Varicose veins

Varicose veins (varicose veins) is a chronic disease, in which vienna is reimbursable expand the node, which occurs simultaneously with a rupture in the process of blood outflow and with the stagnation in the context of the venous system. Varicose veins, the symptoms that develop in accordance with the impact of a number of causes and predisposing, manifests itself in the form of development characteristic big bosses, winding and thick veins, reaches the lower limbs, because it is about this area of injury and will be discussed in our today's article.

General description

varicose veins are veins

Varicose veins – a phenomenon quite common. Thus, according to different data, one can highlight the average proportion of frequency of occurrence of this disease in accordance with the sexual identity. Thus, about 89% with varicose veins feet by women, and about 66% are male, the indicators particularly relevant for developed countries. In the context of a large-scale study, held in the city of Edinburgh, in 1999, it was revealed that the varicose veins is important for women of 40% and 32% for men. Based on the research of Moscow, in 2004, discovered that the chronic diseases with the defeat of the vein the area of the lower limbs is important to 50% of men and 67% of women. About a similar picture was obtained through research on the peninsula of Kamchatka, a few years later. What is remarkable, in recent years, more and more we are considering the pathology is diagnosed among school-age children.

In addition to the already seen player predisposition of women to the development of varicose veins of the lower limbs, it is also possible to add and that the age also acts as a special factor. So, after 45 years of getting varicose veins are significantly more prone to, although, again, in more of lesser age, is to eliminate the disease, unfortunately, is also not required.

Varicose veins of the feet: how develops this disease

In particular, at this point we are familiar with the characteristics of that mechanism, which sets a basis for the development of varicose veins. As the trigger is considered a violation of proper work on the part of the venous valves when the return of blood pressure, it is defined as the reflux. In the context of the cellular level is the result of a violation of the serum physiological imbalances arising between the collagen, elastic fibers in the venous wall and the muscle cells.

The initial phase subject to the availability of risk factors at the genetic level, as well as the impact of factors stimulants (such as that of one of them, for example, you can indicate a long stay in the upright position and t. d.) characterized by the fact that decreases the current of venous blood. This comes with, and change this parameter like shear-stress, which entails a collection of a series of indicators relevant to the movement of a vessel of blood, for this parameter, in turn, reacts with the endothelium. Remember that, in general, to determine the endothelium is a layer-by-layer flat base of the type of cells mezenhimnogo of origin, through which they are assured htelanie inner surface of lymphatic and blood vessels, as well as of the cavities of the heart. The reaction of the cells of the endothelium occurs in all the changes, a result which starts the corresponding mechanism of reaction, it is called "lenocitary rolling."

At the moment not fully exploited the characteristics of the interaction of white blood cells, from five hundred persons to the endothelium, however, we know that they are like that "rolling" along its surface. During the prolonged action induced by the factor is durable enough to fix them to the cells of the endothelium, which is the basis for the activation of the inflammatory process. This process extends through venous the mainstream of the lower limbs, causing, thus, a dysfunction of endothelial cells, gradually venous wall exposed to defeat already in their whole thickness. Especially fast this process is carried out in conditions of venous valves, they are characterized by extreme susceptibility impact on them mechanical loads.

Initially, the defeat of a are exactly those of the valves, which are the largest in the machine load. It is abnormal ejection of blood in this case, is made through the mouth large and small hypodermic veins, in some variants of a disease process is accomplished through a large size of vienna. Due to be displayed in the area of the surface of the veins of excess blood volume, the venous wall gradually begins to be subjected to pererastthe organizing Committee. As a result of the blood, contained within an environment of venous thrombosis superficial the bed, in the total amount starts to accumulate, and then, in the increase in its entirety, continues to drain blood through the large vein in the deep system with the development in the midst of such exposure pererastagenia. This, in turn, causes the development of swelling in the large veins (that is, the extension), along with failure valvular.

After doing this work the venous muscle pump accompanied by dropping pieces of blood in the subcutaneous to the network, that happens through lost corresponding to the consistency of large veins. This leads to the appearance of the so-called "horizontal flow", through education which, in turn, decreases the ejection fraction at the time of the systole of the venous muscle pump (the true one with the process of ejection at a given point of the blood in the aorta when the status of the muscle of the heart when palpitation). On the surface of the bed when this occurs, you receive an additional amount of blood. In the middle of the listed processes the efficiency of the venous muscle pump is lost.

causes of varicose veins

In the future, develops dynamic venous hypertension, the walk is accompanied by a reduction in pressure up to such numbers, that allow to ensure an adequate level of perfusion (here is the step-by-step) of blood through the tissue. This image is during the pathological illness, because due to this, he develops chronic venous insufficiency in the form of revelation. Accompanied by her initially, the emergence of swelling, and then in the hypodermis are beginning to fall elements of blood, such as leukocytes and erythrocytes, which leads to hyperpigmentation. Save the most relevant fraud withtAza blood and microcirculation, as well as the depth and causes death of the skin and consequent formation of tрофичewithкой ulcers.

Varicose veins: causes

Any of the diseases traditionally considers its accompanied by the release of the reasons and factors that act as stimulants, and varicose veins, certainly, the exception to this point is not. Heredity, as well as the contribution that it makes to the development of this disease, at the time, exclusively by professionals does not stand out. It is well known that some families for several generations may have to face this disease, however, at the time agreed to consider that, as factors prevailing in the development of the disease, the characteristics of the food, hormonal and life style of the patients.

As one of the main factors, such as, for example, is considered to be obesity.In addition, the increase in the frequency of development of diseases such as varicose veins, increases proportionally with the increase of the patient that the degree of severity specified factor, that is, when increases, the degree of obesity. It is often enough as attendant obesity factors is considered to be a sedentary lifestyle, withочetающийwithя with improper power supply (or in question, without communicating with it). In addition, industrialised countries are now characterized by the predominance in the diet of the population of products with a high degree of refining, which, however, doesn't always match enough for consumption of vegetable fibers. Exactly vegetable fibres, contained in raw fruits and vegetables provide the enough degree of to strengthen vessel walls. Simultaneously, with your help, it is provided an exception in the level of the processes, this type of problem, such as the development of chronic constipation, which is precisely the constipation is one of the main reasons to increase the intra-abdominal pressure and the development of varicose veins, the disease in this context.

Characteristics of the organization of the work process also play an important role in the development of varicose veins. Given the fact that the greater part of our time passes in the classroom from a particular position (sitting or standing, which results in pieces of professional activity, for example), there is the sense of highlighting the relevance of the negative impact exerted by this account, in a device of the veins. Not less unfavorable background for the development of the disease in question is serious the work activity, in the context of which the load is held in outbreaks (for example, the activities associated with the lifting of the weight), which is also detrimental to the lower limbs. It should also be noted that it is not less paper is assigned to the exposure apparatus of veins and with the frequent level crossings and travel, because they are also associated with the development of stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs, which, consequently, increases the risk of emergence of venous pathology.

Further, we must highlight the role of items of the wardrobe in the development of varicose veins. Thus, for example, according to the fashion trends for few people have to think about the kind of damage it can cause undergarment. Not totally, true, normal, and narrow, and its role is particularly for the purpose in vienna, in the region of the folds. Wearing corsets causes increased intra-abdominal pressure, which, respectively, determines the relevance of recommendations of the permanent inadmissibility wearing them. And, finally, the shoes. In the context of the examination of varicose veins it is important to consider that the high-heeled shoes be harmful because of their charges, such as damaging and shoes, invites uncomfortable withупинаtora.

Pregnancy, how to pregnancy again, it is also seen as a proven risk factor for the later development of venous pathology. Due to the increase of the uterus to improve the subject's intra-abdominal pressure, due to the effect of the progesterone hormone potential negative impact on the area of the wall of the vein, in which occurs the destruction of elastic and collagen fibers.

varicose veins

In the backdrop of certain diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, and PR.), in a similar way to pregnancy, you can vary the hormonal state of the patient, causing the risk of development of varicose veins, the disease also increases. In addition it should also be noted that the presence of chronic diseases of the liver, is also considered as a factor PRedраwithполагающeго to the development of varicose veins. These disease refers to cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis, and PR.

When considering the reasons that cause varicose veins, wanting to go back and highlight the construction features of the veins in the region of the lower limbs, although in some contrast, the variant we have already seen how works the mechanism that causes the development of this disease.

Thus, there are several systems of veins of the system the superficial veins of small and large subcutaneous vienna, and in this group, the system of the deep veins with members of the deep veins of the thigh and leg, and also large veins that allow communication between the superficial and deep veins. At appropriate operating conditions of a turnover in the area of the toe is ensured through a system of deep veins (90%) and through a system of veins which are superficial (respectively, 10%). Software blood movement in the direction of the heart, and not in the opposite direction that rate, it occurs due to the action of the valves, concentrated in the walls of the veins. Good paper is reserved and characteristics of contraction of the muscle, through which is also suitable from the bloodstream. Worst of all, the promotion of the blood occurs when withtоячeм position, with a companion, insufficient, or even excluded from the movement of the muscles and their reduction. In this case, occurs stagnation of blood, the pressure in the veins increases, because of what is happening to your extension. All this leads to a deficiency of the valve of the device, as well as the partial close folds of the valve, because of which the blood of wrong moves from your own heart.

Especially quickly defeat are refundable valves in the scope of the system of the deep veins, because is to account for the majority of the load. Because of the anomalous process of blood deep of vienna, restart via the extra volume of blood. To achieve a reduction in excessive pressure occurs a redefinition of blood on the surface of vienna, which is supplied by means of attracting to the process of communionttion veins. The surface of vienna, this schema are not, that they spent significant volumes of blood. For this reason, the walls reach the state pererastagenia, what happens with the education of the varices of us. However, due to the fact that a larger volume of blood also continues to move in the direction of the deep veins, develops valve insufficiency communionttion vein, in which it occurs horizontal the bloodstream as the most profound and the superficial blood vessels. Eventually, in the midst of the processes listed venous insufficiency becomes chronic, withоPRovogdаяwithь also previously marked otekamu, contributes to pain and tрофичewithкими pests.