Mesh compression when varicose veins

Mesh compression when varicose veins is an effective therapeutic tool. He adjusts the treatment and improves the general state of the legs, and the principle of its work is the formation of a pressure different forces at different parts of the foot.

Pressure of work can occur the toe area. This explains the fact that, in the process of blood movement from this phase are observed in the greatest efforts. The load, passing the upper part of the legs, tumbling, and hip have 30% to 40%. Meshes compression, by pressing down in vienna, helps to move the blood, thus avoiding stagnation.

Indications and contra-indications

the clothes the varicose veins

Patients, who choose wearing mesh compression when the varicose expansion of the veins, they must understand that to do this, they must be continuously.

Meshes compression brings considerable benefits:

  • reduction of edema and the load on the lower limbs;
  • the reduction of pain and discomfort;
  • the increase of the efficiency of sport activities;
  • solution of problems of the muscle system-the engine of a machine.

I application compression things the varicose expansion of the veins there are restrictions, precisely, is the mandatory consultation of the doctor. For some patients this treatment is not permitted.


  • disease;
  • aortoarteritis;
  • obliterating thromboangiitis;
  • atherosclerosis.

These chronic vascular disease cause in the arteries, narrowing of the lumen and the reduction of systolic blood pressure. Mesh compression will lower the pressure on the feet, which causes a great damage to the health. It is unacceptable to use these products and, to septic phlebitis, and heart failure.

The state, in which mesh compression use is not recommended:

  • allergic reactions;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • the strong sensitivity of the skin;
  • pressure ulcers;
  • inflammation in the skin the skin;
  • chronic dermatitis;
  • eczema.

Types of compression clothing

The material for the treatment of knitted fabrics, manufacturers use cotton, nylon, and t. d.

Externally, things are not different from the standard clothing and not have seams, which is considered a clear advantage. Mesh compression and comfortable resort for the skin and does not cause allergy. When the tender care of the product able to maintain the therapeutic effect for about six months.

Mesh compression to the legs when varicose veins is classified into such types:

  1. Preventive. It has a minimum of pressure on the surface of the feet and applies at the initial stage of varicose veins. Use it is recommended that swelling under the night, the pain, the emergence of the "stars" and a small increase of the veins. It is appropriate to prevention with this type of clothing when the constant of sedentary or standing work.
  2. Therapeutic. It is used in a period of exacerbation. To buy this shirt is only possible by medical prescription.
  3. Hospitor. Use it exclusively in the postoperative period in the hospital.
the treatment of varicose veins

Varieties of compression of knitted fabrics:

  1. Pants and socks. This is the most used for lingerie. When the interior of such products shall attach to the commitment, as well as the clothes should be shared by their feet in a uniform way. But after their application is not going to go out walking and shooting you simply. Wearing no-fusstOK and a half it is allowed to combine with the application of ointments and creams. The manufacturers produce and special models for pregnant women.
  2. German. Do not use on open wounds on the feet and atherosclerosis.
  3. Elastic bandage. It is a versatile tool for the treatment of varicose veins, despite the fact that it has low efficiency in comparison with other tRicotagem. Your dignity is considered to be low-cost. Because it needs to be the manual winding, it is not always possible to achieve the necessary degree of compression. Bandage can be used as knee pads.

Male mesh compression

According to the statistics, about 40% of men with problems with the blood vessels. Male meshes compression is released in the form of a standard outfit.

This is done in order that it was understated. The men prefer to wear socks, because this sort of clothes accustomed to them and use it easily. Unlike models in comparison with females is Anatohmic construction.

Mesh compression for women

Female therapeutic mesh is different from the design — with patterns or colorless. Mesh compression is sold in the form of no-fusstOK and a half. Use them not only for treatment but also for prevention, for example, during the first trimester of pregnancy. This mesh helps to prevent the development of varicose veins, to remove the swelling, relieve the pain and heaviness in the legs, eliminate fatigue.

How to choose the clothes

Choose mesh for the treatment of varicose veins special, in hospital units, with license and shipped with the production of documents from suppliers. It is necessary to choose the correct sizes of clothes, only after the measurement of the thickness of the feet in 4 points. There are special tables for the selection of sizes.

It is better to buy several prtr or stocking, as the disorders of a product can be immediately to replace it. The right size is fundamental to an effective therapy.

The correct way to use

Wearing a medical outfit requires the fulfilment of conditions. Meshes of the compression does not dress like the tights ("accordion"). Corrective socks, stockings and tights need a slow and consistent, leather interior, with the output of all the generated folds. To facilitate this process will help special devices that you can buy in stores appliances and pharmacies.

Need to keep track of the nails, because the mesh is cheap, and ontрonсшие нonгtevye cards can damage it. Clothes to wear in the morning, soon after waking up, not getting out of bed. Model 3 and class 4 advise the place, to resort to the help of professionals.

What degree of compression you choose

Classification of compression classes:

  1. 1 class. The pressure is 22 mm hg. ct. This preventive mesh compression is appropriate for the early stages of varicose veins. When they are observed only varicose veins, and a little enlarged vessels, and night, sore legs, showing these products.
  2. 2 class. The pressure reaches 30 mm hg. ct. Wearing the shirt class 2 allow patients with disease of moderate.
  3. Grade 3. The pressure is equal to 43 mm hg. ct. These tights, apply varicose veins worse phase with a disability tрonфическonгon nature.
  4. 4 the class. The pressure is 48 mmhg. ct. mesh Compression is used to reduce the strong swelling and лимфonсtAza. Socks and stockings of class 4 is used in hospital clinics.
socks varicose veins

Preventive mesh compression 1 class sell in pharmacies without a prescription. The other compression ratio requires the permission of your doctor.