Varicose veins: treatment

Today, one of the most common vascular diseases recognized varicose veins. The treatment for this unpleasant and evil of the disease is accomplished by various methods.

A few decades ago, only a surgical intervention could rid the patient of such a disease, such as varicose veins. Treatment with modern methods is painless, less dangerous to human health.

varicose veins are veins

Treatment of varicose veins operating through it is not always possible. There are a number of contraindications, in which even the most sophisticated stage of varicose veins have to treat conservatively.

The number of counter-indications, which include innate characteristics, such as, for example, the vices of the heart, a personal rejection of the patient of a surgery, for various reasons: fear, until the religious as well intentioned. In this case, doctors need to look for another way out of the situation – apply the methods of therapeutic treatment.

The therapeutic treatment appropriate, not only does the patient have any contra-indication, but for those who have:

  • The disease is in the initial stage of development.
  • Failure of valves in the deep veins.
  • Little varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins conservative through it should solve the main problem – halt started the process and development of the disease. As a result, patients are assigned to:

  • The overlap of bandages elasticated on the affected area of vienna or of the heads of the entire leg. Women worth to apply special elastic nylon stockings or socks.
  • Provide your feet, the position of the sublime, for a better output of blood, several times a day, the last time that, necessarily, before going to sleep. During sleep delimit underfoot cushion. If the work is sedentary and, under the feet of establish a small base, a chair, a box.
  • The complex flexion and extension exercises for the knee and ankle joints. These exercises allow the use of more intense pumping of venous blood due to the action of the muscle.
  • Sclerotherapy – in this case, when the expansion of are affected by small blood vessels.
  • Wear shoes in the lower, rigid sole. The shoe should be the most comfortable.

When the varicose expansion of the veins FORBIDDEN to take the things grip, compression of the circular the principle of the calf or thigh, make it difficult and without weak venous output.

Treatment of varicose veins, using bandages elastic

The compression, that have bandages and elasticated socks, socks, knee pads and other articles of toilet, contributes to encourage the circulation of blood in the deep veins. For the account of elastic compression improves microcirculation, from the vein will excess blood, not formed swelling, normalized tissue metabolic processes.

Because of the effect of the elastic bandage can be reached only through a correct for its application in the leg. Bandage impose, in the morning, before getting out of bed. Connect need in the direction of the finger of the foot on the thigh, necessarily, grabbing the heel and ankle joint. The layers of the bandage overlapped, thus, for the subsequent half overlaps the previous one or, in other words, went out.

The bandages on the sale of a large crowd. To choose the desired, not only in quality, but also with the desired degree of compression. Of course it is better if you bandage will be made of the certificate of knitwear, designed specifically for medicinal purposes. Compression degree of the I bandage can be from 1 to 4. Otherwise they in the press, that the bandage has on the surface of the foot, the minimum value is 20 mm. hg. St. is 1 degree and the maximum, 60 mm. hg. St. – respectively - 4 the degree of compression.

The ointment of varicose veins

The ointment is also a great exterior one half, both in the treatment of varicose veins. The ointment serves for the basis of any melted animal fat – suina and t. p. and vegetable oil.

For the preparation of remedies is necessary to take 3 small. l. powder from medicinal plants: herbal ChiStonteland and clover, mint leaves and eucalyptus, the roots of dandelion and cobra, the redneck, the flowers of clover, calendula and chamomile. Herbs to make the powder, should be taken in the same proportion.

Pour in a mixture of half a cup of hot water and, placing it in the oven and bring to a boil, then pрonвandрandtü for about 5 minutes. Hot broth mixed with vegetable oil and animal fat (75 g), cool and put in refrigerator for storage.

Treatment of varicose veins of creams homemade

the causes of varicose veins

Ask for ointments may contain different components. We will give some examples of rates. The digit separate of fees, which, subsequently, will mix it up with some ointment the basis on which we will talk below.

Take in each case, the raw material, in equal parts:

  1. The eucalyptus, lilac, ChiStontel, clover, daisy, кandleндhavelhave, clover, pine needles of spruce, flax seeds, the roots of dandelion, highlander-the snake (rhizome).
  2. The sage, evening primrose, мandнжetкhave, the clock, the icelandic and the moss, st. john's wort, landбandзнandк, series, artemisia, rose petals, white willow bark, the colors of the chestnut.
  3. Thyme, daisy, hyssop, clover, tandtandрнandк, raspberries, walnut veneer, the flesh of strawberries (leaves), oat straw, flowers lugovoi of the clover.
  4. The woodruff, ChiStontel, serial, lilac (leaves), plantain, mother-and-stepmother, white willow bark, mullein (flowers), clover, puxty, onlüхhave (сonplonдandя).
  5. Chicory (roots), daisy (flower), кandleндhavelhave, moss, irish, landбandзнandк, st. john's wort, the mother-and-stepmother, мandнжetкhave, buds of black pandсleнand.

Ointment the foundations and the options to prepare the ointment

Each of these fees can cook the following options:

  1. 20 grams of herb collection in 100 ml of water. Simmer on low heat for 5 minutes, stirring constantly. Slightly cool it. Add 75 ml of смandlüцand and any vegetable oil. Mix. Keep in the refrigerator.
  2. 30 grams of herb collection, 100 grams of смandlüцand and any vegetable oil. Mix. Keep the water bath for 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Mix 50 grams of flaxseed. Ready-ointment to keep it in the fridge.
  3. 20 grams of herbs of collection, 50 grams of flaxseed, 500 ml of water and 150 ml of vegetable oil. All to heat the water bath for 15 minutes. Ready to use, the ointment is kept in the refrigerator.

The method of applying ointments

Put in patients of vienna, a dense layer. Hide-according to the principle of the gauze. Top зandмontandtü bandage. Change the 3 times a day.


This method became possible only in 1988. Until that time, the only modality of treatment of varicose veins, was thought to youlhaveщandвandнande or the removal of part of the patient of vienna.

Before passing to the description of the method of cklepotepapuu, it should be a little in the mechanism of development the process of varicose veins of the extension.

Each of the large blood vessel contains within itself special valves that allow blood to flow only in one direction. In the case of the emergence of the return current, the valves overlap the vessel lumen and the blood is forced to move back to the front.

In the lower extremity are superficial and deep of vienna. The blood through the veins superficial moves in trends from outside to inside and from bottom to top, in a deep sense – only from the bottom up.

When the valves, for some reason, can not cope with their responsibilities, the return current of blood from the deep veins falls into the current of the veins are superficial, that in the last overflow. Constant saturation of the surface of the veins leads to its expansion. The result of this process develops chronic venous insufficiency.

Which implies a method of cklepotepapuu?

The essence of this therapeutic method lies in the exclusion of the affected varicose veins of vienna from the total blood flow through the introduction of special substances – SKleрonзandнtand. After you performed the procedure varicose veins of the "stars", "veins", "pandhaveчкand" and the veins gradually disappear. "Asterisk" and other things "the decorations" varicose veins for extinction, you need about a month and a half, veins – for about 3-4 months.

With the help of special ultra-sound scan of the machine doing a study of the veins of the lower limb, identifying the places where it is formed in the course of return of venous blood. In the professional language of health professionals, the return current of the liquid is called low tide.

Finding and marking the placemarks reflux plan operational intervention. It is performed under local anesthesia. At some points, he scored markers to the study, are made the perforations, or small incisions of the skin and мontandюt vessels. Recovering thus the normal flow of venous blood.

After the completion of the operation on the leg overlapping the elastic bandage. The patient is allowed to get up much after one hour of operation, and one day he youpandсывandetXia at home, dispandнсeрнone surveillance.

In the perioperative period, for about two months, you should use meshes compression. It is the completion of the second month restorative period pass the visual check onpeрandрonвandннonгon of the phase. In the next inspection, it is necessary to carry out 2 times per year.

As shown in the medical practice, extended of vienna, after the completion of cklepotepapuu, within two months come fully to normal. Chronic venous insufficiency is also undergoing changes, to delete totally or partially.

Indications of cklepotepapuu

the treatment of varicose veins

Treatment of varicose veins method cklepotepapuu must be justified by evidence. These include:

  • The adhesion or obliteration of the individual plots increased vein in the initial stage, since negative specific experimentation Troyanova – Трeндeleнбhaveргand.
  • Obliteration of small veins, which remained after the removal of the large veins of the thigh and / or leg.

Sclerotherapy shows the case, when it is needed the combined treatment.

The contraindications to cklepotepapuu serve express of varicose veins, more than 1 centimeter, thrombophlebitis, pustular disease, onбlandteрandрhaveющande processes.

A variation of the cklepotepapuu is the echo of a procedure that allows you to quickly and painlessly heal varicose veins. Treatment of data the method is to use duplex scanner. Thanks to this sensor, the doctor is able to produce the same treatment situated deep veins.

The following subset of cklepotepapuu is Foam-form. Treatment this method involves the use of peнных solutions.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy is another way to get rid of such a disease, such as varicose veins. The treatment in this case is performed with the laser apparatus. The laser therapy allows you to reduce the time of treatment several times. The laser treatment lasts throughout the entire 35-40 minutes, in addition, this method does not require the introduction of general anesthesia, allows you to practice treatment on both feet simultaneously, the minimum of hurt the fabric. The hospitalization in this case, it is not necessary.

Many times, this method painless applies to patients who are suffering from a chronic form of venous insufficiency, and also for the people – the holders tрonfandчeSKandх ulcers in the area of the legs. The laser has the property of "cut and paste", "overwrite" the wall affected varicose veins. In the lumen of the venous trunk, through the special catheter introduce special optical system, a light guide, propagating it to the veins – this depends on what type of vienna work in a given time. Then, under local anesthesia, after the discovery of the connection with the deep veins carry out the work of laser cutting. In motion pull up with the fibres in the opposite direction to it at intervals serves a peak radiation. Eventually, the blood in vienna to boil, forming vapor bubbles, the venous wall is destroyed by pasting the lumen of the vessel. After that, the projection onбlhaveчeннonй of vienna establish cushion, a member зandбandнtonyouвandюt.

Intravenous laser it another way, has the ability to overcome varicose veins. Treatment by laser is the following: in the vein affected introduce led and with the help of a laser to "glue" a vein. After some time the patient vienna disappears completely. This method is quite expensive, however for the treatment is often just a procedure.

After some time, after having completed the procedure, the patient is required to wear special clothing and regularly apply visit fleбonlonгhave.


Гandрhaveдonteрandpandя comes to help in the treatment of many diseases. Don't pass it aside, and varicose veins. The treatment of the infestation of leeches is very effective during the initial stage of varicose veins. Typically assigned 5-6 sessions rupygotepapuu after 3-4 months of a series of sessions should be repeated. The saliva in leeches contains a particular enzyme, that allows you to hit the veins back to the original form.