What are the types of capacity of the varicose veins and as your choice?

Varicose veins in the early stages of the treaty therapeutic methods that include the reception of medicines and step by step physical therapy. Occupies a special place compression therapy – physician requirement is prescribed for the patient wearing a special outfit, which has beneficial effects on the state of the veins. There are several types, but among women the most popular are compression stockings.

socks against varicose veins

Regular them wearing a positive effect on the health of the patient – they not only help to relieve the symptoms of the disease, but also contribute to the complete recovery. The price of a half of varicose veins in the legs are quite high, but orthopedic outfit are not worth saving. Only the quality of the product will give a quick positive effect.

Compression stockings – medical textiles, providing a uniform distribution of pressure on the feet, which leads to normalization of vessel flow.

40 % of women are faced with this problem as varicose veins. The most common cause of its occurrence becomes the pregnancy, when the body happens in the real world hormonal restructuring and increases the pressure on the legs. And if for the men it is more convenient to German against varicose veins, women give preference to socks.

Orthopedic socks for varicose veins are different the following advantages:

  • The compression effect is distributed not only over the leg, but and hip.
  • The variety of fabrics and colors, allowing you to use the product under skirts and dresses.
  • Socks against varicose veins for pregnant women – the best option, because these products, unlike tights, do not squeeze the belly.
  • The absence of seams provides maximum comfort and ease of use.
  • The complete absence of counter-indications do treatment varicose veins safe.

The only downside may become a high price in the orthoses of the stocking. The highest cost has no clothes, designed for daily use.

Choose the clothes against varicose veins, it is worth carefully. The effect of treatment can occur only when correctly selected rate of stocking and the degree of compression.

The effect of therapeutic compression stocking

Varicose veins are most often is formed on the surface of the muscles of the legs. It is a condition characterized swelling peripheral vein and the weakened venous wall. The disease in the execution of the stages can lead to serious consequences, once stopped the circulation of the blood – the blood can't in "normal mode" to move up to the heart.

Stretched vessels come into contact with the skin, and with the development of the disease become evident blued "nodules" on their feet. The thicker blood of the vein, that they are more visible on the surface of the skin.

To normalize the movement of blood by the venous system, the need to ensure, on the entire surface of the feet properly distributed pressure. For this what is the therapeutic socks when the varicose expansion of the veins. In each sector of the lower limbs, they create a pressure of variable intensity. The greater the compression is celebrated in the bottom of the ankle, because it is here that you need more force to "raise" the blood up. In the ankle, in the upper part has already 70 % tied to the clothes pressure, and on the thigh, with 40 %.

Orthopedics outfit compresses the vein, thus causing the stagnant blood move through the veins. Standard the flow of blood moves freely to the heart.

Men and women orthopedic elastic stockings have integrated the action to the state of a patient diagnosed with varicose veins:

  • The vessels to constrict, which contributes to the normalization of the working valve of the engine. The result disappears, the blue gauze of the veins in the legs and significantly reduces the risk of formation of thrombosis.
  • Capillaries better suck the extracellular fluid, which leads to the removal of edema, even when heavy physical activities.
  • In the blood enters a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients.
the clothes against varicose veins

Comments patients confirm the positive effect of the buyer's stocking. And the doctors insist on using compression products not only for treatment but also for prevention. The group most at risk are men and women after 40 years old and pregnant women.

What are the compression socks are?

Socks for varicose veins for pregnant women and other patients are made of nylon, lycra and microfiber. The composition of the material is adjusted individually depending on the degree of compression and the purpose of orthopedic clothes. With the mind therapeutic product, is not different from the "standard" stocking. But its therapeutic effect is immeasurable!

And if you follow the rule-of-care socks, your healing, the effect remains for up to a year.

Mesh compression is divided into the following groups:

  • Preventive. The doctor prescribes the corrective socks patients in the early stages of varicose veins – when only the feet were formed, barely visible venous "stars". The products of the recommended type to use even for healthy people, to prevent the formation of thrombosis. They will be useful to representatives of those professions that require a significant load on the foot. Stockings for prevention of varicose veins, pregnant women are recommended by doctors to stabilize the normal blood flow in the dates of the transport child. It was observed that the women who used during the pregnancy period of compression of mesh, more rarely face venous diseases. Many times, the clothes used for the delivery.
  • Therapeutic. These socks are designed to be used for the execution of stages of varicose veins and in the period of aggravation of the disease – when the pain of heavy physical activity prevent you from driving the family to an active life. Buy varicose veins socks therapeutic target better skilled in beauty salons, which implement orthopedic products.
  • Hospital. Is orthopaedic bed, used by patients in a rehabilitation period after an intervention on their feet. It helps to restore the blood flow.

Each therapeutic socks have its degree of compression. This is what depends on, which is the pressure on the muscles of the legs will provide the product. The positive effect of the orthopaedic use of outfit can occur only if properly selected your class!

So, before choosing compression stockings for the varicose veins, you should consult your doctor. The expert, considering the stage of the disease, to choose the better option.

Commercially there are socks these compression classes:

  • 1 class. Compression – 18-22 mm hg. St. Product recommended for use in the initial stages of development of a pathology, when the patient observes the pain and the swelling in the legs after exercise, when they manifest the first signs of varicose veins. Observed that the usage of socks of the 1st class of compression completely removes the unpleasant symptoms. Many socks against varicose veins for pregnant women, refer exactly to this rump compression products.
  • 2 class. Compression – 23-32 mmhg. St. Meshes is recommended by doctors to patients, which can occur already significant varicose veins in the legs – if you have edema of the lower limbs and notable "gears". This class of compression suitable for use in rehabilitation period.
  • Grade 3. Compression – 33-45 mm hg. St. Socks, belonging to this group, showing the patients in the diseases of the veins difficult phases. Without using the mesh fabric it is impossible for the integrated treatment of various diseases.
  • 4 the class. Compression – 46-50 mm hg. St. Clothing used by the patients to resolve violations of the lymph flow. Socks 4 class compression shown after operations, ill, almost to the hospital treatment. Only they become the normal flow of blood when the total or partial paralysis.

Buy socks against varicose veins better after an appointment with a doctor! Only the products of the 1st class of compression can be purchased without the prescription of a specialist because they are, basically, are intended for the prevention and maintenance of the health of the feet during pregnancy.

How to choose socks against varicose veins?


Know how to choose compression stockings for the varicose veins, can achieve high efficiency of the therapeutic treatment in the short term. The main factor that is worth a browse – the degree of compression of the medicinal products. Already have consulted with a doctor and you have installed an appropriate degree bands? Now select a type of pantyhose.


  • until the middle of the thigh,
  • up to the crotch,
  • in a lightning bolt or fastener in the waist.

Product differ from each other only for a long time. Combine the appropriate outfit, considering the level of spread of the disease. If swollen vienna visible not only in the legs and back of the knees, higher ideals of socks.

Another important point that you must consider when buying medicinal half its size. And it is important to choose clothing that matches their preferences! Do not think that the product in size from less will give a better compression effect, which is stronger than the recommended only aggravate the problem stopped the flow of blood. How to choose therapeutic socks for varicose veins of the dimension line?

Arm yourself with the cm and remove the following measures:

  • Size S. the Circumference of the leg – up to 23 cm, and the circumference of caviar – 32-35 cm.
  • Size M. the Circumference of the leg up to 26 cm, and the circumference of caviar – up to 38 cm.
  • Size L. the Circumference of the leg – up to 29 cm, and the circumference of caviar – 41 cm.
  • Size XL. The circumference of the leg – up to 32 cm, and the circumference of caviar – 43 cm.

The quality and price of the stocking against varicose veins depends on a particular manufacturer. It's not worth to choose meshes "questionable" brand! Buy bed linen only from trusted manufacturers – high quality of products confirmed and testimonials from patients, and doctors ' recommendations.

Recommendations for the use of compression stocking

So how to use socks orthopaedic, says the doctor. Many professionals insist on regular treatment of clothes – only then it will give a positive effect. In this case, the blood circulation in the legs will be normalized even when heavy physical activities.

Please note that the compression socks can be correctly sauce:

  • Use the clothes immediately after waking up. From the bed to not get up.
  • The upper part of the product vest in the accordion and carefully put it in the foot.
  • Gradually the diffusion of the stocking, pull it to the end, and then at the hip.