The treatment of varicose veins folk media

It is believed that varicose veins are predominantly woman's disease. Their development cause hormonal disturbances in the body, endocrine diseases, obesity, smoking, frequent load and t. d. But was not the cause of the appearance of the disease, needs to be treated. And the sooner you start this, the better.

the treatment of varicose veins folk methods

In the early stages of disease development to cope with this disease can be alone, not have to resort to the help of modern medicine. Folk remedies of varicose veins are available to all, and may very well deal with it in a short space of time.

The efficiency of the funds of the folk medicine of varicose veins

Folk remedies of varicose veins are really effective. And, to understand how they work, you should remember, what happens in the body when the development of this disease.

Varicose veins, characterized by loss of elasticity of the walls of the blood vessels and stretching. When an opening in the veins is very large, the blood circulation decreases, she begins to gather the product, creating high pressure on the blood vessels. The substances that are in the blood (and not only contain the good and useful to the body), cause the appearance of a blood clot and nodules. They, in turn, lead to the depletion of the walls of the blood vessels, making them brittle and fragile.

The result of this in the body occurs frequent internal bleeding, which can observe the emergence of skin dark, blue, and purple, and sometimes stains. The vessels at the time highly come into contact with the skin, when you appeared to him in the form of venous "stars".

The treatment of varicose veins feet folk means directionally in the first place, about the cleansing of the blood vessels and improve blood viscosity. As a result of its regular application blood clots resolvestXia, the circulation of blood, recovers the tone of the blood vessels increases, they become durable and "hidden" deep under the skin, making it invisible to the human eye.

But it is worth mentioning that the folk remedies of varicose veins are only effective in the early stages of the development of the disease. Cast varicose veins should be treated in a comprehensive way, using the tools of folk medicine and official. You should regularly practice sessions of physiotherapy because it and following your diet.

The treatment varicose veins: what you need to know?

Whatever the means you have not used for the treatment of varicose veins, if you will not use, in practice, some rules, they will not help you get rid of this disease. During the course of curative therapy, you need to:

  • the walk the walk, stop transport or lift);
  • use shoes flat or heels not over 4 cm;
  • do the contrast bath for the feet (they help improve the tonus of the vascular);
  • regularly following your diet, eliminating him foods with a high content of cholesterol (diet should prevail foods with a vitamin c content and P);
  • each day carry out curative gymnastics, aimed at strengthening the muscles and blood vessels in the legs.

It is also recommended to use the ointment healing, which contribute to relieve the swelling and "gravity" in the legs. In addition, you should drink every day, not least 2 liters of water. It promotes the cleaning of vessels and normalization of metabolic processes.

Folk remedies of varicose veins in the legs in a complex with all of these activities allow you to quickly get rid of the symptoms of varicose veins, the disease and improve the quality of your life several times.

The tool of the folk medicine of varicose veins

Folk medicine offers us a lot of recipes that help combat varicose veins, a disease in the feet. Which of them is the most efficient mean, it is very difficult. Because every body is different and may respond differently at one time or another medium. So you have to try different methods of treatment of varicose veins before you will find it is more a tool that will really help you to overcome this disease.

Withdmarketing bath

Treatment of varicose veins folk media can occur with the help of soda in the bath. For your kitchen you need to lie down in a tub of warm water, stir in it a bunch of baking soda and add grams of 40 alum.

Taking a bath should sitting for 20 minutes several times a day. Do your best, before you sleep, then you can lie down and relax. After this procedure, the legs should lubricate the cream and the gel, that will prescribed by the doctor.

Therapeutic compresses

the causes of varicose veins

In the struggle with varicose veins are considered to be very effective compresses, prepared with the participation of the different infusions. It is recommended that the hot break and cold. In this case, should be switched.

Effective is to compress tinctures Kalanchoe. The leaves of this plant pour alcohol and insist for several weeks. After that the tool paper filter, lubricate them with the dead of vienna, and on top of UCUtIWAYt polyethylene and a bandage, and leave this compress on all night.

To make the compress can be and from tomato extract (not the cart, and home-cooked!). She warmed up to 40-45 With, applied on the affected area, wrap several layers of cling film and a bandage. If not the home of tomato paste, then you can use the routine fresh tomatoes. Its should be cut into slices and attach to the dilated veins, attach cling film and a bandage. This compress should be kept for up to 4 hours.

Very well, if you have the opportunity to use green tomatoes. They contain toxic substances that contribute to activate the body's defenses and improve the processes of regeneration. Tomatoes should be grate on the fine grater and the resulting mass pour inflamed for 3 hours. The feet also need .tandtü cling film and bandage in multiple layers.

Folk remedies of treatment of varicose veins of the lower limbs also suggests the use of cabbage leaves. They apply themselves to their feet and lock bandage. This compress should be done every day and maintain a minimum of 10 hours.

You can also make a compress of garlic. It helps to improve the circulation of the blood, purification of blood vessels and strengthen them. To make a compress you need to lose peeled garlic through the press and in the proportion of 1:2 to mix with the butter.

Obtained the mixture should be a thick layer apply on the affected area feet, and the top wrap them in polyethylene and bandage. Keep the compress should be about 1 hour. Make your recommended that every day for several weeks.

At home, you can also make a compress on the base of sour milk and the absinthe. Dry grass, chop it, and mix with the sour milk, so that you was thick mush. She needs to apply on the affected area feet. From the top of a member must, necessarily, involve multiple layers of cling film and a bandage. Keep the compress, you need 30 minutes.

Honey varicose veins

Varicose veins – a disease in which occurs a violation of blood circulation in the lower limbs. The mel is a tool that helps you solve this problem. You can use it in a different way.

For example, you can make anklets baths of honey. To prepare you should pour it into a basin with 5 litres of warm water and mix it with 100 g of honey. The honeymoon solution should soak your feet for 15 minutes. After such a procedure should pick up a gauze, dampening the cloth it in cold water and rub the vulnerability of the foot. Such baths should be done every day for several weeks.

The honey can also be used as a compress. For this reason, in the amount of 50 g is necessary to pre-heat slightly and mix with 300 g potatoes, grated raw. The dough should be carefully to lie down in the damaged vessels, on top to keep it in cling film and a bandage. The compress should be kept for about half an hour, and after the walk need to wash with warm water.

Very effective is the compress of broth of a camomile and honey. You will need a strong broth of concentrated chamomile. For its preparation, take 25 g of raw materials, populate it with a glass of boiling water and let it sit for about an hour. After this, strain the broth, and stir into it a tablespoon of honey. The resulting solution moisten gauze bandage to attach it to the inflamed veins, and lock the cling film and dry bandage. Leave the compress not less than one hour.

The treatment of varicose veins, disease folk media can be performed from prostоквandши and honey. For this, mix 3 ct. l. heated to 50 With honey, with a glass of prostоквandши and apply the paste on the foot. Top cover with cheesecloth and soak up so 20-25 minutes. After that just rinse the tool with the skin with warm water.

Honey, you can prepare a medicine for oral administration. For this, it is necessary to prepare the herbal decoction of calendula flowers and chamomile. To prepare a charge of 25 g of each of the ingredients, pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and insist in a period of a few hours. After that, the infusion процеживandеtXia and mixed with 2 ct. l. honey.

Take the tool need 1.5 ct. l. 4 times a day, for 2 weeks. After that, you need necessarily to take a little break.

bath of varicose veins

More a tool for oral administration which helps to fight against varicose veins – clear walnut-drink. To do this, chop nutmeg powder (50 g), fill it with a glass of boiling water and add a tablespoon of honey. This drink need to let it sit for about an hour, after which you can drink. Take this tool must be the amount of a cup an hour before meals and 2 hours after.

Remember that the folk remedies against varicose veins is only effective in the early stages of the development of the disease and regular use. If the disease is already running, you should not self-medicate, as this may cause serious health problems.