Prevention of varicose veins

Varicose veins is a serious disease that can be cured completely only surgically. Accompanied by a is pain, swelling in the legs and the emergence of blue vascular network in the skin, which generates a clear defect cosmetic.

Is it better to obey the preventive measures and do not cause the onset of diseases. In this case, the legs will always be easy, beautiful, and well cared for. Preventive measures help prevent not only varicose veins, but also other serious diseases, such as inflammation of joints or connective tissue.


varicose veins in the legs

Balanced and useful nutrition plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins and other diseases. A good diet helps to quench the body with useful vitamins and trace elements, strengthen the immune system and reduce the risk of contracting various infectious diseases.

For the prevention of varicose veins we recommend that you follow the following dietary recommendations:

  • There are at least 5 times a day, small portions. The breakfast must be the most dense and bold, in the evening, it is better to give preference to vegetables, protein dishes.
  • Menu for the day should be balanced, that is, you need to eat a sufficient amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, may not be limited to any element.
  • Cooking is recommended without the addition of oil, or steam, boil, stew and bake. Vegetable oil need to add in salads.
  • When varicose veins is useful to use the food with large amount of fiber, these foods have a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels. These include fruits and vegetables, and the bran and cereals.
  • When varicose veins need products containing the following vitamins: E, c, P, and also copper. They are found in vegetables, fruits, berries, nuts, fish and meat.

To reduce the risk of occurrence of varicose veins, it is recommended to delete or reduce the number of products the following in the diet:

  • Fat and fried, with a large amount of salt and spices. This food can lead to the emergence of atherosclerosis and complications subsequent, as well as edema;
  • Alcohol, coffee and strong tea. These drinks are expanding the vessels or muscles, frequent use can trigger varicose veins.
  • The sweetness, which are systematically lead to excess weight and, as a consequence, the stagnation processes in the body tissues and vessels. In addition, the excess weight that generates an increase of the workload in the foot.

Many times, the reason for the varicose veins becomes over weight, therefore, more full of people prone to the emergence of diseases. To reduce the risk of health problems, you should try to build your diet and lose weight. In this case, decrease the pressure on the legs, the muscles, the joints and vessels to stop suffering from excessive loads.


Reduce the risk of the occurrence of the processes of stagnation in the tissues and vessels to help regular exercises. Every person is advisable to start the work day with a charge in the morning, this type of exercise helps to wake up, a little bit of exercise, thus reducing the risk of embarrassing injury, in addition to strengthening the body and improving your. It is also recommended the practice of yoga and the heavy sports when varicose veins are contraindicated.

If the person the whole day working, sitting, more than once per turn, you need to do the warm-up — five minutes. This type of the gym helps disperse the blood, not allowing it to thicken and stay at the bottom, the muscles and the vessels will come in tone and usually start to decrease.

The following exercises are great for charging at work:

  • The long strides by rolling the foot with the heel to the toe, or perform exercises sitting, stopping on the top floor and a bit of stretching to the muscles.
  • Stand on tiptoe and rest for a few seconds.
  • Need sitting put the foot on the heel, and with the effort of scoop invisible pedals;
  • Sitting in a chair with lisa in the back have to stand up in front of you, so that your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. In this position, the march, highly lifting knees.
  • Need to sit in the chair and straighten the back, the legs bend the knees. Compress the feet with force, realizing that those who try to dilute it back.
  • Sitting in a chair and placing the foot in front of you, you need to push the whole foot on the ground, the maximum force of all muscles.

Home exercise most suited to the following exercises:

  • Walking on the high place, lifting the hips. You must keep your back flat and stepping in place, gently lifting your knees as high as possible. If you are not sure that you can keep the balance, with one hand holding the crutch.
  • You need to put the book on the floor and rising to her toes to the heel free hanging. Keep your balance, lower and lift the heel.
  • It is very effective against varicose veins, all known exercise of birch.
  • You should lie on your back, legs bend the knees and stretch the chest, and then abruptly straighten the legs and hold in this position for a few seconds, and then return to its original position.
  • Are very effective stretching exercises. You can perform tilts down, in a straight line to the knees. Or sit on the floor, and the feet, dilute in different directions and smooth, to accomplish chamfers to each leg and between them.

Mesh compression

prevention varicose veins

Mesh compression is an excellent means of prevention of varicose veins varicose veins. It makes the legs more hardy, eliminates the appearance of bumps and headaches at the end of the work day. The clothes can be bought in a pharmacy or orthopedic store, as well as the ordering via the internet. It is made with a special technology, through which the clothes shrinks the legs stronger below and weaker above, which allows to avoid the stagnation of the fluid on the bottom and slide it to the top.

The following people are recommended to use mesh compression:

  • Professional athletes and for people who train regularly in the gym.
  • The people who work in the office and spend a lot of time sitting;
  • The engines and the people who regularly use the severity;
  • The people who spend the whole day on the legs;
  • Women who often wear high-heeled shoes;
  • For those travelling with more than 50 years old.
  • Pregnant women and in the period after the birth of the child;
  • Individuals with excess weight.

It is very important right to choose and to use meshes of compression. There are three types of this clothing: socks, socks and stockings. In addition, the clothing is divided into corrective and preventive. Healthy people should not be medicated clothes, because he is very strong tightening the foot, and pick up he needs a doctor.

Socks and stockings for prevention need to use every day, and put on in the morning, not getting out of bed. It is very important to put a shirt, so as not to damage it. Properly chosen for size socks and tights as well sitting in any place that is not urgent and does not slide.

In our time, orthopedic stores offer a wide variety of compression tights, there is still a role model for pregnant women. They are made of new technologies, which allows you to do the product is not only useful, but beautiful. Tights for women displayed in different colors, in addition, you can get transparent models with beautiful patterns.


There are a variety of procedures, that as well help in the prevention of varicose veins or in the early stages of the disease. But the sessions of physical therapy methods can only be used after a visit to the specialist. The doctor can clarify to have you visit physical therapy, and which is the best. Many times, when the varicose veins prescribe the therapy of the press.

At home prevention the varicose veins of the feet, as well as the swelling and pain is possible with the help of water treatments. Contrast showers is a powerful tool that allows you to tone up the vessels, improve the microcirculation of the tissues, make the skin the outer skin, healthy and young. When you have already started varicose veins need to lower the feet in the water up to the ankle.

It is very important to perform the procedure. For this, you can wash the feet of a shower or fill up two water baths, which descend alternately to the legs. It is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • The water should be comfortable, cool, but not cold. Or hot, but not boiling water.
  • Begin the procedure with warm water, keeping the feet need 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Footprint travel in cold water for a period of 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Repeat the manipulation is no more than 4 times, the total procedure time should not exceed 15 minutes.
  • Finished the procedure you need cold bath.

Folk remedies

Many patients prefer methods of popular medicine in the prevention of varicose veins. Home remedies can be very effective, they help reduce the unpleasant symptoms at the end of the working day and improve the state of the feet.

Prevention varicose veins in the legs can be accomplished through the following means:

  • Baths with herbs as well to relax the legs after a hard day of work. In order to prepare the hot bath, baby, you must fabricate three tablespoons of flowers of chamomile in two cups of boiling water and leave for at least 60 minutes fermentation under the cap. After an hour, you can pump the broth and pour it in the tub with warm water, put the feet, ankles, and policies of 15 minutes.
  • The bath sea salt improves the general well-being of a man, contribute to the normalization of blood circulation and nutrition of tissues. For such a procedure, you need to dial in a bath of warm water, not more than 38 degrees and add half a cup of natural salt. Take a shower, have for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Very effective for the prevention of varicose veins juices. They liquefy blood, not leaving she stay in the lower limbs. Prepare juices in several ways, the most popular ones are: Carrot+spinach, in the proportion of 10:6; Carrot+spinach+beet sweet, in the proportion of 10:3:3.
  • Ointment of garlic is recommended by many healers. For prevention need to use this tool, once in three months, one course per week. Cook it like this: it is necessary to grind the fresh garlic and mix it with butter. The tool rubbing on the legs during the night, from the top roll up a scroll, and down the scarf. In the morning, the ointment it is necessary to rinse.
  • The vinegar restores the elasticity of the blood vessels and normalizes the circulation of blood, also the apple cider vinegar is excellent resolves stagnant processes. For the prevention of varicose veins required for each night to wet a cotton ball disk on the kind of apple cider vinegar and wipe their feet along the vein.
  • The most simple, well-known and effective tool that helps you to get rid of the processes of stagnation in the tissues and remove the inflammation and the pain, cabbage leaf with honey. This compress is preparing very simple. Cabbage leaf necessary to wash and knead well for him to be the juice, for this, you can hit it with a hammer or poke with a fork. In a pure sheet put a thin layer of natural honey and applied to the skin. When all the sheets will be placed, you must correct them with cling film, and sleep, and in the morning, a compress, remove and wash the feet. The implementation of such procedures need to exchange, or in those days, when the tired feet strongly.


the clothes the varicose veins

Complying with preventive measures, do not forget about the factors that can trigger the disease:

  • For the prevention of varicose veins is necessary to abandon the constant use of high heel shoes. The shoe should be comfortable and natural, in any place, not to squeeze out and not rub.
  • Not worth for a very long time to sit in the position "standing" standing", as well as in the position of experienced vienna.
  • Lingerie, stockings, socks and tights need to choose the size, so that they were not tightening the legs in place no, not to crush.

If the vein has already begun to swell up, among the measures of prevention here is to make, the more quick possible to visit phlebologist. In the initial stage of varicose veins can be cured conservative methods, but in cases of needing surgery. The lack of treatment can lead to the formation of trophic ulcers and subsequent amputation of the foot.

It is important to understand that the feet make the biggest workload each day, so they have to be preserved. Necessarily need to occupy the gym, but also give the feet some time to rest. You should try not to gain excess weight so as to not create excessive problems in the feet. Correct and an active lifestyle is essential for the beauty and health of the feet and throughout the body.