How to get rid of the pain of varicose veins

The cause of the pain in the varicose expansion of veins it is the stagnation of the blood. In order to facilitate are using the methods of compression (elastic bandage or mesh), antiplatelet agents. When initial expressions can be used folk remedies. Intense pain that is caused when the execution form of the disease is the indication for the operation.

The causes of the pain of varicose veins

varicose veins

Weight and fatigue in the legs characteristic of the first stage of varicose veins, and the pain appear later, when decompensated whole. Initially, the swelling and the pain that is caused to occur only during long periods of stress, and, in the horizontal position, they disappear. When the progression of venous insufficiency heaviness in the legs, difficulty walking, a strong tiredness do not go away, but the pain and cramps in the legs bother you even during the night.

The development causes of pain are:

  • the overflow of blood vessels;
  • excessive traction on the tendon sheath of the muscle due to edema;
  • violation of nutrition of tissues in the blood;
  • compression trunks nervous.

Disturbed the output of the blood leads to the gradual to increase the venous pressure, as a result it in small pots becomes like blood. This results in a decrease in revenue of nutrients and oxygen. The ischemia and hypoxia, as well as the accumulation of products of metabolism, not deleted the veins of the tissues, irritating pain receptors, causing whooping syndrome.

In some patients, the manifestations of varicose veins, limited to tingling in the legs, nightlife spasms muscle. When more severe, occur pain, in such versions:

  • dumb,
  • sewing,
  • burning,
  • arching,
  • pulsating.

One of the signs of adverse is the sudden gain or change in character of pain, as this may be an evidence of complications – thrombosis of the vein or phlebitis.

How to understand what bothers vienna

Similar symptoms accompany it and other diseases of the lower limbs. Therefore, when performing the differential diagnosis is to pay attention on the distinctive features:

  • when the disease of the veins pain does not go away with the change of the state, the majority is located below the knee, in the groin, in the evening bothering cramps and numbness of the leg;
  • thrombophlebitis – red skin, hot to the touch, acute pain spreads throughout the leg, it will increase the temperature of the body;
  • atherosclerosis, or disease of the feet pale and cold, the pains occur with the foot, goes alone;
  • neuralgia sharp convulsions accompanied by back pain, lumbar, sacrum;
  • neuropathy – changes of sensitivity, including pain, occur reactions paradoxical weak stimuli (for example, a touch of blankets flame burning pain).

How to relieve the pain of varicose veins

Depending on the clinical form of varicose veins, the disease can be used treatments non-exposure techniques, drugs, home remedies or immediate treatment.

In the feet, knees

healing when varicose veins

To relieve the pain in the first place you should lower the flow of blood to the venous blood. To do this, use elastic ligatures or special products of compression of knitted fabrics. Revolutions of the bandage should not less than half undo the previous, and socks, stockings or socks best wear in the morning, until now has not appeared a swelling of the lower limbs.

In addition, the patients give recommendations to help prevent pain that is caused:

  • avoid high heels, narrow shoes and compression garment (band, belt corset, slimming the bed, in addition to special);
  • during the night, giving feet the exalted position;
  • perform daily the contrast of the leak;
  • do not take hot baths for the feet you can use only cold water;
  • when forced duty to sit or stand to do more walking breaks;
  • avoid security forces, sports, lifting, and transfer of weight;
  • do not allow to increase the body mass.

During pregnancy

In the period of transportation child care not to assign pre-formed or injectable tools. When you are prompted for the pain, and also in the purposes of prevention, it is recommended to healing feet, or the use of capacity and golf course. The rate of compression should choose a specialist.

In a multivitamin medicines must enter With o and P for the strengthening of the venous wall.

After the operation

More often armbar syndrome accompanied by an operation of complete removal of vienna. In the recovery period is assigned mandatory healing the feet, the attachment of the cold, to give them exalted position, and, then, medical gymnastics, hiking.

How to remove the unpleasant symptom folk media

Preparations of medicinal plants use for the treatment of varicose veins, disease in medicine official. Its base is made the most of medicines. For the preparation of infusions at home recommended:

  • the fruits of chestnut,
  • the bark of the birch,
  • the herb horsetail field,
  • the grass of the astragalus,
  • hop cones,
  • flowers immortelle,
  • the leaves and bark of hazel,
  • the leaves of raspberry.

For the preparation of herbal remedies, plant raw materials are carefully pencil. Can be prepared the collection of the following components or used one of them. After a hot shower, 8 hours in a thermos ready infusion drink 1/3 cup. The aspect ratio is the relationship between the grass and water), normally 1:20. Outside to scrub and lotions to apply apple cider vinegar, juice of Kalanchoe, apply fresh leaf of burdock or cabbage.

What to do if you still, and seizures plagued

Cramps in the legs decrease, if you embark on a cold and damp surface (wet towel). To improve the state of health it is recommended to pull to itself the big toe of the foot, pass a light massage in the direction from bottom to top, to resemble a no shoes on the floor, many help tingling a pin in the area of the patient muscles.

To avoid seizures, you need to the daily compression of the lower limb, bandage, German, as well as a treatment facility. It can include the following exercises:

  • lifts in socks;
  • walking on the heels and feet alternately;
  • slow flexion extensor of the fingers to stop;
  • graphs of motion in the ankle joint;
  • "bicycle" in the position lying on his back.

Each movement type has to be repeated for 10 times with both feet.

the treatment of varicose veins

The pain during the varicose veins are caused by strong content the venous system of blood. To facilitate, it is necessary to restrict the blood flow to lower extremities. This can be achieved by jump of the walk or the size of the treatment of clothes. Use simultaneously external tools in the form of ointments or gels, pre-made medicines and home remedies. When convulsive syndrome recommend complex medical gymnastics.