Varicose veins, home treatment popular ways

It is a common disease, such as varicose veins, home treatment popular tools is possible, in certain cases, it reaches a large number of people all over the world. The occurrence of this disease is due to a number of factors, and for successful treatment it is necessary to solve the problem completely. About what folk techniques can help in this matter, describes the following.

The treatment of varicose veins at home apple cider vinegar

the treatment of varicose veins folk media

The treatment of varicose veins at home apple cider vinegar is widely practiced in self-treatment. It is believed that this product improves the condition of the blood, promotes the formation of red bull, restores the menstrual cycle. Apparently, the ideal solution in the fight against varicose veins, but not as smooth, as can seem at first glance. The main reason for the occurrence of varicose veins – stagnation of blood on the walls of the blood vessels. The blood circulates with great difficulties, ultimately leading to the long stagnation of the blood in the veins, and also the expansion and sagging past.

Apparently, that is the vinegar? Apple cider vinegar, as any other dinner, it contributes to the clotting of the blood, namely, making it thicker. Eventually, the patient only worsens the situation and causes even more damage, making it difficult, and so the poor blood circulation. Perhaps an external application, able to positively affect the condition of the patient, but the doctors have not noticed improvement apparent when you use this technique. This tool can be assigned to more common, however, for the contradictory, as well as its use has not yet been established.

The treatment of varicose veins with clay – method of the people

The treatment of varicose veins of clay, unlike the apple cider vinegar, can have the effect real. The fact that some varieties of clay is really able to improve the circulation of the blood, and the minerals included in the composition, the impact on the tone of the tissues. The main task in the treatment of the pathology is to improve the elasticity of blood vessels, returning them to health. You should use natural substances that improve the tonus of the blood vessels, otherwise any treatment will be in vain. Although clay and can not be directly called tool of varicose veins, and even some tonic properties it has.

The mention about the clay and their potential impact on varicose veins, home treatment popular tools, as well as other non-conventional methods implies an additional effect on the state of the body. Consider these fundamental methods and build on them for their full healing still not worth it. If the doctors prescribe similar procedures such as physical therapy, so you can use them. However, in some cases, the initiative is worried about the occurrence of complications. Count on the complete cure of a single application only of clay, not worth it.

The treatment of the host-soap – effectively?

The treatment of the host soap can be necessary when you have ulcers and other diseases of the skin covering up in places of the lesion of the veins. The fact is, when there is a due supply of blood, occurs starvation skin of the integument. Due to the lack of oxygen and other nutrients begins to necrosis of the tissue, the upper layers of the dermis, dark, covered in stains. Such a condition is peculiar when the execution of the stages, therefore, it is important not to allow the development of the disease, to such a point. The soap has antiseptic properties, it does not dry the skin and is able to destroy the microbiota, which contributes to the recovery of the epidermis.

the tool of the varicose veins

The greatest popularity marked the following recipe ointment, which includes the soap:

  • it is necessary to grind the bar with the contents of 72% (or more) of alkali;
  • the academic "powder" need to add ointment to the Greatness;
  • to him, the same mix a couple of tablespoons of juice aloe vera juice;
  • add a tablespoon of honey.

Some sources recommend adding the pork fat or porridge of onion, but it's not worth doing this for two reasons:

  • the fat, due to the high content of fat can prevent the absorption of the ingredients;
  • the juice of onions is capable of causing burns and skin cancer.

Important! When individual intolerance to any substance should give it up, even though common your opinion about its use.

Helps if you load, when you have varicose veins?

Load – one of the most important factors when active the healing. Doctors recommend to carry out the loading, even as a preventive measure for the stagnation of the blood, as such, and was not formed. But, when the disease has already appeared, and you must deal with it, should ensure a rewarding and hiking in the cruise rate. However, activities sports, gym exercises and contra-indicated, because this activity may increase the stagnation of blood in the lower limbs.

Charging can be done at any time of the day. Preferably, distracted for the lessons and during the work, so that the blood circulated constantly.

Treatment products, which liquefy the blood

Varicose veins, home treatment popular means that there should be systematic and solitary nature, implies the acquisition of substances and products, thinning the blood. You can take supplements that contain vitamin c in high amounts. And, still, one should be careful with the intake of substance data, once that is full, and other problems. The fact is that people who suffer from varicose veins, have a low muscle tone of the arteries. This means that the arteries suffer from throughout the body, and the dilution of the blood can lead to the discovery of nasal bleeding. For women of such manipulations are fraught with the violation of the menstrual cycle.

The reception of the same substances, as of all the food groups that contribute to the liquefaction of the blood should flow under control treatment medical. The medical practice is known by many cases, when the patients, seeking to improve the state of health, that absurd other organs and worsen the situation.

Are effective if the juice of herbs on the treatment?

Are herbal mixtures can be effective in the treatment of varicose veins, however, as in all other cases, you must be extremely careful to observe the correct dosage, follow the instructions. In the treatment of a disease effective the following revenues:

  • broth of brown;
  • dye jade;
  • herbs rates;
  • compresses from broth of herbs;
  • the bath for the feet with a decoction of medicinal plants;
  • the ointment base medicinal herbs.

The broth can be applied both internally and externally. Consider the most effective methods of dealing with the pathology:

  • chestnut-of-india – of the inflorescences and the fruits of this plant are created decoction, tincture, and compresses. Flowers of the need to collect from the spring, but in the pharmacies you can buy them already dried. And this is the fruit of the chestnut it is necessary to purchase raw materials or to collect them independently. The fruit must grind along with buttons in a coffee grinder, pour 500 ml of medical alcohol. Two weeks ago, the dye must be in a dark place, periodically, you can shake your. To do compress 2 tablespoon of tincture mixed with 5 tablespoons of boiled water warm. From the mixture obtained by doing the compresses;
  • herbal collection – which includes herbs in the same proportion: leaves of geranium, st. john's wort, rosemary, rhizome calamus and Burnet, yarrow, the fruit of sophora, leaves, lingon. 50 g of dry material is 500 ml of boiling water, then infused. To drink, have 50 ml three times per day, before meal.
prevention varicose veins

Now, the readers know what are the methods that help to eliminate varicose veins, home treatment popular tools can help in the early stages of development. In other cases, the treatment should be integrated, you will probably need a surgical intervention. It is necessary to closely monitor the state of the patient, in a timely manner to take measures against this pathology.