Varicose veins of the lips: causes, symptoms and treatment

Of all, who hears about varicose veins a disease, since there is an association with diseases of the feet – when there occurs the formation of varicose veins, we, the veins dilate and begin to act from under the skin.

But in medicine it is possible to find other types of this pathology, and in one of these species belongs to varices of the genital organs, and, more precisely, of the lips. This disease has signs painful, can interfere in the sexual life, moreover, he is ugly.

varicose veins of the labia

Varicose veins a disease in the lips of the women often tend the disease appears during pregnancy. About 30% of the women these changes appear during pregnancy, each again pregnancy increases the probability of occurrence of this disease. 5 – 10% of women, it is saved and after the birth of the child.

This depends on a genetic factor, lifestyle, work activity. Many times the veins dilate only during pregnancy, and after that everything passes. It is worth mentioning that, varicose veins the lips, does not prevent the success of put up with the child and the birth go well. If time and correctly to start the treatment, it is possible to prevent the progression of the disease, and a variety of complications.

The causes of the development of varicose veins disease

When a woman is pregnant, her body weakens, because a lot of energy is spent on incubation of the fruit, occurs hormonal restructuring, and t. d., and this leads to the development of chronic diseases and causes a new disease.

The reasons for the occurrence of varicose veins, include:

  • hereditary predisposition;
  • the physical activity or the lack of them;
  • the weight gain;
  • chronic disease pelvic;
  • 2, 3 and monitoring of pregnancy;
  • the reception before you get pregnant, hormonal medication, that affect the state of a woman.

And you get varicose veins, for example, varices in the labia majora. This should alert the woman and make her more serious need to treat your condition.

Many do not know is that varicose veins are particularly progresses, when a woman in a position, because the flow of blood in the veins of the legs and pelvic organs begins to slow down due to hormonal imbalance during pregnancy.

Also of great importance is the heredity, the amount of childbirth, and to vienna very extended sexual lip and the perineum, which can lead to bleeding during labor and delivery and the ideal, then, would be an option caesarean section.

The symptoms of the disease the lips

After the birth, through the week, varicose veins in the lips of the vagina begin to disappear, and already through 1 - 1,5 month almost is not seen. But there are cases when the disease is in a state of disrepair, the veins a little of that remain, but still cause too much nuisance and discomfort in the period of intimacy, and, in general, able to women.

Many women describe their feelings: "the feelings, if the sex lip, something burst". Sometimes, it may appear and itching in the groin, skin irritation, unpleasant sensations when going to the bathroom.

Treatment of pathology of the genital

Many are asking is: "How to treat varicose veins of the extension in the lips of the vagina?". The method scleratERPII is one of the most effective in the treatment of this disease, as a treatment of varicose veins in the lower limbs and the essence of the ego is that the places where varicose veins progress, cool the cold air, then is introduced to the medication for the best vein, it strengthens and glue from the wall of blood vessels, stops blood flow.

All of the procedures, the woman must pass at the clinic, and should not be so, because everything happens without damage to health and without pain, and most importantly, the result that you will be very satisfied, because, even injured, you will not see the treatment comes with very a result of high-quality (cosmetic too).

It is also used the laser therapy, which use mainly after the approval of a physician, and shall call the popular medicine, in particular by making compresses with infusion of calendula, leaves of buckwheat, there is also a series of procedures with wheat flour.

Prevention and treatment

the treatment of varicose veins

The full treatment varicose veins the lips is with the use of medications, without the use of drugs and even, in rare cases, surgery. NEMAdikementaznoe, the treatment is another style of life of a pregnant woman, the physical form (special exercises), compression garment type and if complying with all the recommendations, the result will not wait long.

In the first place, a waiver of the shoes in pin wedge; the physical load (swimming, hiking); to control what you eat, after all, the constipation increases pressure within the stomach; keep track of the weight, to not score a lot, and if that happened, you try, the more quick possible to lose the excess weight.

Use should clothes without elastic – they do not give a good onttESAtü of blood, as well as special stockings; properly apply ELAStMATIC bandage, if necessary (the winding is going on the bottom of the feet).

For the treatment of medicines applies to: untar antикonагулянtgovernmental of ointments, which have in their composition to heparin, as well as the application of drugs that affect the tonus of the veins (but only if it look doctor).

Ways to alleviate the disease

So, let's summarize the results, what are ways to help prevent, and if the disease has already arrived to relieve the state of a pregnant woman.

  • Each day you should take a shower and to monitor the hygiene of the genital organs.
  • Wearing linen only quality, and the natural of the material.
  • Give up the heels of shoes.
  • Take tonнизирующих medicines for varicose veins.
  • Do not stay a long time standing. For those who have the profession of foot, to try to escape the decree faster or find ways to rest more time.
  • Take special ointment.
  • Return to the specialist in varicose veins and pass the council, as well as a preventative course.

What is important in this case, it is always the time to solve the problems tied up with the disease, after all, varicose veins labia during pregnancy — a serious medical condition and can bring a lot of problems when such interesting position for a woman.

But if the disease has arrived and it irritates you, it is not worth getting depressed camp, because, as you've realized, is not fatal, and after childbirth, you will forget about the problem, as there will be other interests and concerns – is a care of the newborn child.

Therefore, if you choose to give birth to a child, it is necessary to, first, consult a doctor ( a doctor with problems of diseases, varicose veins), it will bring tranquility to your life in the period of the entire pregnancy, and for a life within you, by which you are required to take care of your health. Care, care, happiness and health to you!