Gel varicose veins

The gel and the cream of varicose veins such as advertising, many times, stops the television series favorite, which, according to the experts, considered to be a good idea, which, however, healthy ... do not particularly like. But it should be noted that varicose veins do not "ages" and besides he is contributing to the current pace of life, so it is increasingly possible to find young people, who managed up to 30 years to survive operational interference (even minimally invasive) on the subject.

gels of varicose veins

By studying the family history against varicose veins, the disease, many (not without reason) surely you can sort a group of potential patients of a doctor. However, the risk of developing the disease if you have available hereditary tendency to varicose veins increase and other factors, female, flat feet, excess weight, unsuccessfully chosen the profession, requiring an extended stay in the upright position.

A new life style and the cream of varicose veins

Reminding possible future problems, some people do not leave this important issue, without focus and try to postpone the varicose extension of venous vessels over time. They are active prevention of the development of the disease, only to discover the first signs of injury of the veins in the legs (gravity, night seizures, change of skin the integument of individual sections of the lower limbs).

Women, the first, there are problems vascular, therefore, more men to this end, to start:

  • Interested by means of folk medicine;
  • Find the strength to overcome the fear of infestation of leeches and make the treatment;
  • Emphatic in saying "no" to bad habits, and so popular among the fashionistas in high heels;
  • Practice particular gymnastics, going to the swimming pool and massage treatments;
  • Buy mesh compression, and the cream of the varicose veins.

Have tried different conservative methods for the treatment of varicose veins, the majority of patients, the preferred gels of the varicose veins. The gel, demonstrating the tendency to fluidity, when applied to the skin to gently fit in, is quickly absorbed, therefore, does not cause any discomfort to the patient. Has fat ointment base, on the contrary, spreading, leaves traces, not only in the skin, but also on the cover, but this is not all to your liking. The cream is intermediary, and he, although it contains fatty acids components, however, the most pleasant for the skin and are not the responsibility of the buyer.

However, the patient has always there are options: ointment for varicose veins, gels and creams constantly provides a pharmacy network, such as, for example:

  1. Based cleaning heparin;
  2. Creams varicose veins, in which are used the unique properties of the nut;
  3. Troxerutin in the form of ointments from varicose veins;
  4. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines in the form of a cream or gel, which, in addition to their main assignment, as well to cure the sick veins in the legs.

What form to choose is everyone's responsibility, however, in order not to affect, we always recommend to know the opinion of a doctor.

The opinion of the doctor and the hope of a patient

As well as any other pharmacological tool, cream anti-varicose veins should be recommended by a doctor, however, the patient will probably be useful to know in that is based on the action data of drugs, what tasks they perform, entering on a man's skin.

These tools, especially the role of wizards in the treatment of varicose veins of other ways. Used in areas defeat the gels, creams, ointments veins are called the:

  • To prevent the stagnation of the blood;
  • To perform the function of tonic funds;
  • To optimize the operation of the venous valves;
  • To prevent the undesirable effects resulting from the expansion of the vessels venous;
  • Reduce the severity of the clinical manifestations (pain, swelling, inflammation).
the tool of the varicose veins

To achieve really high efficiency of the use of drugs tool that is used for the treatment of varicose veins in the legs, you should always consider the stage of the disease. Creams varicose ointments, gels, or other pharmacological of the way), assigned on its own initiative, may at best not bring benefits, but at worst aggravate the development process and lead to its progression. In this context, it is expected that the patient strongly configured to stop a pathological process, it will be useful to familiarity with the composition of medications of varicose veins, and their advantages and side effects.

At the pharmacy with a prescription

Not having the aim to intimidate the reader from the order of cream against varicose veins through multiple sites, all we want to draw your attention on the drugs often have the prefix "veno", implemented the pharmacy network. Many of them are also made of chestnut, but is manufactured by the pharmaceutical company, provided with detailed instructions for the use of the ointment when the varicose expansion of the veins of the lower limbs or, in other cases.

A blood clot – dangerous thing

Unlike varicose veins, inferior valve of the instrument the venous system, the stagnation of blood in the vessels of lower limbs – all these factors create favourable conditions for the education in the vascular walls of clots (thrombi) that may at any moment leave and struggling with the shock of blood in the direction of its movement. Migration into the bloodstream of a blood clot can have very impressive dimensions and close the vital, the vase, the threat of the advent of the death of thromboembolism.

In that the main character of the substance of choice for the majority of the ointments applied in the treatment of the dead varicose veins in the legs, it is a feature that prevents the formation of blood clots – anticoagulant. In addition to it, the composition of the ointment or cream varicose veins may include pain relievers, vasoconstrictor drugs, as well as vitamins and other means to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and improve the nutrition of the tissues. It should be noted that the concentration of anticoagulant in a particular pharmaceutical form is generally high, in order to slow absorption of the ointment when the varicose expansion of the veins did not become an obstacle to the effective application.

As an example, widely-spread, low-cost, but a cost-effective tool, has anticoagulant properties, we can cite well-known of all the patients with pathological extension of the vessels venous, the ointment with heparin. Its healing effect comes from the main active substance – heparin. The ointment many people in the case of constantly maintaining your home, the medicine cabinet. And not only as a means of dealing advanced of the veins in the legs. Successfully apply if the worsening of hemorrhoids (without bleeding), bruises, and wounds received in the house, the mastitis, and trophic ill. In addition to driving the target (the prevention of formation of blood clots, which is conferred heparin), this ointment:

  • Gives an anti-inflammatory effect (for the account of time of heparin);
  • Has vasoconstrictor action, scheduled special acid;
  • Is analgesic with the ability, latent in the treatment site, is also part of a heparin ointment.

And, perhaps, after all a doctor? ...

Folk and professional pharmacists "don't sleep" and it creates new creams of varicose veins, which then provide actively on the Internet, it is true, the price of them is not all that is available.

However, the veracity of the statements, that "by means of a ointment for varicose or cream for varicose veins it was possible to say goodbye to the illness forever" or "tool has almost no side effects," the author's doubts about:

  1. In the first place, the player is required to know what is the disease is not cured fully and advanced veins in the legs are not going to previous state, then you can weaken the symptoms of varicose veins;
  2. In the second place, it is known that the strongest allergens are natural components – the more of them will be in the composition of the ointment, the more "chance" of getting an allergic reaction.
  3. In the third place, we must not forget that the cream or ointment when the varicose expansion of veins will act, if the concentration of medicinal constituents is quite high, since the effect of any drug affected vessels implemented, not directly, but through general characteristics.

Finally, why is it that some medicines can be purchased only on the Internet? The answer is obvious – do not exist in the pharmacy. And it is no secret that, sometimes, purchased therefore, the tool has cause to doubt its authenticity, so you can, try to talk to the pharmacy effective ointment for varicose veins?

the treatment of varicose veins gel

This article practically does not involve issues related to the treatment of the varicose veins directly folk media – such information if you want, can be found in other sections of our site. Recipes folk, such as pharmaceuticals, often as the main agent of healing to use the brown horse, on its basis, make a decoction, tincture, serves the ointment. And yet, people are crushed legs blue clay, honey, mixed with onion, essential oils (sandalwood, "castor oil, etc.), do baths with infusions of herbs (succession, chamomile, nettle), are treated with the apple cider vinegar, infestation of leeches, special fitness and diet. Although this is already another story...