to maintain your size and not increases. Independently, the disease is still not disappear.

If you run all the therapeutic activities, one can achieve the improvement of well-being or of a complete recovery. Especially effect well to a combination of surgery and therapy conservative. For the stabilization of the state, we recommend that you always stick to measures of prevention, a healthy lifestyle, sometimes wearing compression clothing, and use the medicines recommended by your doctor.

In conclusion

the treatment of varicose veins

When varices of the veins of the pelvis need to immediately consult your doctor. Time spent for the treatment it gives much more chance of success in the elimination of the disease. For the warning of a relapse need to lead a healthy life, and periodically, to maintain the vessels in a complex of modern medicines.