The effect of massage in the treatment of varicose veins

Varicose veins – a serious disease in which the walls of the blood vessels begin to lose their elasticity. Because of this the person with the time, faces a strong pain of emotion, there may be complications, such as venous thrombosis. To maximize recover quickly in the bloodstream and the metabolic processes in the lower limbs, many doctors recommend to their patients, massage for varicose veins. Through such procedures get rid of the swelling, the pain and the constant feeling of fatigue in the legs.

The one that gives the massage

varicose veins

A special massage when varicose veins is an integral part of the treatment of the disease with the circulatory system. Thanks to the regular procedures you can establish the blood circulation, the metabolism of tissues, improve muscle tone, as well as to restore the functioning of the valves. The choice of any other form of massage depends on the degree of injury and its location.

Begin massage when varicose veins have with slight movements of vibration, which should increase gradually. Try to make air-compression and the impact of all intensive and intensive, so that the body was not adapting to the stress. Regular exposure helps to reduce the inflammation and pain. All of these activities help to forge the work of the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems.

Vibration movement extremely positive toll on the state of the blood vessels. Under the influence of fluctuations of the blood-vessels begin to expand, are also enabled network hidden, you also get to go to the bloodstream. This helps to increase the blood flow to the sectors of fabrics, which increases their oxygen saturation. For the purpose of the massage when varicose veins has been the most positive, it is recommended the termination of all events of hours of rest lying down.


Varicose disease of the veins is much more insidious disease. It imposes a number of severe limitations in a person's life. It is very important for massage was solely a medical specialist. It will help to prevent the development of any type of serious complications. Is also an experienced expert will assess the degree of injury, as well as the location of damaged blood motorways. In general, in the initial stages of massage for varicose veins help to stop the development of this pathology, and to improve the state of the body. If the disease is running stages, the significance of such therapeutic activities of zero.

Begin massage when you have varicose veins mild strokes, lung rubs muscle. Try not to affect the skin areas that are affected in vienna. During the procedure, the patient should relax, lie down on your back. The feet should bend the knees at an angle of 45 degrees. Massage movements begin with the easy massaging areas buttocks and thighs, rising in the shins and feet.

With time, when the patient will get used to the pain, the tingling is starting to affect the subcutaneous subcutaneous adipose. So the impact of become more intense, which speeds up the blood circulation. Remember that in the places damaged veins, it is expressly prohibited to do cutting movement. This will greatly increase the pressure in the tissues, which can occur occlusion.

Reduce the pressure in the blood vessels, to activate the metabolism and the output of venous blood for the help of a complex of massages and physical exercises. This therapy has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole organism in general.

Trying to get up on you knees, squat down, rotate. Try as you may spend more time in the air, each day that you walk a lot. Significantly improve the well-being help to several sessions of physical therapy procedures: exposure beats current or ultra-sound.

Vibration massage

Vibration massage – one of the most common procedures prescribed for the varicose expansion of the veins. Hold it may exclusively by a qualified medical professional. He needs to assess the state of the blood vessels, the degree of your injury, as well as the value of the spread of pathogens of processes. When you do this, it will evaluate how effective can be a massage. When you do this, the leather, in which are visible these extended of vienna, is not subject to any effects.

The algorithm of realization of vibration, massage extremely simple. Expert takes a special device, after the one that defines him as a force. Then, it applies your problem area and handle it. As you get used to the pressure gradually increases. With this massage you are able to improve the process of circulation, reduce swelling, in addition to strengthening the walls of blood vessels. Note that the vibration massage will benefit just in case you pass as the prevention or even therapy in the early stages of the disease.

Cupping massage

massage for varicose veins

The positive impact also due to continued reduction of muscles, which increases the elasticity of the tissues. It's not worth going into a panic when you are bruising of the surface of the body – that is absolutely normal. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before starting the therapy.

Up to the moment, to identify two forms of cupping massage: the house and the hardware. In the first case, the skin is applied a small amount of cream, after which the set warmed up seats. The second way to pass in special centers using the devices. A special device affects the epidermis, accelerates blood circulation, eliminates the stagnant phenomena. On average, the duration of the procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes. It is forbidden to put the banks on the internal surface of the thighs and knees). In the skin that cause cellulite cream to destroy the subcutaneous adipose.

Massage honey

Massage honey is one of the most ambiguous methods of treatment of varicose veins. The opinion of the experts on this method of therapy is different. Some doctors believe that the use of honey massage can nutritional guidance, metabolism in the tissues, but also the work of nerve endings. Note that this treatment is valid only in the early stages of the disease. It is expressly prohibited to carry out the massage with honey to the stages.

The essence of honey, the massage is applied natural honey on the epidermis. After that, the specialist is a massage movement in the lower limbs, working through each muscle. In areas where there is the damaged veins, they do a light pat. This speeds up the blood circulation, leaves the stagnation phenomena. However, this is only possible in the absence of wounds and eczema on the skin surface.

Underwater massage

Underwater massage – effective method of prevention and therapy of varicose veins in the early stages. For its realization you need to go in special places or even buy massager. A special device releases a powerful stream of water, which affects the epidermis. This helps to establish the metabolic processes, as well as improve the output of blood. Remember that before of such events is very important to consult your doctor.


Self-massage of the lower limbs when varicose veins can do exclusively on the early stages of the disease. If you'll hold it running, you run the risk of serious complications.

Get the massage you need sitting on the couch, in a straight line if a leg. According to the same rhythm, you must bend the knee. Pass the skin of the knee to the foot 4 to 5 times, and then go to the other leg. Carefully practice the surface of the thigh, must be carefully to probe the skin. Do this until you do not feel the pleasant heat. All the movements make alternately on different members.

Grab a chair with backrest firm, sit on it and take off your shoes. Begin to shake the legs, do the wave motion. Look for to plant and maintain in different directions – in extreme cases, points stay on for 20 seconds. After that, straighten the legs and place them on another chair, which in time will be similar to what you're sitting. Make a circular motion feet for 20 seconds on each. Also carefully pass the massage of the leg. So you will be able to get considerable energy.

With the self-massage you will be able to normalize the circulation of the blood, and also the output of the lymph. This has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole organism in general.

Try to visit regularly the doctor in order to avoid the development of complications or side effects. To minimize the risk of occurrence of negative effects, it is highly recommend you to follow the following recommendations:

  1. Before you begin the following procedures, wash hands well with soap anti-bacterial;
  2. Place the feet in a horizontal position: on the bed or sofa;
  3. Do everything that you need to slowly and gently, start from the feet to the hips – that is how the lymph that flows;
  4. Do not make any manipulation in the area of the dead of the blood vessels;
  5. At the end of the massage, lift your legs up and slide it in the position for a few minutes. This will improve the output of venous blood;
  6. Is wearing a mesh compression, which will increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

How to improve the result of

Get rid of unpleasant signs of varicose veins through massage is quite simple. Thus, it is very important to follow certain rules.

These include:

  • Regular and timely checkups at the doctor;
  • Full the mode of the day and leisure;
  • Wearing exceptionally easy shoes natural fabrics;
  • Classes of curative physical exercises;
  • Therapy drugs that improve the vessels;
  • The usage of creams that relieve the pain;
  • Correct and balanced.