Varicose veins: treatment

Varicose veins is a disease related to violation of operation of the circulation of blood in the peripheral veins, accompanied by increasing, the shapes and the decreased elasticity of the wall.

Most often disease affected by the veins of the lower limbs, varicose veins men are less common than in women. With the expansion of the veins, decreases the speed of blood flow, which leads to the formation of blood clots (thrombosis). The skin does not receive proper power and occur trophic ulcer.

Stage in the development of the disease

varicose veins

In the development of the disease, there are four phases, which are characterized by certain symptoms.

  • varicose veins first degree passes without headaches and many other attractions of manifestations. Have small swelling and fatigue in the legs at the end of the day. In the skin manifest vascular "stars" and the devious design of the veins. But it is more likely that can be attributed to a fault, that the serious violations of health.
  • the second phase results in edema in the feet, which is not so easy to ignore. Feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs increases and becomes more visible at night. Nights patients point convulsions the calf muscle, numbness, "chills", a tingling sensation.
  • in a third phase, swelling and becoming more and more visible, subcutaneous fiber compressed, you receive the itching and the feeling of flatulence. On the surface of the skin occurring patches of pigmentation, manifested the dermatitis.
  • when the fourth phase arise trophic ulcer.

Taking care of your health, or each person, I noticed, at least, small manifestations of a disease, should come to the front desk in the establishment. The doctor by examining in detail the state of the patient, prescribe the necessary analyses.

Ultra-sound to provide a complete picture of the state of the veins, from which is selected the method of dealing with the disease: surgical intervention, medications, physical therapy, laser treatment.

Causes of varicose veins

The occurrence of varicose veins preceding factors, knowing that, that it is possible to prevent the disease. Then, varicose veins in the legs occurs when the following circumstances:

  • the excess of weight, which gives the load on the lower limbs
  • the weight lifting
  • a sedentary lifestyle and/or work, permanent residence in the upright position. Hours state creates excess load on the legs, causing muscle spasms that prevent the movement of blood from the bottom up.
  • hormonal fluctuations in the body after childbirth, during the menopause, intake of oral contraceptives
  • varicose veins during pregnancy is characterized by an increase of pressure in the pelvic region and abdominal. In summary: the blood of the lower limbs is routed to the heart very slowly and stagnate in the veins.
  • wearing tight clothing, which pulls on the blood vessels and prevents normal blood circulation
  • smoke and the habit to sit up, throw the leg over the other
  • the genetic predisposition.

The main complications of varicose veins

the causes of varicose veins

Varicose veins dangerous their complications, which started the illness alters the patient's quality of life, and takes it to the bed room. Complications of the disease occur in situations of treatment and are expressed in the following:

  • chronic venous insufficiency, characterized by a difficulty veins, the blood outflow. Operation of the valve, the system can not cope with his work, gradually, in the affected area are caught in the upper areas of vienna. In this case, you must delete the patient from a vein of blood circulation and to utilize the operation.
  • occurs when there is inflammation of the venous wall formed a blood clot, which closes the lumen of the vein. In this case, develops thrombophlebitis, reaching mainly the surface of vienna.
  • the lack of a suitable treatment thrombophlebitis causes the disease affects the deep vienna. One in every five, the patient runs the risk of buying long-term and non-healing wound that grows in the trophic ulcer.
  • when rising from a clot of blood against the wall of the vein is possible occlusion of the trunk of the pulmonary artery, which leads to acute heart failure. This scenario for the development of the disease it is not always possible to predict lethal in such cases, occurs in a third of the patients. To avoid the complications of varicose veins in the reach of each of us, realize the symptoms of the disease, the urgent need to take measures and get treatment.


To prevent diseases is easier than treating it is the rule, it is necessary to remember always, therefore, the prevention of the disease is an important component. When a genetic predisposition to varicose veins follows, with special attention to their health.

First of all, get rid of bad habits and follow the guidelines that are given below. The need to include in your diet foods rich in vitamins, not only warns you of varicose veins, but more healthy entire body in general.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E, contained in germinated wheat grains, legumes, lettuce leaves, olive oil, egg yolk, strengthen the walls of veins and improve their elasticity. The same properties are vitamin c (rosehip, Bulgarian pepper, citrus fruits, black currant) and vitamin P (green tea, nuts). Contribute to the resorption of blood clots bioflavonoids, present in the dark varieties of cherries.


The synthesis of elastin in the body provide products that contain copper. These decisions include seafood: mussels, prawns, squid. Maintain normal body weight, reduces the risk of occurrence of varicose veins, and sweet, rich in food contributes to obesity and you want to exclude from the diet.

Effective methods of treatment of varicose veins, since its observance on a regular basis are the following:

  1. Not to download the feet during the day is very strong, when the water stop work choose a few minutes to relax. The ideal is to lie down for 15 to 20 minutes with the bar feet above the level of the heart by a few inches.
  2. If the work is related to the long permanence in a state or sitting, the exercises done in standing, enhancing the movement speed of the blood in your veins. At every opportunity, rotate the feet in different directions. The well known "birch" relieves tiredness of the feet and help the flow of blood.
  3. Try not to lift and carry the gravity
  4. To prevent the varicose veins of the feet is useful to acquire the habit of every day to do foot massage under a jet of cold water
  5. Do not go to the steam and sauna, in addition to your limit
  6. The diet when the disease plays an important role in the control, the mass of the body must enter into a habit.


Good results in the prevention of the disease can be achieved through massage tibetan. The clinic, where one can pass a full course of health, in Moscow. After the massage disappear spasms muscle, the elasticity of the veins recovers, thus, eliminates the stagnation of blood in the veins.

Purpose preventive in tibetan medicine is actively used cupping massage improves the blood circulation. It restores the tonus of the vessels and venous the elasticity of the wall back to normal.

The risk of occurrence of varicose veins, diseases of feet is reduced, if you pay preventive measures a lot of attention and perform the massage at least once or twice a year.

Drug treatment

the treatment of varicose veins

The treatment of varicose veins, implemented for the conservative method or surgically, the choice of the method depends on the stage of the disease and presence of complications. Resolution of the disease without the operation includes: pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy, mesh compression. The strengthening of the venous wall– this is the main goal to achieve which can be when the assignment of medicines.


Sclerotherapy has established itself as one of the most effective methods in the treatment of varicose veins. Shots when varicose veins drug particular, that destroy the inner layer of the vein. After some time, occurs agglutination and resorption, and the circulation of the blood enters in the healthy of vienna .

The treatment includes the course, consisting of 3 to 6 sessions to every patient of the foot, the result is visible after 2 to 7 weeks. The patient should be ready for the unpleasant feeling in the form of headaches and tingling.

Soon they will pass away and the patients from vienna to disappear completely. The drug and the dose adjusted taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient, therefore, the side effects and the occurrence of complications are minimal. Professional to perform the procedures to give the chance of full recovery.

Laser treatment

Still is a gentle method of performing the operation, only qualified technicians, professional medical assistance. When-the-wire intravascular laser coagulation of the doctor with the ultrasound scanner enters the vein of a light guide.

The entire process is carefully controlled device, and a light guide approaches the point at which the vienna empties into the venous system. Under the action of the laser plasma boil and sick vienna is closed and does not accept participation in the duct circulation.


Fresh herb artemisia grind in a mortar and pestle and mix with a spoon of soup with equal quantity of milk cream. A mixture of imposing on patients of vienna and cover with a bandage of several layers of gauze. Keep the compress 1.5-2 hours. The procedure of repeating the 5 days, make a pause of 2 to 3 days and repeat the course


The leaves of Kalanchoe wash and give to dry on a paper towel. Then, finely chop and fill with a mixture of half a jar of a litre. The alcohol you can pour a can of medium, and insist in a dark place 7 days, from time to time, mixing the contents. The resulting solution strain it and apply to the lubrication of veins within 2-4 months

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar drink twice a day, pre-dissolved 2 teaspoons in a glass of water. Hit the apple cider vinegar diluted in patients of vienna, morning and evening. After a month of treatment happen to compression of the veins, that previously were dense.


For a portion of the grated white garlic, add two pieces of butter cream. Cream put in the form of a compress on the patients of vienna, cover it with baking paper, to fix the bandage and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse, twist the foot elastic or grub. Repeat the procedure daily for a month.


Speed up and consolidate the result will help the garlic, if you apply it to the inside. For this, mix 250 g shredded battle with 350 g of honey, insist on five days. The scheme of treatment: one tablespoon three times a day, half an hour before a meal. In a course of treatment consumes three servings of


Slices thin slices of fresh tomato, attach to the patient vein and not tight to fix the bandage. Keep the compress on for four hours, and then remove the bandages and legs wash with water. The course has a duration of 15 days, an interval of 10 days and repeat. Treatment of tomato allows you to get rid of us.

Folk remedies

Herbal treatment can be combined with other forms of treatment, the effect will be to fall faster. Reduces permeability and capillary fragility, increases the elasticity of the venous wall and improves the nutrition of tissues, this is known in folk medicine, the product of apiculture, such as honey.

The effectiveness of honey in the treatment of varicose veins manifests itself when combined with medicinal herbs. For example, 50 g of willow bark to boil 200 ml of hot water and let it simmer on low heat for 20 minutes. After straining the solution, add 50 g of honey and put in the refrigerator until the hot state (38*). Daily, do compresses within 15-20 days.

Apitherapy for the treatment of varicose veins has been used for a long time, however, requires the consultation of a doctor. Bee products is not liable to assessment under laboratory conditions, they are unique, and are needed in the apiary. The bees in the treatment of give sturdy and long-lasting effect of combining apitherapy with the traditional methods of treatment.

prevention varicose veins

Thins the blood, prevents the formation of blood clots, improves the circulation of blood in the veins hirudotherapy. The treatment of the infestation of leeches is available to all, but to do it yourself is not recommended. The session shall keep a qualified medical professional.

The saliva of the leech contains more than 100 biologically active element, through which normalize blood pressure, passes to the purification of the lymph, is removed from the inflammation.

Treatment of varicose veins, to be effective, if you apply an integrated approach. Along with the people of the means it is advisable to use chemotherapy. This will help prevent complications and avoid surgical intervention.

If the same operation is inevitable, after its completion, the patient should follow all instructions of the doctor. Not rarely postoperative rehabilitation involves a trip in a sanitarium.

Under the supervision of hospital staff, the patient comes back more quickly to the measured life. Such procedures, such as homeopathy and the treatment of sludge positively affect the health of the patient and allow you to forget about the disease for the next few years.