Prevention varicose veins

Varicose veins is a disease in which they develop the changes of the blood vessels leading to the heart, and veins. When this occurs stretching and varicose veins, as well as a great thinning venous wall. Varicose veins often accompanied by the formation of "we" because the pathological changes of the blood vessels.

According to research, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men have this type of pathology. When the disease most often begins to develop at the age of 30 or 40 years.

varicose veins

The main causes of the development of the disease are:

  • hereditary predisposition (varicose veins often develops in people of ancestry that there are already cases of this disease);
  • bad habits (for example, smoking);
  • gender identity (so with women, the disease develops significantly more frequently because of pregnancy, ingestion of hormonal medication, use heels and other reasons);
  • increased pressure in the veins (develops due to an inactive lifestyle, excess weight, and also frequent statistical loads while you are standing).

Varicose veins can affect not only the veins of the lower limbs, but also of the whole body. Thus, distinguish the following types:

  1. Varicose veins of the lower limbs;
  2. he was born with a disease Parks-Weber, in which can occur a multitude of aneurysms and fistula;
  3. secondary varicose veins, manifesting thrombosis be subclavian and the axils of the veins;
  4. varicose veins are veins on the pelvic, including the sexual organs (for example, when the varicocele);
  5. some other types of varicose veins.

It is because of this that varicose veins can affect nearly all the vessels venous of a person, you should carry out regularly the prevention of this disease, speaks that will go forward.

Prevention varicose veins

Unfortunately, varicose veins refers to chronic diseases, and, therefore, "goes hand-in-hand" with the man during his entire life. Without prevention, the disease can lead to the development of more severe complications.

The prevention has two goals:

  1. It is necessary for those who have not yet found that loss of the veins, so avoid it.
  2. The need and those people who already have this pathology, in order to facilitate its progress and reduce the likelihood of recurrence (acute) and complications.

Measures of prevention of varicose veins

  1. It is not recommended to take a very hot bath, and also take advantage of the sauna or long term and be in the sun, in the heat. This results in reduction of thrombosis venous tone, which, certainly, leads to stagnation phenomena in the legs.
  2. To lead an active life, then there is not much to move. Thus, one of the regular activities will not only help strengthen the blood vessels, but and improve the state of a body in general. For the prevention varicose veins are ideal moderate aerobics classes, swimming, cycling or running. However, it is contraindicated to do bodybuilding, and also lift up very heavy things.
  3. The release of excess weight. People with a large amount of body fat are more susceptible to this disease, as well as in your body circulates blood more than a person with normal weight. That is why, a strong load of boats. To the pressure on the vessels venous was smaller, obese people, necessarily, need to get rid of the extra pounds, but also to comply with the diet power. As for the menu, it is desirable to minimize the consumption of too much spicy foods. The fats of animal origin, it is recommended to replace the vegetable oils.
  4. Should not be used strongly tight clothes and stockings or socks with tight by a rubber band, because they can excessively vienna, thus breaking the circulation of the blood.
  5. During the seat can not play the leg over the other, as well as during this posture also disrupted the normal flow of blood.
  6. It is extremely detrimental to the state of the veins, and a long stay in the standing position. If you stagnant work, try once more if you move. No less damaging is continuous and the seat.
  7. You should normalize the power. Thus, regular constipation, and dysbacterioses of the intestine can lead to the development of varicose veins. You should include in your menu of products rich in fiber, which helps improve the intestinal motility, that is, the digestion in general.
  8. Women should whenever possible use the narrow shoes, and heels. If you can not let go of such a shoe, the heel should be no more than 3 to 4 sentimentality of the time.
  9. After a severe stagnation or sedentary work, should wash the feet with cold water, which will allow the publication to always be in good shape. Also useful are the tubs with the addition of long fibres of salt. You can wash with cold water legs, and from morning.
  10. Prevention of varicose veins, a disease includes the refusal of bad habits of smoking, which is extremely negative affects not only on the condition of the veins, but also to the entire human body.
  11. Excellent preventive means of this disease considered mild massage. This massage can do for himself, stroking the skin of the lower limbs, from the bottom to the top, and then in the opposite direction, within a period of 10 minutes. Such self-massage is very useful in combination with massage treatments in the vertebral column, that passes professional this was a therapist, or masseur.
  12. Prevention of venous thrombosis of varicose veins also implies the reception of special medications that allow them to maintain the venous tonus.
  13. To try and get rid of the chronic fatigue and frequent stress.
  14. Doctors are advised to avoid overheating and colds.
  15. If you have varicose veins must be at least 2 times per year to visit the doctor-phlebologist, who will accompany the state of the veins and the stage of development of the disease.
prevention varicose veins

If you really need it prevention of varicose veins? The answer only "Yes". Fortunately, it is a disease that refers to diseases that can be prevented, and if there were, do not give him to develop more and even significantly reduce your manifestation.

The proper nutrition when varicose veins

Unfortunately, starting the treatment of varicose veins, and a little bit of attention to nutrition. Although, even in lean persons with a predisposition to this disease should review their diet, to exclude harmful products and add in the menu useful. If the doctor advises to adhere to a special diet, then necessarily you should listen to, even more when varicose veins of the members, is quite protects.

Varicose veins of the internal organs, usually requires a lot of energy, but we're not going to stop, because it is almost always the private service of the diet, that depends on a complication of any underlying condition in fact became his varicose veins.

Which products should not be consumed when varicose veins

This is everything that affects significantly the composition and the viscosity of the blood, but in the first place:

  1. The alcohol.
  2. Smoked and fried food.
  3. Products with large fat content.
  4. Light carbohydrates.
  5. Black tea and coffee.
  6. Products with a preservative.

Do not need to abandon completely the above, the principle of the other – you should minimize the usage of data products to a minimum. For example, not buying meat, pork and lamb meat, and lean meat or rabbit, and not roast them, boil, steaming or roasting on the grill – without the fat and trying to minimize the grilling to a minimum. A cup of coffee per day or a glass of wine at the party and did not bring damage, while the black tea can be replaced with herbs. Sweets easily replaced by dried fruits (but, also, in reasonable quantities). Products with a preservative, when modern plenty of products on the market and the availability of refrigerators in the majority of cases, it is easy to replace, the natural.

Prevention varicose veins through proper diet

Choose the products for diet, you need to opt for those that help to reduce the weight, reduce the swelling, contribute to the strengthening of the blood vessels, reduces blood viscosity and reduce blood pressure. This is:

  1. Water. You need to drink 2-2,5 litres of liquid per day. That is, not necessarily just water, they are considered beverages and juices, jams, broths, and t. d.
  2. Vegetable cellulose, that is, vegetables and cereals. These products should be the basis of their power, so much so that the choice of your huge dishes and even more. They uniformly give you energy, not giving leaps of insulin level and help keep in order the intestine.
  3. The berries and fruits, it is also the pulp, which is the most important source of vitamins.
  4. Dried fruits – contribute to the liquefaction of the blood and serve a delicious and useful substitute for sweets.
  5. Spice, curry, ginger, thyme, saffron and dp. Before including them in the diet, make sure you talk with your doctor, because sharp when varicose veins is contraindicated, but there are spices, beneficially affect the properties of the blood, and the doctor says to him, what is useful in your case.
  6. Nuts and legumes contain vitamin E (tocopherol) and vegetable proteins. Consume with caution, since it is quite caloric products (especially nuts).
  7. Fish and seafood (including seaweed natural suppliers of omega-3 unsaturated fat and trace elements. These substances enhance the immunity and promote the reabsorption kholestarinovich plates.
the proper nutrition when varicose veins

It's also worth regularly consumed sprouted wheat – cheap supplier of amino acids and vitamins. May be there is only one way, or add in salads, the important thing is to cool.

All that has been said above, it loses all meaning, if the person is overweight. He aggravates and complexity of the varicose veins in the legs, symptoms and treatment of this chronic disease. Therefore, important measures for the prevention of varicose veins is the lifestyle and proper nutrition. The practice shows weight reduction, literally, a few pounds brings a serious relief of the patient. The feet get tired less, you decrease the swelling to disappear the pain. It is important that you lose weight gradually and under the supervision of a phlebologist, and not only lose weight but also for practicing sports, to strengthen the muscles and remove the skin.

Prevention of varicose veins through physical education

Physical form, it is one of the highlights, because it enables you to stop the disease, do not resort to medical treatment. But also as and nutrition, physical education classes and sports should be in harmony with your doctor. The best of the sport in this disease, it is swimming. He helps to train, while avoiding the excess load on a member. More, water, in itself, an excellent coach makes the muscles and skin, improves blood circulation.

But not all and not in all places, there is the opportunity to swim or do water aerobics. Nothing of running are also useful. Simply wear compression stockings, do an exercise to warm up your muscles and run. If the disease is at a stage where race no longer walk. Including, you can try the Norwegian walking – sticks. This new type of sport is good because it helps to activate the muscles and upper part of the trunk, and, therefore, the body receives the uniform load and the recovery effect will be more pronounced.

Just do not forget to prevention, as treatment of varicose veins should be performed under medical supervision, and only he can tell you to help jogging or is it better to choose another sport, only to have it tell me how much time to practice, and what kind of load that are optimum for your body.