Removal of varicose veins: types of procedures

As the rule is that, many times, when varicose veins proven techniques that the classic treatment does not bring any positive result. In such cases, the doctor continues to be only to offer the patient the removal of varicose veins through the completion of an operation.

This is certainly the most radical form of treatment the use of medicines and procedures. However, the features allow you to not only return the extremities of the patient, an attractive appearance, but and to forget the bad symptoms.

The variety of operations removal of vessels

removal of varicose veins

Many are concerned about how to remove the vein when varicose veins. There are several modern forms:

  • Short-term (with a minimum of defeat the skin integument) Skin. Vienna is removed completely, but only its highest part affected.
  • The procedure using a cryogenic probe.
  • Intravascular laser coagulation.

All of these techniques are considered minimally invasive. They cause minimal damage to the body of the patient and of the vascular system. The post-operative period is quite short.

The procedures allow the patient to quickly restore well-being and return to a full life.

Removal of varicose veins in the feet is not so dangerous operation, as it is wont to think of many patients. The blood flow in the body quickly recovers through the deep veins – after all, they are able to carry up to 90% of the total number of the blood.

Therefore, the extra load of just 10%, before performing the operation represented the surface of the vessels, for them, not the affects. Resources of medicine, today help prevent large blood loss and minimize the time of healing microscopic cuts.

When can and when can not be held exploration of intervention

Removal of varicose veins it is recommended that, in such cases:

  • Pathological, varicose veins, food and wine under the skin.
  • An extensive varicose veins.
  • The attendant varicose veins, severe swelling and excessive fatigue of the members.
  • The presence of wounds, trophic ulcers.
  • Impaired blood outflow of members.
  • The acute form of thrombophlebitis.

Removal of the veins when varicose veins through operation is not possible with the presence of such indicators:

  • The neglect of varicose veins (when its later stages).
  • The presence of arterial hypertension.
  • Some types of heart disease (ischemia).
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Skin lesion (eczema, mug and Dr).
  • Throughout the period of transport of the fetus.
  • For the older age group of patients operating of intervention will also be prohibited.

If the patient is present allergic intolerance to any kind of medicines (for example, in media that contain iodine), be sure to inform your doctor in the period of preparation for the operation. After all, the presence of serious adverse reactions may cause a number of complications, up to angioedema and death.

Characteristics of the preparatory phase and the handle

To prepare for this type of operation, such as the removal of varicose veins in the legs – of the video you can see the pre – do the following:

the operation of removal of the veins
  • To take a shower.
  • Carefully shave the hair on the foot.
  • If skin coverage is there some kind of damage, abscesses – cure them completely.
  • If you have a total of anesthesia – for a day before handling do enemas to clear the body.
  • Picking up clothes and shoes.

The duration of a small operation – up to 2 hours, depending on its complexity. In the process of surgical intervention will be removed affected of vienna. The incision for the exhaust to outside of the vessel, usually small, of the order of a few millimeters.

Can be used as the local and total anesthesia – this will depend on the preferred techniques of handle.

What to do during the rehabilitation period

After the surgery, experts advise take some time mesh compression (socks, stockings) – up to 2 months. Use it is necessary for the entire day, until it is restored to circulation after the surgical intervention. At the same time, you should take the medicines in order to maximize the speed up the recovery process.

After having spent an operation to remove the varicose veins, it is not recommended to lie down for a long time, motionless. Vice-versa – the need to begin to develop the muscles of the body, including the feet. Can be a little bed on the side of the lower limbs.

To the feet in the early days use to wear elastic bandage – from the sole of the foot up to the kneecap. This is necessary to fix the position of the veins. Any movement with the participation of the feet are possible only after the completion of dressing, or wearing compression clothing. To prevent the exercise therapy for exercise and easy ways of massage.

Removal of points occurs after 7-9 days after the operation. Later, they are almost completely homosexuality, leaving notable traces. After that, authorized water treatments.

The surgery is the most effective method of removing varicose veins. But it is worth remembering that it will not protect against a relapse. Therefore, you must perform constantly, hints of doctor of prevention of re-emergence of varicose veins.