Varicose veins of the genitals

Varices of the genital organs, in the majority of cases is diagnosed during the pregnancy. A very small percentage of the disease is observed mainly in women, with the greater the mass of the body and the pathologies that increase the load on the basin and to exert pressure on the veins. To detect the symptoms of varicose veins of the genitals, you should immediately contact your doctor, this helps to avoid many negative consequences, which leads to disease.

The causes varicose veins the female genital organs

varicose veins of the genitals
  1. Genetics. Genetic predisposition says about the possibility of disease, and to avoid it and not enter into the ranks of the people, it is necessary to observe measures of prevention and always warn about the medical risks, as well as the acquisition of multiple medicines can have a negative impact and cause the disease.
  2. Bad habits. Unfortunately, the percentage of smokers in the world is growing every day. Nicotine negatively affects the entire body, sending and destroying-o. vitamin c, which is the basis for strengthening the walls of veins, which is destroyed by nicotine. Affecting negatively on the nervous system, nicotine violates the tone of the veins. The smoker with the experience you can get varicose veins of the genitals, having no genetic predisposition, blame the nicotine. The abuse of alcohol is the poisoning and intoxication, they act and in vienna and, consequently, begin the inflammatory processes in the venous tissues.
  3. Wrong way of life. Many times, the reason for varicose veins genital becomes a daily work — standing or sitting, or standing style of life. A day of these effects, but if the person leads a sedentary life over the years, or always worth the work as the seller or hairdresser, it is logical that there is the risk of this disease.
  4. Hormonal failures. In particular, varicose veins of the genital organs is diagnosed during the hormonal disorders. This is due to the fact that in the organism there is a group of hormones responsible for the tone of the veins and blood vessels. There are different causes of hormonal disorders, but most often they occur in the three cases, it is the time of puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  5. The excess of weight. People with a tendency to fullness is always necessary to remember that the larger the mass, the greater the load of all the organs, the greater is the possibility of getting the chronic venous insufficiency (CVI) and other related diseases with the increased workload and pressure on the vessels venous.

The symptoms of varicose veins genital

The symptoms of varicose veins genital organs, female, can often be confused with symptoms of other diseases. For this reason, the disease is diagnosed already in the moderate or severe forms. Varicose veins of the external genital organs to identify with more ease. It is possible to do so visually, the symptoms

  • the emergence of venipuncture;
  • the appearance of nodules;
  • the increase of the veins;
  • dryness;
  • the itching.

If you have internal varices of the sexual organs, independent of their identification is almost impossible. The reason is that all the symptoms like inflammation. The increase of secretions, periodic sensations of pain or severity, in severe cases may appear bleeding. It can be more abundant, or have sharp character. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor, the sooner it is diagnosed, varicose veins, the easier it will be to go the process of treatment and, in the future, will do without complications.

Complications of varicose veins of the genitals

the causes of varicose veins

The sterility. Unfortunately, due to the varicose veins disturbed the work of the whole sex, which leads to problems during pregnancy and in execution, of form and not of timely treatment lead to infertility. This is due to the fact that, in severe cases, inflammation of the veins applies in the tissue of the uterus, and, therefore, appear foci, wounds, exposed to the contagion. Subsequently, they have to be surgically removed.

The inflammatory processes. Because it is that the varicose veins may be the primary cause of the inflammation of the genital organs, need, necessarily, on the recommendation of the doctor through the examination for varicose veins. With a long inflammatory process disturbed flora, which leads to the accession of infection, and of several fungi. Does not cure the cause, you contribute to the worsening of the situation, that, in the future, lead to the impossibility of finding the source of the disease.

Stress and nervous tension. The female body is very difficult to respond to failures in the reproductive system, as well as its main function the continuation of the species. Therefore, another complication receives the nervous system. If according to the disease that you will feel the irritability, the tiredness, the anxiety, may be the consequences of varicose veins. In the body occurs a chain reaction, in which they give a failure, a is a vital resource for another. Sometimes, it is not a significant reason can lead to large abuses and consequences.

Varices of the genital organs in pregnancy

The blood vessels during pregnancy experience an additional load, but because the walls were weak, you can get varicose veins of the extension. Of course, this disease a little complicated during the pregnancy, as their symptoms, and who were frequent visits to the doctor. But, in most cases, treatment is not needed, such as varicose veins of the genitals passes, for about a year, after childbirth. About the process of childbirth is a disease does not affect, just listen to the advice of midwives and to comply with them.

Prevention of varicose veins of the genitals

Unfortunately, to completely cure the varicose veins is not possible. With the help of qualified professionals, you can relieve the state, so there are no negative effects. After the treatment, and sometimes, a surgical intervention, prescribe preventive drugs, with the goal of preventing new relapses. In any case if you can forget about it, in the future, the acquisition of such medicines exchange several times in a year only is required to ensure the functionality of the veins.

If you have a genetic predisposition, you should always alert the gynecologist and to avoid the ingestion of hormonal medication, including contraceptives. They extended receive inhibit the action of hormones that stimulate the tonus of the veins. The reception of such medicines more often causes the appearance of varicose veins.

Previous pregnancy at puberty is very dangerous for girls who have a predisposition to varicose veins. During this period, will restructuring hormonal and can occur a lack necessary for the tonus of the veins of hormones. If you still have the pregnancy, this will double the risk and the probability of appearance of the disease. Therefore, even in the world, gaining momentum activity to teach young people about the initial impact of the sexual life.

varicose veins in pregnancy

For those who have bad habits, the only correct way — to abandon them. If you do not allow the force of will, you can resort to the help of several drugs. In the pharmaceutical market and its wealth: the tablets, chewing gum, adhesives. Being overweight is a problem that requires an individual approach, as well as not always is the cause of the excessive consumption of food. Unfortunately, without reducing the mass to overcome varicose veins is impossible, but the pressure leads to a permanent complication, difficult situation. To resolve this problem you need a comprehensive way, considering the recommendations of multiple doctors. When working in a standing or in a sitting position recommended use mesh compression. It helps to normalize the function of blood circulation, and facilitates the general state.