How to treat varicose veins in legs of women

Beautiful legs thing feminine and proud. But varicose veins in the legs of women it spoils not only the appearance, but decreases the quality of life. Say goodbye to this disease means to regain the attraction and the health. Varicose veins in women is pathological, the expansion of the blood vessels of the feet, with a decline of their elasticity.


varicose veins in the legs of women
  • The external display of the vessels on the thighs, on the legs. First in the form of a capillary of veins, then, express image. In the development of the disease appear convex winding of vienna;
  • Pain in the legs during the long walk;
  • Bluish color of the skin over bulging veins;
  • Become swollen knees, standing at the end of the day;
  • Leaving the muscles of the legs during sleep.

The degree of manifestation of symptoms varicose veins foot depends on the stage of the disease:

  • 1 phase initial signs of the disease are mild, observed the evening swelling of the feet, pain the nature of pain;
  • 2 phase on the surface of the skin are visible capillary drawings, varicose veins, small nodules of veins. The your legs together in the night, cramps, burning sensation in their vessels;
  • 3 phase — swelling become outstanding vascular figure — brilliant, painful sensations intrusive, impeding the woman to live a full life;
  • 4 phase characterized by color changes and skin condition of the feet. It will crack, peel, darken in the area of the ankle. Nodules veins form as the clusters become sensitive to damage. Perhaps the formation of wounds in the legs – already during the execution of the disease, which spreads in more complex forms of the pathology of the vascular.

Until the third stage varicose veins feet is dangerous as the flow is the current reverse of blood from large veins, small vessels. This confusion of movement even more strong and harms the vascular system, accelerates the development of varicose veins, disease.


Women are varicose expansion of veins 3 times more than men. And statistics confirm that girls above 170 cm suffer from varicose veins, feet and more low. This related to the ability of a person to walk on the foot. The animals, this is not a problem.

However, the manifestation of varicose veins, diseases of the feet due to the role of factors stimulating:

  1. Genetic predisposition to varicose veins. Features of the structure of the body, the cells of the body, and vessels in particular, is transmitted by genes inherited. If the mother or grandmother suffered from varicose veins in your feet, means that, with a probability of 99% of your daughter and granddaughter will experience the same;
  2. Violation of hormonal. Women hormonal failures happen, often, for physiological reasons, because the diseases of women. And the hormones affect the state of the vascular wall. Common venous extension leg in pregnant women;
  3. The inflammation of the women in the genitals. Violate the hormonal balance, lead to the entry of arterial blood in vienna with high pressure. Dilated veins, arise sites;
  4. Stress, seizures. Affect the activity of the central nervous system, lowers the tone of the vascular wall, dilate the vessels;
  5. The foot work. Varicose veins feet are affected by teachers, cooks, barbers, salesmen, waiters, tour guides;
  6. Sedentary work. Causes stagnation of blood in the legs;
  7. The posture of sitting, standing on their feet. Favorite women posture, causing it to pinch the blood vessels, interrupted the circulation of the feet;
  8. Heavy physical activities. Weight lifting, dramatically increases the pressure in the peritoneum, which is reported veins of the legs. The walls of the vessels are stretched, and when systematic use of such state does not already go back to normal. Women do the heavy work, working at home, the practice of sports.
  9. Greater age. It is a normal physiological cause of vascular.

This is not all a reason. Affect the advanced appearance of the vessels of smoking and excess weight. Shoes with heels higher than 5 cm also leads to a disruption of normal blood circulation, nutrition, capillary stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs.


Treatment varicose veins legs women reach the vascular surgeon. It is understood that the sooner you're to the doctor, the faster and easier the recovery. After the visual inspection, the expert assigns search:

Ultrasound vein – allows you to identify the stage of varicose veins, the degree of expansion of the blood vessels, the value of their gaps, detect thrombi and violation of hemodynamics;

The venography with contrast substance – sure that assesses the state of the blood vessels, determines the presence of a blood clot, tumors;

Duplex scan – allows you to make the colors in a three-dimensional image of a vein, gives information that is more broad than the traditional ultrasound.

the causes of varicose veins

Varicose veins in the legs, has various forms of therapy:

  1. Surgical intervention – treatment radical of the last stages of the varicose veins feet. Since the 90s until the last time it was applied phlebectomy, very traumatic surgery of the veins. In the turn she came in a high-tech operation with small openings or, in general, only punctures. The essence of interventions in the removal of the affected area of vienna, to restore the functioning of the valve and into the bloodstream.
  2. Sclerotherapy – introduction in the vienna special substances that glue the vase, it contributes to their resorption. The patients from vienna to disappear from the blood circulation remains healthy. Does not occur the recurrence of varicose veins in this sector.
  3. Medicines – pills for oral administration, ointments, gels varicose veins. Outdoor media are used, during the first and the first stage of the disease. Common components are the extract of the chestnut and the leaves of red grapes, camphor, menthol. Oral medications to prevent the occurrence of blood clots, liquefy the blood, relieve the inflammation, swelling, cleanse the pain.
  4. Mesh compression tights and socks special projects the download the feet, contribute to the normalization of blood circulation, serve as deficiency of vessels of steel. Are used for the prevention and treatment at all stages varicose veins feet, until the appearance of trophic ulcers. Mesh should be used constantly, it is different density models. Are made even socks with with crystals of horse.

Treat varicose veins of the feet of the women and the laser (when the internal expansion of the veins), and pneumatic massager, and infestation of leeches.

How to deal with varicose veins

At home vein effective treatment during the early stages of varicose veins, when the vessels, you can restore, and to stop the disease.

To learn how to treat varicose veins in the legs of women, let us turn to the recipes herbalists.

  • Gadgets of the apple and the absinthe. The grass is the yogurt is produced in a state of paste, apples is poured for 3 hours in boiling water, combine with the absinthe. The mixture is applied to the bandage, the gauze is slapped varicose veins phase.
  • The decoction of nettles. 20 g of fresh young nettle crushed, pour a glass of boiled water. After an hour, strain, drink 3 times a day.
  • Garlic ointment. Grated garlic connects it with the butter, in the proportion of 1:2. The ointment is applied on the skin before going to sleep, breakfast is served in parchment, wrapped. On the morning of the uterus.
  • Appliques from burdock. Leaves of burdock-pre-heat a little, with the hot kettle, involves the feet on the seats varicose veins, to secure bandages, sleep for the whole night. In the third procedure come substantial improvements in welfare, the vessels acquire tone.
  • Liquor of nutmeg. 100 g of powder of the walnut to fall asleep half-litre bottle of vodka. Leave for 10 days, periodically shaking. Take a teaspoon 3 times a day, half an hour before a meal. The disease back down through a couple of months.
  • Tincture of Kalanchoe. Fresh leaves of Kalanchoe put in bank, crushed, to fill half the capacity. Add vodka to the edges. A week later, drain. The resulting infusion to deal with one leg of each day during the month.
  • The infusion of the nuts. The skin and the bite kernel nuts put in a flask of 3 l, the other half banks pour the vodka or alcohol. After a month of cognac, you can deal with. Also take it to within a teaspoon 3 times a day.

In addition to herbs for the strengthening of the vascular wall and treatment varicose veins legs are used with success and everyday some products.

Apple cider vinegar has external and internal application. In the first case, it is recommended to rub vinegar in the place of manifestation of varicose veins 2 times a day, apply compresses, do baths for the feet. Oral 30 ml of vinegar mixed with half a teaspoon of honey, drink on an empty stomach, morning and evening.

Also worth trying out lotions to the surface of the blood vessels from fresh potatoes, beet kvass, honey compresses of tea from the aerial part of the carrot.

The treatment of varicose veins folk means you can enter the complex of therapeutic measures. But replacing the surgery when significant damage of the blood vessels is not able to.

Shoots him in the leg, enters the heart

That is dangerous varicose veins of the feet, its complications. If you do not pay proper attention to the disease and do not prevent it from development, it can turn into a thrombophlebitis, thromboembolism, trophic ulcer, and hemorrhage of the blood vessels.

Ulcers that appear in the lower part of the leg, begin with the irritation and eczema. When the execution of ulceration occurs blood poisoning, gangrene. Even if the case before the amputation does not arrive, the full recovery is not possible.

Thrombophlebitis dangerous cliff of a clot of blood and the shedding of its blood in the lungs or heart. It is a complication will lead to life-threatening.

Rupture of vienna, can cause large losses of blood. The effect on varicose veins legs to the heart is no exaggeration. After all, as a result of a hemodynamic, occurs the sedimentation of blood, suffers throughout the cardiovascular system, the load on the heart increases. Occurs the risk of heart failure, a cerebral vascular accident.

Fortunately, the women in even more detail men relate to their health, so the complications of varicose veins if it is in extreme cases.

Prevention of expansion of blood vessels

prevention varicose veins

With varicose veins the feet of a woman living a full active life. Important – to avoid the development of the disease:

  1. Will have to abandon the close and the fashion of shoes with high heels, checked clothes;
  2. Control the posture in the sitting position, so that the feet were not over each other;
  3. Get rid of the excess weight, move more – swim, run, walk;
  4. Do not lift the gravity more than 6 kg;
  5. During the prolonged stay in the legs of walking with the heel to toe, stimulating the microcirculation of the blood;
  6. At night, lying in bed, place under your feet pillow, let them some time "on top", will recover the blood circulation;
  7. Avoid hot baths and steam baths, the high temperature expands the blood vessels;
  8. Drink at least 2 liters of drinking water per day;
  9. Keep track of your vessels, to receive hormonal contraception;
  10. Get rid of bad habits of smoking and alcohol consumption;
  11. Regularly using mesh compression to support the vessels;
  12. Use venotonic gels, folk remedies for friction and compression.

Beautiful legs, healthy feet. For women, these concepts are synonymous. In his power to renew their youth and attractiveness to prevent varicose veins of the feet, take care of their vessels, and they will undermine the warchief by helping!