Effective ways of treatment of varicose veins

Before treating varicose veins in the legs, it would be good to know more about this disease and its manifestations. Varicose veins is called dysfunction of the venous valves and the pathological changes of the blood circulation. For this disease is typical of an increase in vessel sizes, a violation of its elasticity and shape.

varicose veins

Usually between varicose veins suffer from the veins in the legs. The his can be seen with the naked eye under the skin, taking the form of a node. In the affected part veins the blood begins to flow slowly, which often becomes the cause the formation of blood clots and wounds. The first symptom of a disease, is considered a cramp, periodically manifested in the lower limbs.

Because of that you can develop varicose veins

  1. With a great probability you'll be amazed with the illness of one of the feet, if in the vessels, which include blood clots. Increases the risk of also benign or malignant new growth.
  2. If you nervous work, or you're just having frequent stress, leave the veins in the legs, will not be a surprise to you. Is that they are the original engines of the process. The venous wall have nerve endings, so that they maintain the elasticity. The result of the division of surge pressure in the vessels increases, due to the fact that they come out of the tone and become more broad.
  3. It is not uncommon, and varicose veins after the birth. The fact is that, under the pressure of the weight of the fetus, and therefore the sedentary lifestyle of the pregnant woman are formed vascular intervals. Are suffering cells of the blood in the lower limbs.
  4. Varicose veins are veins often occurs in athletes. Lovers of gyms and training should to contain his fervor, not to become the victim of a pathology of the vascular. If there is a genetic predisposition to varicose expansion of veins of loading a walk physical exercise is extremely undesirable.
  5. Inflammation of the blood vessels in the legs can cause this reason banal, such as wearing an outfit uncomfortable or constraint of shoes. For example, the fashion tapered jeans easy to cause the appearance of the veins in the legs. Tight shoes and model of the high heel also is not the best way, the impact for the health of your feet.

Ways to get rid of varicose veins

The treatment of varicose veins with laser coagulation. During the procedure, the doctor acts in the vein affected with the help of the laser, and because of this asterisk will. The patient feels no discomfort because the operation is performed under local anesthesia. After 14 days, there will be no trace of varicose veins, diseases, scars and other things.

This technique is effective at the beginning of the appearance of the disease.

Another reliable way of how to cure varicose veins in the legs – sclerotherapy. First, the specialist determines the exact location affected in vienna, and then she is introduced by a solution, which glue the vase from the inside to the outside.

The blood stops flowing per patient vienna, moving vessels healthy. The procedures there are contra-indications it is only possible if the lumps are even smaller.

Recently, it has become popular for treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs with the help of ozone therapy.

This form of something similar to the previous one – the difference is that instead of other substance in the vessel is introduced into ozone. After that, vienna is sealed and the vascular mesh disappears. Pay attention to this methodology, if you want to get rid of spider veins.

Not everyone is satisfied, but the most effective treatment for varicose veins in the execution stages is an operational intervention. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that the patients of vienna, the doctor removes the using the scalpel. The patient will one day after the intervention.

However, within a month, you will have to use a special mesh compression. The method use only in the case of conservative treatment varicose veins does not give the desired results.

As a precautionary measure against varicose veins in the legs can be with the help of treatments and physical exercise. Gym relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs, normalizes the blood flow and warns the formation of blood clots in veins.

To learn more about how to treat varicose veins exercise more. If you work in the office, then, try more walking.

Excellent assistants to make the bike ride or go hiking in the swimming pool. If the disease still took you by surprise – the modern methods of treating varicose veins will be able to cope with this problem.

Medicines for the elimination of varicose veins

There are still some tens of years on the issue treated if varicose veins, I could not find a clear answer. Now, the modern techniques of treatment of varicose veins only wonders.

Saõs tubs varicose veins members

the treatment of varicose veins

If you have received the diagnosis of vein occlusion, it is mandatory the acquisition of all the medicines appointed the doctor. However, this disease can be treated, yet complementary, auxiliary of complementary medicine. In the struggle with the varicose veins help the trays on a dry basis of chamomile, oak bark, lemon balm, nut seeds.

Note the following recipe for the preparation of baths with therapeutic, which help to remove the varicose veins we on the feet. Take 300-500 g of oak bark and the same quantity of brown twigs. Add to the ingredients the leaves of a willow tree. All of this fold in a large vessel (for example, pot enamel).

Pour in the grass of a large amount of water and bring everything to a boil. The broth should continue to simmer for half an hour. After that, add the ability of herbs collection. You can buy in any pharmacy.

And you will also need rye bread at 3 loaves, which I need sauce and then pour the rest of the components. Make bath daily for an hour before of the waste to the bed. The duration of the procedure is up to 45 minutes. The water temperature must not exceed 42.

The second form of execution of the bathrooms for your feet suited to women who have suffered from varicose veins after childbirth. Make the broth of oak and chestnut branches, as well as the classes, the mother-and-stepmother, peppermint. Insist the medicine half of the day in the pantry. After that, pour the broth of a couple of large tablespoons of bee.

The drug is taken inside of 50 ml per day. If the treatment passes without adverse reactions, the dose may be increased to 100 to 150 ml. Throughout the period of therapy takes 25 days. Then, you can organize the 5-day break and repeat everything again.

Homemade recipes to get rid of varicose vein

Note simple methods of treatment varicose veins, you can apply at home:

  • Arise early, until the sun rose. Walk barefoot on the grass in cotton socks or linen. Try to do this, so that the fabric of the socks absorbed most of the dew. After the rising of the sun to stay in those same socks until they are completely dry.
  • If you can't decide that the healing begins varicose veins, use with a simple recipe. Set aside a couple of teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of boiled water. Drink 500 ml the tool on a daily basis. This same solution can lubricate the dead the place of the feet.
  • Varicose veins of the veins quickly the fair, if 3 times a day to make lotions of potato juice or apply compresses soaked in it. The effect of the treatment will be the best yet, if you still will be able to take the juice of potato inside.For more quickly to get rid of varicose veins in the legs, control your diet. For example, avoid the use of universal values refined from corn starch. Cook more dishes, where it had the potatoes in uniform. Eat natural foods bran.
  • To forget the presence of varicose veins help the roles of plants Kalanchoe. Your need finely crumble and pour into a liter vessel. You can take the normal of the bank. Fill it to the brim pharmacy alcohol and let rest in a cool, dark place. After 7 days, remove the dye and filter it through a gauze. Obtained from the tool can lubricate the feet, the entire length, making massage movement. For venous mesh in the legs disappeared completely, the procedure has to spend all day every day for six months.

Measures of prevention varicose veins feet

In spite, then, that the techniques of treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs, in our time, attained perfection, the disease is better to prevent than to resort to its use.

Here is not the issue, can be cured if varicose veins. Let's talk about what to do to treat you have not had.

  • Don't forget to take 5-minute breaks during extended operation of the computer. Special exercises can do, even if they were in the office. If possible, try to go to work on foot.
  • If your profession involves a long stay in the legs, and exercise – take a break to relax.If you are used to putting one foot over the other – try to control yourself. This habit is light in weight and can cause inflammation.
  • Only Use comfortable, not constraining movement clothes. Not worth buying unnecessarily skinny jeans or buyer socks. In particular, this is the rule for women. Uncomfortable tapered jeans have had a negative impact not only on the health of the feet, but in the work of the urinary system.
  • Hide it in the far mail of all the inconvenience of shoes, as well as nails. Dress up her, is acceptable, but occasionally, for special cases.
  • If you are prone to constipation, do not leave this problem without attention. Because of the constant of gravity in the pelvis, the circulation of the blood begins to suffer. Join with friends with the same interests, and regularly in the ride your bike, go to the pool, do the load in the open air.
  • Control the weight of your body. If necessary, review the meals. Should not be too greasy or fried.
  • Staying on the couch after a hard day, put your feet cushion, with a height of about 15 cm. Thus, the blood circulation in your legs is back to normal.
bath of varicose veins

Now you know what are varicose veins, and which is the means to get rid of it.

It is worth remembering that the initial stage of any disease, including varicose veins, better lends itself to therapy, which runs pathology. Varicose veins is considered to be chronic it is a disease that is destructive, that affects the blood vessels of the feet.