Varicose veins in the legs

In recent years, the varicose veins common in women more and more. In addition, this disease does not spare even more youth of the opposite sex. It is not uncommon complaints about this disease as early as 30-35 years of age. Has several. Below you will find out what is this disease. And also how to treat varicose veins, when you are prompted.

What is a varicose veins

arikos of the veins in the legs

Is a change in pathological blood vessels. When the disease are observed the following changes in the veins:

  • The elasticity of the blood vessels;
  • The permeability;
  • The thinning of the walls of the veins;
  • Special education sites.

Many times, varicose veins combines with thrombophlebitis, in this case, in the areas of education web sites may appear blood clots. Is the course of the disease is extremely dangerous.

In addition to internal changes this disease has free consequences. Swollen vienna make lady legs less attractive. In some cases, can occur the venous veins, is also one of the consequences of varicose veins.

Causes of varicose veins in the legs

The problem with the veins has at its base a number of reasons. Rarely the disease results in just one of them. To avoid problems and facilitate the disease need to know the main reasons are:

  • Problems with the connection of the cloth and venous insufficiency. This is the main reason for varicose veins. Unfortunately, the man strongly influence these nuances may not. But, it is worth remembering, that all other causes can serve as a catalyst;
  • Heredity. Often, venous insufficiency is the past of the parents;
  • The lack of exercise. Many times varicose veins suffer from little women mobile, or forced to be at work about the debt in the same position;
  • The excess of weight. However, in vienna heavy load, which encourages the occurrence of problems with them;
  • High loads of physical. The reason has to do again with high loads of venous mesh feet;
  • Hormonal disturbances. Certain failures in a hormonal background can also serve as a catalyst for the varicose veins;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Bad habits. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco greatly increases the risk of the occurrence of the disease.

The symptoms of varicose vein

Painting for the development of the disease depends on its characteristics. It's one thing when the failure semilunar valves innate, and the other thing, acquired. Usually, varicose veins of the feet, characterized by the following features:

  • The emergence of the extended veins. They stand out under the skin. Usually appear nodular seal;
  • Swelling of the feet. Many times they blend in with the weight on the legs. Experience these symptoms after the work load, or at night;
  • Cramps in the muscles. They occur, sometimes, for example, during the night. Also can be observed chills on the skin;
  • Regular pain in the legs;
  • In the early stages can be trophic skin problems. Typically, this is the pigmentation and the seal in the skin. In more serious cases can occur trophic ulcer.

Knowing all these symptoms, you will be able to in a timely manner to seek medical advice.

The treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins most often dealing with methods are conservative. But, in some cases, can be applied to an intervention. Let's see the main types of treatment, which are now being applied in practice:

Sclerotherapy. It is a non-surgical technique. In the lumen of the vein is entered special a drug that causes constriction of the specific vessel. Usually, the drug acts for about five years. With this method, it is important to use a clothing mesh;

The diet. An important point in the treatment is the normalization of power. Make sure to leave the alcohol, fats and spicy foods. Keep in mind the need to ensure the diet of vitamins;

the causes of varicose veins feet

Massage. One of the most effective ways of treatment;

The ointment. In the first place, these drugs affect visible symptoms. They reduce the pain and the swelling, also, to a certain extent, slow the progress of the disease;

The ozone therapy. The method is injected into a vein oxygen-the ozone layer of the solution. The ozone stimulates the regeneration of cells, contributing to the reabsorption of the vein site;

Phlebectomy. Is surgical way of treatment. Generally, the method shows a low recurrence rate. But, unfortunately, has a number of against-indications.

Methods of treatment of varicose veins that are many. For each case, the technique is chosen entirely individually.

The treatment of varicose veins folk media

The disease is quite common, therefore, the the folk medicine during the years collected enough for a lot of recipes for your treatment. Typically, the effect of the treatment is achieved through the availability of some products special a series of substances. They well slow down the development of varicose veins.

As a general rule, all these foods contain antioxidants. They have the ability to reduce the degree of oxidation in the body. This applies to the internal application of the prescription. Often, the treatment used compresses and craft of ointments. It should be understood that the drugs must be identified individually.

Liqueur of varicose veins

This is one of available and trusted methods of treatment. It is especially important to understand that this medicine does not use rare components. To do this you will need to color the nuts, enough for 50 grams. This is the number poured into 0.5 liter of alcohol. Most leave the mixture to fermentation within two weeks. Don't forget to shake the bottle daily. After all of this you can dye drain. Take the medicine obtained a tablespoon, washed down with water. This should be done three times a day before meals. Apply it week courses. Among the courses to wait 2 weeks. Must be the three historical exchange rates. This is enough to get the positive effect.

Treatment varicose veins on the economic base of soap

Many times, folk medicine uses preparations with a basis of economic soap. This occurs due to the presence in the composition of soaps are the alkali, they do an excellent job with the varicose veins, allowing the faster the body recover. Please note that all of the medicines with water and soap should be used very carefully. They can cause skin irritation, so you should check first to see them in a small area of the skin.

The most popular recipe is an option with the acetylsalicylic acid. You will need a dozen tablets of aspirin and 250 ml of vodka. Tablets dissolved in vodka, to do this, the better for your pike. It is necessary to insist that the mixture within two days. After that, the dye add soap. Received substance use lotions.

The treatment of varicose veins of the seeds of datura

The seeds of datura, have properties to retrieve any problem with the circulatory system. It's only worth to remember to use the medication, created from datura, should be very carefully, because the seeds of this plant are poisonous.

For the manufacture of generic drugs, you need to mark the stack of seeds and grind in a coffee grinder. Received powder, pour 0,5 liter of vodka. This mixture is placed on two weeks in the dark. Don't forget to shake the tincture daily.

At the beginning of the treatment, use 15 drops in half a glass per day. Daily increase the dosage of 1 drop, leading to 25 drops for the reception. Course of treatment should not exceed one month. You can also use this tincture for compresses.


the treatment of varicose veins

This disease is most easy to delay, that after practicing the treatment. The first is to control the weight. It should also ensure the sufficient amount of movement. It is better to use hiking, swimming, not a quick race. You can do an exercise of curative physical education. Excellent preventive tool is the bath of contrast.

Avoid the problems of shoes and clothes. This will ensure the normal supply of blood to the feet. If you are in a process of work has a lot of time to be in the same posture, with sure to regularly change your posture. So you will be able to reduce the risk of occurrence of varicose veins.