Varicose veins

Varicose veins — this is an aesthetic problem that bothers many women, because of the foot, you receive the expressed venous grid. This disease not only makes your feet ugly, but causes many disorders, always bothering the patient.

varicose veins are veins

It is important to understand that, in execution, so the disease can cause serious complications, so the treatment of varicose veins should begin in the early stages of the disease. Timely and appropriate therapy will help prevent surgery and to decrease the manifestations of the disease.


Varicose veins is a chronic disease that, when varicose veins increase in size, become deformed, in the tissue, disturbed blood exchange. As a consequence, there appear nodes under the skin, and is also visible venous mesh, and the blue of the star. Generally varicose veins occur in the lower limbs, but, sometimes, the disease reaches and internal organs.

Vessels arranged in a special way, they have valves, which leave pass the blood up, it is necessary that it normally flowed and did not stagnate. If the valves, for any reason, stop working normally, the blood leaves the normal exit, the vessels dilate and are being extended.

Types of

Varicose veins divided into several types, depending on where it was identified pathology:

  • Varicose veins of the lower limbs is considered to be the most common form of the disease. She expressed symptoms and personal hygiene of defects, therefore, the diagnosis is often not easy. At the time it already developed efficient scheme of treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs.
  • Varicose veins of the uterus. This pathology is quite rare, can cause such factors as abortion, the hormonal adjustment during pregnancy, or to receive hormonal contraceptives, the malfunction of the valves of the veins in the ovaries. The symptoms are usually similar to other gynaecological problems, so as to quickly diagnose varicose veins of the uterus seldom as possible. This pathology can cause strong pains, especially in the period of menstruation, and later infertility, therefore, needs to be treated necessarily.
  • Varicose veins of the esophagus. This pathology develops usually as a complication when heart failure, problems with the liver, your spleen, and other diseases, unless the disease is congenital. This form of the varicose veins is very dangerous, and almost 50% of cases can result in lethal. The fact is that the first time varicose veins of the esophagus becomes asymptomatic and there is to know dramatically, severe headaches, and bleeding is more common in patients with cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Varicose veins pelvic. This varicose veins is considered a very rare disease and little studied, therefore, when the diagnosis is many times a difficulty. The disease is generally accompanied by pain while urinating, when a sexual act. Can increase of vienna, in the region of the groin and thighs, which is not always manifest. Due to such a greased symptomatology of patients usually go to a gynecologist or a urologist, who may not immediately realize the problems with the shafts and the treatment of other diseases.
  • Varicocele. This pathology affects exclusively men, when this varicose veins occur in the veins of seed cord, which lies between the testicles. More often the disease suffer from the boys, sometimes it gets in the born, reason delivered by the inheritance problems with the valves of the blood vessels. Many times, the varicocele escapes totally asymptomatic and passes a certain age, the patient may not know anything about it. In other cases, they appear to pull pain in the region of the testicles, then the man is obliged to report the symptoms to a doctor.
the causes of varicose veins

The location of the veins share the following types of varicose veins:

  • The subcutaneous;
  • Intradermal;
  • Varicose veins in the system of big and small hypodermic veins.


Reticular or cosmetic varicose veins are benign, does not cause complications and troubles, normally, young people and women. Is is noticeable the appearance of vascular network, which usually occurs because of hormonal modifications, for example, at puberty.

Reticular varicose veins is not a serious danger, but examined when it is the venous mesh is still required, because many times, the symptom says about this pathology. Also worth mentioning, that such a cosmetic problem can also deteriorate, with veins become more pronounced and gets itchy.

Exclude reticular varicose veins with the operation, the laser or the injection with a special substance, procedure call, the hardening of the foam. In the early stages to get rid of cosmetic defect can be with the help of exercises, massage and medication, but the best thing is to visit a doctor.


There are a number of reasons, which can cause varicose veins of the lower limbs:

  • If a person spends a lot of time in the standing position, especially in high-heeled shoes.
  • The women in the pregnancy period are more susceptible to varicose veins, as well as the pressure spikes on the legs.
  • People with increased weight and obesity often also suffer from varicose veins.
  • When used tugix socks, they can tighten of vienna.
  • The genetic predisposition can become the cause of the disease, in the case of varicose veins occurs already in childhood, whether in the body act the negative factors, causing.
  • Varicose veins of the lower limbs, often becomes the companion of people who lead a sedentary life and working behind a computer. When this work legs are all the time in the folded position, not robs them of the movement, occurs a violation of circulation.
  • If a person is constantly experiencing stress, the walls of the blood vessels spazmiruyutsya, interrupted the circulation of the blood and occurs varicose veins.
  • With the constant use of alcohol and tobacco also occurs spasm of the blood vessels.
  • Cause the disease can obstacles, which do not give the blood to pass through, this can be blood clots or tumors. In pregnant the growing uterus may tighten the blood vessels.
  • Hormonal adaptation, especially for women, are often the cause of varicose veins, disease of the lower limbs. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause occur jumps of the female hormones, the vessels dilate.

It is important to realize that almost all of the causes of varicose veins can be avoided, if you keep a correct way of life, because, rst, they depend on the patient's own. Is that with hereditary predisposition difficult fight, but this pathology is quite rare, and you can win, if educating the child in a healthy environment.

The symptoms

The disease usually occurs in several steps, which are accompanied by the characteristic symptoms:

the symptoms of varicose veins
  • In the first phase the patient does not see any of the external manifestations of the varicose veins, but will annoy pain in the legs, fatigue, swelling, night. Usually, the symptoms appear after a day of work, especially if the patient is on their feet. When you walk, jump legs will appear to be less hardy. Many women point out that a few years ago, they could spend hours walking in high heels, and now the feet are tired for a couple of hours. All these signs indicate that the problem is there and with it the need to start the fight now.
  • In the next phase for the above-described symptoms are added convulsions that bother you mainly during the night, they associated with the disturbance of the circulatory and muscle spasm. Also start to appear all the well-known varicose veins, at this point, pale and visible is not very much.
  • The third stage is characterized by a more pronounced pain, severe edema. The feet may swell to such an extent that it becomes difficult to enter in a old shoes, the patient has to choose a new pair, since it seems that the feet have increased. Varicose veins becoming bright, appear expressed in the we and the seals of the feet.
  • The fourth phase is the more recent, is characterized by intense pain, a clear violation of blood circulation, the skin becomes pale and dry, and vienna, very the bulge. If you accidentally injure a vein, it will burst, and in the location of a node is formed ulcer. The last stage of varicose veins can get in to serious complications, so hold on to it, it's not worth unequivocally.

For the prediction of treatment has been the most positive, consult your doctor, you should already have when it is pain and unusual tiredness of the feet. In this case, the treatment of varicose veins, it will not take long, will help to massage and the physical therapy course. But if the disease has already passed the stage when it appeared vascular mesh or sites, the treatment can take a long period of time, often, the need for surgical intervention.

Who healing

Diagnoses and treats varicose veins are veins in the legs, and the doctor, who is a specialist in vein. More often than not visit the doctor in cases of pathology of the obvious, and the vascular mesh has already appeared in the skin, until now no one knows about it. And it is not in vain, as well as visit phlebologist annually must, necessarily, be the following categories of patients:

  • Pregnant women within 20 weeks, especially with large weight gain and the fact someone in the family has relatives with the same diagnosis;
  • People who work sitting or standing for a long period of time.
  • Women who spend a lot of time in high-heeled shoes;
  • People who practice sports regularly, especially professional athletes and those that raises the severity;
  • People with great excess weight;
  • People over 50 years of age, especially of the female sex;
  • People who regularly consume alcohol, smoke or use drugs;
  • People who have a genetic predisposition;
  • Patients that suffer from hormonal disorders;
  • People who like to eat greasy and spicy food;
  • Patients, who have emerged the first symptoms of varicose veins, such as tired feet, swelling at night, convulsions.

Not only is it important to visit the doctor regularly with the presence of at least one risk factor, as described above, but to choose good and experienced. After all, the disease of the veins are very specific, and to treat them you need to correctly, then it's not worth to go for the first available doctor, be sure to check the availability of your diploma and experience.

The best of all to carry out treatment of varicose veins in the clinics, which repeatedly settled. If there is such a possibility, it is necessary to seek opinions about the doctor and the clinic, talk with your friends and family members, who were able to get in touch with such a specialist. It is important to understand that timely diagnosis and treatment of an experienced professional will not only help to eliminate the life-threatening complications, but alert cosmetic defects, without resorting to surgery.


When you visit a doctor in the first place, the patient will have to answer some questions, share your grievances, remember patients if varicose veins relatives. It also plays an important role in the presence of various chronic diseases in patients, often need to visit more narrow professionals.

The doctor can clarify the type of life that leads the patient, if he is involved in sports activities, where and for whom he works. I need to be honest with the specialist, even if you admit that shame, honest answers to help identify the cause of the pathology and fix it, to not aggravate the state even stronger.

Signs of varicose veins usually are obvious, a doctor will immediately see the swelling, increasing the veins, sites easily palpation for palpation. Therefore, if you install the pre-diagnosis is possible already in the first consultation with a competent physician. To confirm the diagnosis and refinement, the phase of the disease is necessary to pass a screening. Generally, you are assigned the following studies:


the treatment workingo of varicose veins

All patients generally are interested in how to treat varicose veins, if the doctor put a diagnosis. Get rid of varicose veins in the initial phase, when the venous mesh still weak expressed, using methods conservative.


An important role in the treatment of varicose veins play drugs, which assigns a specialist. It is important to understand that self-medication can be dangerous, therefore, prescribe drugs themselves, is not possible. The dosage of each tool, the physician takes individually.

What are the drugs that use when varicose veins:

  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Such medications allow you to remove the inflammation of the vascular wall, reduce the pain;
  • Medications that improve blood circulation and normalize the tonus of the blood vessels;
  • Tools that allow to prevent the appearance of blood clots.

Outdoor tools

Exterior of tools to repair the stagnant processes in the tissues and reduce the manifestation of varicose veins in the initial phase. It is important to understand that creams and gels to be ineffective when running forms of the disease.

The therapeutic treatment

In our time, there are a series of therapeutic methods, who are able to get rid of the aesthetics of a defect in the early stage of the disease:

  • The therapy laser. The machine affect the venous mesh, heating it and causing its reduction.
  • Hydrotherapy. When the type of the procedure the affected skin with water at different temperatures, forcing the vessels to expand and contract, they become more elastic and return to its previous state.
  • Mesh compression. This method is more suitable for the prevention, as in treatment of a special effect, it does not give, but can be used in the integrated system of therapy. Use socks you need people who are prone to the appearance of varicose veins, for example, pregnant women and older women.
  • The massage helps to restore the blood circulation, it is especially effective in the early stages of the disease.

When complicated forms to prescribe the surgical treatment of varicose veins in the legs, in which is performed the operation of re-establishment of blood circulation. If there is a need, remove the blood clots and inflamed vessels, and replacing them with prosthesis.