The treatment of varicose veins folk media

Varicose veins – a disease that has plagued mankind from the depths, or even centuries and millennia. Since then, like the ancient hominids (Homo erectus) arose on the paws and began trying to walk, humanity has received in the inheritance the constant tendency to varicose veins. Varicose veins of the feet has become the payment for bipedalism of the human species. The appearance of the disease that led to the need of your treatment. Varicose veins began to treat even very old. The study of mummies, detected during archaeological research in Egypt, have revealed traces of treatment varicose veins legs. Describe the treatment of the varicose veins you can find authoritative doctors of antiquity – Hippocrates, Galen, Abu ibn Sina, and Paracelsus. Modern medicine continues to struggle with varicose veins, including with the help of the people of methods and tools.

General information about varicose veins

varicose veins

Varicose disease of the veins, with functional responsibility, the malfunction of the venous valves. Characteristic of varicose veins disease – knit received through the skin "swollen" vein, with "buttons", "us" and "corollas". Is the symptom that gave the name to the disease – the word varicose veins (varicis) from the Latin means swelling. Contrary to the popular belief that the varicose veins is a disease of the veins of the legs, note that it is not so. Varicose veins is a pathological process, destroying the entire city of vienna, regardless of the place of its location. If the vein in the leg – the disease will be called varicose veins of the legs, if in the esophagus varicose veins are veins of the esophagus, rectum – hemorrhoids. Vienna are sorted like this: deep, interconnection (communication), and surface area.

Varicose veins – one of the most common diseases in the world. According to information from the WHO (World health organisation) this disease are affected by about 20-25% of the population of developed countries, which, on average, in the quarter above indicators of the countries of the third world. Varicose veins and more patient women than men. In comparison with the statistics of the last decade of the twentieth century, it is possible to observe the growth of the disease among young people. The age group of varicose veins pathologies begins with 12-14 years (closed and there have been previous cases varicose veins). Standard – 40 to 45 years. In 70 years, practically the whole world has, then, or otherwise, the varicose veins a disease.

Mechanics of varicose veins pathology

The mechanism of injury of the portal vein explains the breach the pressure of the blood, the course of blood flow. For example, if you are taking thin rubber hose and compress it in your hands in the water supply, so you can see how the spot-fixing inflates the bubble. The pressure does not allow the water to come back, but the clamping force it flow to the front. In a normal situation that does not resist the first – hand of the wall of the hose or a constant-pressure source. So it is with the human body, where the analogy clip hand identical work of venous thrombosis of the valve, the hose of vienna, and a constant source of pressure serves the heart. Vienna in a place pathological functioning of the valve by deformation of elastic as well as was would rubber hose in the case of the formation of a "bubble". Vienna can not stand the pressure, bruised, and bleeding. Depending on the type of vienna's surface, or of depth – the bleeding can be opened or the interior. In such places, to feel the pain and cramping, happen, appear bruising, and subcutaneous tissues acquire the characteristic blue-violet color.

The causes of diseases varicose veins

If you consider the human body as a hydraulic of a physical system, it is more correct to call the main cause of varicose veins, the term "hydrodynamic compression". That is, any physical determination of venous flow is going to affect the risk of varicose veins diseases. One of these reasons that we have already called – is the bipedalism. The man is the only one on the planet the creature, able to walk in a straight line on two rear ends, that is, in the feet. The presence of feet, in fact, uniquely human feature. The system, in which the load is distributed on four supports, not only is it more durable, and more ergonomic than the one in which the two pillars. Simple math shows that the load of the two-post system when equal weight is two times greater than the four reference. And now, let's imagine how complicated a man's life the problem of over weight.

the treatment of varicose veins folk media

The excess weight can be called a lot of different reasons, ranging from obesity, pregnancy, and even an problem with regular physical exercise, among which can be anything – heavy-duty shopping bags with the products, bar, very heavy backpack. The deformation of the body, the variances of body constitution is also a risk of veins. The woman in the last months of pregnancy is particularly vulnerable compression forms of varicose veins, due to a stretch fruit of the abdominal cavity. After the birth of vienna also become deformed, creating the conditions for such an unpleasant way varicose veins, such as hemorrhoids. Obesity is also, often leads to deformation of the body. Thus, for example, "beer guarantee" creates favorable conditions for the development of varicose veins of the liver and the surface of the veins of the abdomen. Drivers of minibuses, truck drivers have in common with office workers the need for a long sit in the same place, which increases the risk of disease of hemorrhoids and varicose veins feet. The body of a person should not be static, a long time to stay in the same pose. Moreover, the attitude of the "walk the walk" especially harmful to the veins of the legs. The person needs to move around a lot, to reduce the risk of varicose veins diseases.

There is and purely physiological causes varicose veins diseases. For example, the endocrine. Female hormone progesterone influences the formation of connective tissue and indirectly on the quality of the smooth muscles of the veins. When the deficit in toning the muscles of the vein becomes weak, they are easier to extend, which, without doubt, increases the risk of occurrence of varicose veins.

The initial symptoms varicose veins

Varicose veins is it dangerous to your slow, "slow" current, which it often is not perceived as a dangerous disease. The pain in the legs becomes habitual, the person becomes accustomed to it and starts to pay attention only when it becomes unbearable. And varicose veins, among other things is a dangerous disease.

Many people mistakenly believe varicose veins begins when under the skin appears mesh "swollen" veins. In fact it is not so. Blue legs – this is already a very worrisome sign. Swelling in the legs when varicose veins indicate that the disease for a long time, crossed the start line and is at least in an intermediate stage of their course.

Varicose veins of the lower limbs, begins with the rapid exhaustion of the feet, when it appeared, it seemed like nothing, and his feet are "busy" and whine, as if the tens of kilometers passed. The pain in the legs not time passes, appear the edema and swelling. Many times, it occurs a feeling of "hitting the walk midrib". Feel a wave of heat, which can pass the burning sensation.

Hemorrhoids in early stages are almost invisible. When more advanced form of this disease a person may experience itching, burning in the anus, discomfort when defecating.

The earlier the symptoms of varicose veins, the esophagus, similar to that which occurs in the gastritis – belching, heartburn. Has its characteristics – the difficulties with the swallowing reflex, pain in the chest, rapid pulse.

That threaten the execution of the form of the varicose veins?

When varicose veins are supercial veins is in the middle stages of their escape, it is easily observed in the form of characteristic blue vein "veins", "us", "bubbles" and "Corolla". Even more alarming is the color of venous veins – deep violet. This color is so dark that it looks black. It is a sign that the surface of the tissue begin to receive less oxygen and nutrients, the next step for necrosis.

Incorrect blood circulation, stagnation of a phenomenon within vessels venous threaten the formation of blood clots, the advent of such difficult diseases such as venous thrombosis. Dangerous it its complications: pulmonary embolism (obstruction of blood clots in the lung of vienna, can lead to infarction of the easy, that in fifty percent of cases it means death), white, or blue flegmaziya, the gangrene.

the treatment of varicose veins

The appearance of trophic ulcers associated with the phenomenon, such as hypertension. Under this term hides a cascade of reactions to pathological tissue, cellular and molecular. Modern medicine mean trophic ulcer "is an open wound, not healing six weeks." The size of the "wound" can cover a sizeable area, and its depth reaches to the bones

With effective tools against varicose veins in folk medicine

In the past there was division of academic and popular medicine (non-conventional and traditional). The severe division in this area of knowledge only became possible in the NINETEENTH century, when occurred the quality of idiot, which allowed complete scientific training (academic) medicine. The classic medical science enough intolerant to non-conventional methods of treatment. You can sometimes hear of doctors charges traditional healers in lies. Unfortunately, in some cases, the quackery has no place to be in practice people healers, but the science, giving the individual methods and means of popular medicine, left out the attention of many simple, affordable home and highly effective forms of treatment, about which we will talk below.


Chestnut-of-india – green decoration of many cities. In addition to aesthetic functions, this plant has valuable medicinal properties. The fruits, peel the fruit and flowers of the chestnut is used to treat varicose veins. From these ingredients it is possible to prepare a tincture, broth, ointment, compress, rub. Medicines prepared from inflorescences, have a relaxed action and are recommended by people who exhibit the symptoms of intolerance of the individual to the medicine. Chestnut-of-india contains two active biological substances – escin and esculin. The first is able to make the blood less viscous, which prevents the formation of blood clots, reducing the risk of diseases thrombophlebitis. Escin and esculin toning the musculature of the vessels of veins, reducing the danger of venous extension.

Dye, generally, made from a ground of fruit, but also bark and inflorescences of the sweet chestnut. Infused in vodka or college alcohol. Vodka more available for sale, this is why we stress the ratio is a recipe. One hundred grams ground fruits need to pour a liter of vodka. The medication must fermentation inside the sunlight place within a week. The dye is used four times a day before meals a spoonful of soup. Course of treatment a month. Dye can be used for compresses.

The broth is made from inflorescences or bark brown. In two liters of water is placed a handful of dried bark, is brought to a boil and cooked for 10 minutes. Obtained broth has to give up eight to ten hours, and after this, you can start the treatment. Accept decoction of a spoonful of soup before meals, three times a day. The decoction of the bark of fruit – nut is an extremely effective home remedy of varicose veins of the feet, as in the period of aggravation, and as a preventive measure. Store the broth needs to in the fridge. If the signs that he started to deteriorate, you should be deleted immediately and prepare the medicine again.

ways to treat varicose veins home

Ointment fruits nuts good to help in the treatment, venous, "we", "Corolla" and "veins". Comments from people who use this tool say that already at the end of the first week of the treatment "we" become soft. Violet-blue is the color of the skin at the site of the varicose extensions loses its saturation, pales. When more than one treatment in the long term we "will," under the skin, and the skin back to natural color. It is made of ointment to the base of vegetable oil (olive oil, flaxseed or well refined sunflower). One hundred grams shredded fruit shed and a half liters of oil and cooked in the water bath for one hour. Ready-ointment should cool and strain. Kept in the fridge. The patients of vienna swab before going to sleep.