Mesh compression when varicose veins

If the venous system diagnosed disorder, you must know what contributes to the mesh compression when varicose veins, what is the best dress up and how it can help when the integrated treatment of diseases of the veins and blood vessels of the feet. Therapeutic mesh acts as a good tool, that allows you to complement the correction for the therapy of diseases, when the patient's state is changing for the better.

varicose veins

Therapeutic mesh acts as a good tool, that allows you to complement the correction for the therapy of diseases, when the patient's state is changing for the better.

Expansion of the blood vessels and the appearance of blue bands in the lower limbs occur due to the stagnation of the blood as a result of failures in the operation of the valves. If the varicose extension is not treated, it may result in undesirable effects that can lead to a surgical intervention.

It is often the disease occurs in women during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and during reception of a hormonal of the funds, when the excess of body weight, you have problems with the blood vessels, genetic predisposition to this disease. Mesh compression (socks, gloves, pants and socks-pants, socks and belts) when varicose veins is used in conjunction with the complex treatment of the disease. Your use very few contraindications, can be used as a bed.

The mechanism of impact

The action, which produces therapeutic clothing, is the pressure of different intensities in different areas of the feet. More of a strong pressure traditionally occurs in the lower part of the limb (ankle). This is because, for the withdrawal of blood from this point, you should make the maximum effort. To raise the load becomes smaller and is already in the hips is only 40%. Meshes compression mobile reflux of the blood and helps to prevent the stagnation pressure in the vein. This compression contributes to the normalization of blood circulation. Health bed is assigned to:

  • reduce the load on the feet.
  • eliminate the symptoms of varicose veins;
  • reduction of varicose veins;
  • the normalization of the blood circulation;
  • prevent the occurrence of blood clots;
  • support of the body during the transport of the child;
  • improve the effectiveness of sports exercises;
  • integrated for the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Is the main problem, which require the therapeutic application of knitted fabrics. But in the compression of the surface of the feet need not only people with diseases of the veins. Such tools can be used for slimming, to remove the excess fluid, and soften the folds of fat. Such devices, doctors advise to apply in the first hour after birth, as they help prevent the main complications (tilting of the uterus, the loss of the walls of the vagina). The support of a system abdominal muscle, which is out of order during pregnancy.

As for the sport, meshes compression helps to achieve great results, with the smallest energy expenditure of the body. As well as it contributes to increase the integrity, the man more slow tires and can achieve the best results. This goes for both the male and female body. Contraindications to the use of such products:

  • atherosclerotic disease and other types of violations in the work of the arteries;
  • the presence of pressure ulcers and ulcers;
  • dermatitis (regardless of the reason).

The compression classes and types of lingerie

Doctor underwear is inherent to the compression is measured in millimeters of hg columns (such as pressure). Outfit of the varicose veins is divided into the following types:

  1. Preventive, which is able to provide the mechanical distribution of pressure in a mild (up to 18 mm. hg. St.). Is attributed in large measure to the prevention of people who work standing or sitting, play sports, and pregnant women.
  2. Therapeutic. It has higher levels of pressure (about 49 mm. hg. St.). The most that acts in the zone of the ankles.
  3. Hospital. Done maximum support vessels and protection against the occurrence of thrombosis, can be used after the birth for support of the pelvic organs.
the treatment of varicose veins

Health mesh compression is missing in the free market. It is assigned only by prescription. Buy-in special salons that sell orthopedic products. Medical knitted compression is divided into the following classes of pressure:

  1. The first-class. The compression reaches 23 mm. hg. St. to use it, you can help people the varicose expansion of the veins in the initial phase, when only appear the first signs of asterisks of the vessels, the increased size of veins, the pain at night.
  2. The second class. The pressure reaches 33 mm. hg. St. it is Assigned when the therapy thrombophlebitis and diseases of the veins of medium severity level.
  3. The third class. Is clothing generates a compression of up to 45 mm. hg. St. Product are assigned to venous insufficiency is severe, which is accompanied by disturbances trophic.
  4. The fourth class. In such products the pressure reaches 50 mm. hg. St. They are used to reduce disturbances in the blood, eliminate edema, which causes the disease.

Preventive of knitwear and lingerie first-class, you can choose and buy the same, and wearing the products of other classes, assigns the doctor. He will give you advice, tell you how to use it properly and what type of care to be implemented.

How to choose the therapeutic clothing?

Range of products is broad, and, when you choose the product for yourself, you can if you lose, then you need to know the principles for the choice. Health mesh compression, regardless of its kind, is designed to prevent the appearance of varicose veins or eliminate your symptoms. With this, you can handle socks and tights. The difference is in the length: - protected areas for the German up to the knee, the stockings reach the top of the stage of the hip, and pants end at the waist. Location of the main manifestations of the disease affects the choice of the product.

If increased of vienna, in the neighbourhood the shins, you can use socks. And if the punch is increased above, you can buy socks or stockings. In such circumstances, each one chooses what pleases you the most. Socks and tights with therapeutic impact for women may be decorated with patterns, or be transparent. Lingerie for men made from the mesh fabric. Regardless of the company or the brand, all products that perform the same compression. Their differences are the design, the duration of use, and price.

No need to save in such means, buy them with your hands or in places that are dubious. In the labelling does not indicate the density and the compression intensity (mm. hg. St.). If you offer a therapeutic bed with indication of the number of den, that it is better to give up, because the therapeutic effect of their size is impossible to achieve with the Hope of positive results, may start the disease. Then, she will enter in a more complex format. Remember that to assign the degree of compression impossible.

Necessary you therapeutic class clothes gives the doctor after the study of the veins and blood vessels.

Types of compression products

As well as the range of products is wide, you need to know what types of such means are necessary:

  1. Socks. Are one of the most sought after models of treatment of knitted fabrics. Among them there are those that apply to women in the period of the carriage by the child. They stretch does not produce a compression in the belly area. You need to choose a template for the top ends with you on the waist, so you can achieve the maximum effect (pressure fits in all locations, lower limbs evenly).
  2. Socks. Its effectiveness is the same, but the characteristic is that they do not loosen and do not press on the stomach, so some women give them the preference. Another advantage of this model is that they can be used in the summer (some types are manufactured with open socks).
  3. Socks, gaiters. This model is more suitable for men. When a stylish design, you can not even hide that outfit under the pants. Socks combine well with the sports style of clothing. But should remember to use them is only possible if the varicose veins do not spread to the stage above the knee. If the puncture the bulge on the thighs, we need stockings or socks.
  4. ELAStMATIC bandage. This type of compression clothing, that loses the convenience of use before the other options. - Long enough coil, it is not too tight and can slide. For active people it is the tool is not suitable. Often use in the postoperative period. An advantage is its low cost.

Take care of these products is that in the manual for cleaning without push-ups, erase need in cold water, use tools for the delicate wash, and powder should not be. Also can not be dried in the sun and near the battery.

the clothes the varicose veins

In addition to the use of different medications for the treatment and prevention of varicose veins, experts recommend that, wearing a compression garment. He brings substantial benefits in the treatment of diseases, contributes to the escape of blood, performs the normalization of the work of the veins and blood vessels. Improves blood circulation, reducing swelling, they feel pain. But to assign this outfit the same, it's not worth — it is best to consult a physician to choose the appropriate option.