Varicose veins are men

Varicose veins can become a problem not only for women – the blood vessels of the male body are also affected by this disease. And although the statistics of women the disease occurs much more frequently, however, the consequences more serious causes varicose veins in men: on the feet the development of the disease does not stop, and may spread to the groin and even to the sexual organs (testicles).

varicose veins are men

A characteristic feature of disease progression in men is that they often do not realize the early symptoms of anxiety, whether it is the distention of venous vessels or explicit revealing through the skin. Most of the men, unconcerned with this, accept all the by under free of defects, that are not worthy of special attention. The suspect appears after the education in their feet sore nodes, blood clots in the vessels and the difficult healing ulcers in the skin.

In fact, even the first "signs", which sends the man of your body, it is easy to see – shown in the photo on symptoms varicose veins men become distinct. It is about paying the due attention to the discomfort, to take measures, and more severe manifestation of the disease can prevent. Therefore, a floor strong need to give a refer to your status update to nip problems in the early stages.

As to the age indicator, the defeat of the blood vessels of the feet of men is celebrated as the youth, and with the realization of significant age. The total number of men who have problems with the veins of the legs amounted to 15% of the male population.

Which is able to lead a man to the varicose veins

The reason for the development of this disease may make the presence of men of predisposition. It is a genetic factor, among many other experts call the key: if there is a pathology that manifests itself in men with the highest probability.

Significantly speed up the process of the emergence of the varicose veins is able to dependence on men for alcohol and tobacco. Vienna ignited at an accelerated pace, if the man abuses the smoke, and alcoholic beverages welcome to the body free radicals contribute to the wear and tear the thin walls of the vessels. Also, alcoholic toxins are able to make the changes in the circulation of the blood through the veins of the legs.

How this manifests itself outwardly? The drinkers men have large veins, blue-violet. In addition to changing the color, the vessels can easily understand it, because they only act on the problem of the skin with a covering of the feet, when in the middle of a blood vessel in which the man watches the pain. Among other characteristics – numbness in the toes, and the illusion crawling on the skin of the axes. All of this leads to the fact that smokers and alcoholics are experiencing rapid fatigue when walking, can not last a long time and be in a vertical position.

Another key factor, is provocative varicose veins are men of standing, can become obese. It is worth noting that for vessels is a concern is not the own excess weight and increasing due to this load on the lower limbs. Similar impact on the male body has and lifting heavy loads, and any excessive physical effort, in principle. However, if you return the obesity, its appearance is conducive to a diet unbalanced power: increase participation of genetically modified products along with a reduction in the amount of fruits and vegetables. And, however, is exactly herbal components in food give resources to the regeneration of cells in the walls of the veins.

The stagnation in the blood vessels also leads to an extended stay in a static position, it doesn't really matter if it's the distance or the long-lasting presence in the posture of the session. The veins of the lower extremities, under the influence of the excess volume of blood are stretched and the antarctic, when located in their vessels, with the valves no longer fully able to cope with their own functions. The result of this, and it becomes varicose veins in men and on the legs.

To prevent this disease man worth dropping listed the risk factors: stop in the past, the addictions, maintain your weight within normal limits and reasonable physical activity too much will slow down the appearance of pathologies in the blood vessels of the feet.

Semiology male varicose veins

the causes of varicose veins

The symptoms of varicose veins, men are very similar to the experiences the woman. Affected used of varicose veins man at different stages of progression you may notice the following symptoms of illness:

  • Convulsions, itching, and tingling in the area of calf muscles
  • Sensation of weight and pain in the legs (especially after all the load)
  • the pain during the vein
  • Oecause feet
  • The formation of spider veins
  • The appearance of foot ulcers, non-healing
  • The bulge of the vessels venous

The symptoms of varicose veins, men can also manifest itself and in the region of the groin. This type of disease is accompanied by signs of implicit and, therefore, particularly persuasive – to identify the disease in the early stages is extremely difficult.

The first degree is diagnosed only during the performance of ultrasound during the inspection of an expert. Varicose veins in the groin very clear already in its second phase, when vienna, noticeable to the naked eye, when the man remains in a vertical position.

Varicose veins and men can go to this phase, such as varicocele, or varicose veins testicular. The men defeat exposed of vienna, involved in the transport of the blood from the testicles up to the seed power cable. The poor working valves in their vessels, returns the blood back to the egg, which in veins visible distension and the education of nodules. In principle, the varicocele does not lead to dangerous complications, the symptoms most often limited discomfort in the area inguinal. However, the dysfunction of blood circulation can overheat the sperm, which becomes the cause of male infertility.

Therefore, in the absence of the necessary therapy of varicose veins is the deceleration of the blood flow with the formation of blood clots and wounds. The most serious consequence of the disease is the detachment grew the clot to move through the circulatory system, it closes the key of an artery, is instantly fatal.

Pathology of the veins of the upper limbs

Signs of the occurrence of varicose veins, men are the hands become more vivid with the worsening of the general state of the patient. The initial phase of the disease characterized by the intensification of the wall of the veins. The representatives of the male sex, even though you do not suspect that this is just the beginning of diseases, because they see the change as vessels of the hand and of other representatives of the male sex.

The main symptoms of varicose veins, men are superior extremities begin your manifestation with the sensation of swelling, and severity. When the excess of physical activities for the patients complain about the emergence of life cramps, numbness of the fingers. The symptoms resemble the signs of developing varicose veins, men's feet.

Conducting inspection allows you to determine pathological deformation of the veins. The vessels acquire a cylindrical shape, forming nodules. In the skin the skin you can see varicose veins.

Varicocele in men

Varicose veins of the testicles in men, the symptoms that will be discussed later, appears most frequently in adolescents, which is related to the hormonal changes in the body. Not always an adult or a teenager able to determine the development of the disease. In some cases, varicose veins of the testes in men be held without manifestation. The symptoms of the disease are characterized in the following way:

  • the sensation of pain in the groin area;
  • discomfort during sexual intercourse;
  • the severity in the region of the scrotum;
  • groin pain, which intensifies while walking.

Learn! Varicose veins of the testicles in men, symptoms that are not the most brilliant manifestations, it is often installed at the base of the infertility. It is because of the inability to conceive a child patient to go to a specialist to diagnose the problem.

Varicose veins hemorrhoidal plexus

Varicose veins changes hemorrhoidal the ring in medical practice is called hemorrhoids. The clinical manifestations depend on the shape and the stage of the disease. External hemorrhoids accompanied off symptoms. More often that men learn about the disease is already in its advanced stages.

the treatment of varicose veins

Patients come to her with complaints of pressure in the rectum, blood, secretions, noticed on toilet paper. The emptying does not facilitate the patient's condition. There is a sense of discomfort, itching and burning sensation.

The external manifestations of the disease are characterized by the location of the hemorrhoids outside the rectum the anal. Varicose veins the changed items, you can see or palpate. Men looking for the doctor after the self-detection of the hemorrhoids. The skin around of us has a cyanotic color. Photo clinical manifestations can be seen below.

Started the stage of disease is accompanied by violation of the varicose veins we, which is not amenable to device manual treatment and require surgical intervention. The most difficult is considered to be the combined form of hemorrhoids, since it combines the manifestation of the internal and external of the disease.

All the manifestations of the disease require immediate treatment to the doctor-whereas for the query, and the choice of treatment method.

Treatment male varicose veins

Depending on the phase in which the varicose veins man asked for the help of experts, there are three treatment techniques – a closer look, what they are and how they act the dead vessel.

In this case, when the patient arrived at the facility, in the first stage of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a complex of drugs, a special action of drugs, and a variety of ointments. The treatment is different comparative ease and completely painless.

The goal of treatment the initial phase of the injury men the veins, it is the narrowing of its lumen and to restore the function of the closing of the valves. To request to achieve the desired effect, in addition to the drugs used and elastic ligatures in the reclined position, they are at the top of your feet, you also can success be replaced by the stockings or socks of special fiber with the effect.

However, the basis of the treatment of the first stage of varicose veins is the application of drugs, the straightening movement of the blood, reducing its thickness. Drugs relieve the sharp manifestations of the disease, inhibit the formation of thrombophlebitis and thromboembolism and, in general, have a large beneficial effect:

  • Tone the wall of the vessels venous;
  • Increase the resistance in the capillary;
  • Prevent lymphedema
  • Stabilize the microcirculation
  • Lead to the normal properties of blood
  • Film inflammatory manifestations
  • Inhibit the formation of blood clots in veins

To relieve the symptoms of varicose veins, men and stabilize the general condition in this disease specialists apply drug tools with components of vegetable origin. Its advantage is the high content of biologically active substances: flavonoids, saponins, coumarins which the properties of antiplatelet agents.

The surgical technique for the treatment

However, as we have explained previously, small defects of the venous blood in the leg rarely becomes an argument to the beginning of the treatment, and the technician that the patients many times come in the later stages of the disease. Of course, in such cases, varicose veins men of standing to accept more severe form, in which the traditional treatment of medicines and ointments does not bring the effect, such as tissue mesh compression. Therefore, the treatment of male varicose veins is performed predominantly operating method. To limit to a negligible intervention and to ensure a minimum rehabilitation period of time, apply the so-called benign or minimally invasive techniques of therapy.

  • Laser coagulation of the affected vessels varicose veins – consists in the thermal decomposition of impact on the wall in vienna a laser beam, which removes the stagnation of blood in the veins.
  • Phlebectomy – removal operation for part pathologically extended vienna.
  • The functionality of the coagulation – release of the varicose veins in hypodermic veins of the legs.
  • Sclerotherapy – introduction to the varicose veins extended vein substance, "sticky" vessel damaged.

It is a technique of sclerotherapy most commonly practiced in the treatment of male varicose veins due to its high Stepney efficiency and ease of application. Struck varicose veins, the extent of a vessel, the doctor fills in the substance. Therefore, vienna with the pathology is excluded from the system of the circulation of the blood, forming gradually fibrous tissue.

The symptoms of varicose veins, men are taken with the help of laser: under the control of ultrasonic research in a vase happens to the impact of a laser beam, resulting in the lumen of the vessel narrow, and the walls are glued together. When you do this, the circulation of blood in the limbs does not stop, and passes the remaining healthy to your blood vessels.

Varicose veins although and refers to the surgery of diseases, however, when the timely intervention of doctors-phlebology the course of the disease can be cut in the early stages, in order to prevent the realization of any of these operations. In such a case, it will be sufficient for the realization of holistic treatments and supporting events

prevention varicose veins
  1. Say goodbye to bad habits, especially, such as smoking and alcohol abuse
  2. Organize balanced mode of work and rest, to adjust the diet, if necessary, change one's place of work with more acceptable conditions for example, excluding high physical stress or the static state.
  3. To reduce the weight of the body when there is excess of weight, before that it will be necessary to determine the cause of obesity, and then begin to lose weight.
  4. Take for a rule to use compression, lingerie, stockings, socks, trousers of support is specialized in knitted fabrics. This measure reduces the load on the anomalies of vienna, to eliminate the swelling.

Type of compression garment, and the measure of its compression can only catch the doctor