Varicose veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment.

Good day, readers! Varicose veins in the legs — the disease unpleasant, ugly and dangerous. In the later stages, possible complications that can lead to tragic consequences about this I will write in this article. Also read about what are the symptoms of varicose veins and how to treat it.

In healthy individuals veins the blood rise, the heart. And for that she could not flow down, under the action of gravity, the veins are valves, which will not let you do that. When the varicose expansion of the veins occurs, valve insufficiency, valve and can restrict the flow of blood. Because of that you can be congestion of blood, clots of blood, the vessels lose their elasticity, expand, appear venous of us.

Varicose veins: the causes of the occurrence.

varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins two times more likely to occur in women than in men. This occurs for a number of reasons: the reception of hormonal contraceptives, frequent, to wear high heels, hormonal adjustments in puberty, pregnancy, menopause.

The main reason why it develops varicose veins, relate to:

  1. Hereditary predisposition. Many people who suffer from varicose veins, there is a genetic predisposition to weak blood, defective venous valves. In this case, the varicose veins can develop without more reasons for young, healthy people. Early prevention of varicose veins to such people moderate physical activity. Very good strengthens the blood vessels swimming, athletics, and also, necessarily, need to eat correctly. Oily, harmful food, poor in fiber, will only aggravate the state of the blood vessels.
  2. Small physical activity or standing " work. If the person works in an office most of the time goes sitting or, on the contrary, thank you very much to stand, then the people will enter into a zone of risk for the development of varicose veins. To sedentary work, necessarily, need to periodically perform, at least, walk around a bit. At home do the loading at the end-of-the-week visit the swimming pool or gym.
  3. The excess of weight. If the person is overweight, then the workload for the blood vessels increases, and can develop varicose veins. From my practice of work with people who lose weight, more than 70%, was varicose veins in the legs.
  4. Hormonal adjustment. About what I said above. Many women, varicose veins occur during pregnancy, especially in the recent life cycle, when the circulation of blood in the lower limbs is broken because of this, the child puts pressure on the pelvic organs. In some cases, varicose veins passes after the birth alone, if it was in the initial phase.
  5. Greater age. With age, the walls of the blood vessels in the antarctic, which results in varicose veins, as well as the excess pressure.
  6. A healthy life-style. This can include smoking, that evil that affects all the vessels in the body, alcohol disturbs the metabolism, unhealthy, fat, food, junk food leads to atherosclerosis, thrombosis, excess pressure, excess weight, and the varizesy expansion of the veins.
  7. The reception of hormonal contraceptives.
  8. Foot injury.

Varicose veins of the lower extremities: the symptoms and signs

In the early stages of the development of varicose veins, person experiences a feeling of heaviness in the legs, in the zone of the ankles and calves appear swollen (especially at night), the feet quickly get tired and hurt.

Many people at this point believe that it's all due to too much work, without knowing about the onset of the disease.

A little later, in the feet appear varicose veins. Vienna can swell up in the legs palpation of the seal, which indicates the stagnation of blood in the vessels.

Another symptom of varicose veins are leg cramps, which usually occur at night.

You can also feel a burning sensation in the legs, feet becomes hot.

The most obvious sign of that, extended, thick vienna, which may well be seen through the skin, dark spots, nodules on the legs.

In later stages the legs can appear trophic ulcer, the skin acquires a darker color.

the treatment of varicose veins

Important! Varicose veins will not pass by itself. The disease will progress, if you do not take any action. When they are detected the first symptoms and in need of a return to your doctor so that he appointed the appropriate treatment.

Cast varicose veins will get more symptoms and they will be more brilliant than the express. Also in the later stages of the trophic ulcer can enter in gangrene, which will lead to amputation. Still varicose veins is dangerous because the legs were formed blood clots that can break off and obstruct any boat that will take fatal.

Preventing varicose veins when an addiction to it.

If You have a hereditary predisposition to varicose veins or You are working very hard, very firm, or, on the contrary, little moves, it is necessary to follow the rules, written below.

  • Women need to choose a footwear. The footwear should not be too narrow, and should also not be in high heels for a daily use.
  • Is wearing a mesh compression.
  • When the duty to sit in the same place, try periodically to act, to change the position of the body, easy to do exercises.
  • It's good to take a bath of contrast.
  • Need to stop smoking, in order to improve the state of all the vessels of the body.
  • Make regular charging, during the summer, bike riding, going to the swimming pool, more walking the walk.

Varicose veins in the legs: the treatment

Varicose veins treat various methods:

  • conservative treatment
  • sclerotherapy
  • laser treatment
  • surgical intervention

Most of these techniques you need to add a balanced diet, physical therapy, curative gymnastics.

The conservative treatment.

The conservative treatment is assigned at the initial stage of the disease. More often than prescribed medicines for varicose veins. Its primary action — the increase of smooth muscle in the walls of blood vessels. When you do this, it improves the circulation of the blood, the veins become more elastic.

Remember that with varicose veins is not possible to get a tan, go to the steam room and take a hot shower.


If the puncture is still not heavily defended, so this method can use in addition to tablets and ointments. Its essence lies in the fact that in a vein in the leg syringe is introduced a special substance, which marks a vein. The wall of this vienna stay together, the blood no longer circulates. It is only required 6 sessions sclerotherapy for vienna completely gone.

After this procedure, the foot wrap. For the effect was better need to wear compression stockings. In addition to this technique is that, on your feet does not leave scars in vienna "exit". Do this procedure under general anesthesia. There are counter-indications to sclerotherapy.

Laser treatment varicose veins

Use this method to achieve the cosmetic effect and for the removal of the veins. The flash of the laser of glue from the wall of the vein and vienna disappears from the field of view. An effective method, but expensive.

The removal of the vein surgically

These operations are doing in cases when the conservative treatment does not give results, because the disease is very run. In this case, the doctor removes the patient from a vein, the blood begins to circulate in healthy veins.

Popular forms of treatment for varicose veins feet

An effective popular forms of treatment for varicose veins is a tincture Kalanchoe. To do this kind of dye rinse the leaves Kalanchoe, and place the pot in a 1 l. Fill a can of Kalanchoe half. These sheets, fill with 70% alcohol, close the lid and place it in a dark place. Insist on a period of two weeks. This dye lubricate the feet every day before going to bed. Do not forget before you apply FSBOla thief dye. Quickly relieves the pain. The duration of the application depends on the negligence of the disease, may be several months.

prevention varicose veins

Dye color of brown. Take 50 gr. colors, fill with 0, 5 litre of alcohol and let it sit for two weeks. When you do this, every day, stir the contents of one vial (or bottle). Coe and ready to dye and eat within 1 St. l. 3 times a day before meals. Course of treatment 1 week, after that you need to take a break. If necessary, repeat, not before 2 weeks.

Herbal macerated nettle. The dried leaves of stinging nettle (50 gr.) fill in with 0,5 liters of boiling water. Best to do it in a thermos. Let it rest for about 30 minutes, strain and drink three times a day, an hour after the meal. A reception drink about 70 ml of the dye.

The compress with potatoes. A little raw potatoes grate and smear this with mashed foot. Tie to be comfortable to walk on. Keep your feet about 4 hours, by this time of pain must pass.

Write in the comments how You treat varicose veins and what are the ways best help You.