Varicose veins in the legs of women - causes and treatment

In modern society, it is believed that the varicose veins is a disease of women. Why? Because in the advertising of creams and pills against varicose veins appear to be, women of legs. And some truth there is, because women varicose veins actually occurs much more often than men. How to treat varicose veins in the legs of women? What are the characteristics of the therapy?

Why women suffer more varicose veins

varicose veins in the legs of women

To answer this question, you can contact the most explicit factors that precede the onset of varicose veins, disease.

  • Hereditary predisposition. If someone has your generation was varicose veins, there is the possibility that the illness sooner or later it will manifest itself and you.
  • Hormonal disturbances. And here if you apply the natural changes (pregnancy, menopause) and artificial (for the purchase of medicines hormonal).
  • The exercise of any plan: the domestic and professional use. Along the vertical position, exposed feet colossal load and pressure.
  • Tight shoes and clothes. Tighten the feet causes the stagnation of blood and thinning blood vessels.

The main causes of varicose veins women are asking yourself: wear high heels and natural hormonal changes. But even the ladies who wear comfortable shoes and do not have problems with the endocrine system, are immune to becoming a victim of varicose veins of the leg extension. Why? Because according to the statistics, the women to control their sexuality more likely to suffer with this disease.

How to manifest varicose veins in women

The symptoms varicose veins the feet of women manifest themselves "enlightened", than for men. Women are more sensitive to pain and edema, they soon realize that the color changes of the skin and the emergence of a "drawing" of the veins. The man can't draw attention to varicose veins until the end of the second stage, and the woman begins to beat the anxiety, as I only notice the first varicose veins asterisk.

The more clear signs of varicose veins the feet of women:

  1. The first stage: swelling, itching legs, the desire to stretch their legs. If you click on the shin the toes, you can feel pasty consistency. The skin on the legs becomes dry, can receive light spider veins.
  2. Second stage: the symptoms of the first stage will be added pain in the legs, which prevents sleep. Through the skin is clearly seen in vienna, some of them may be convex.
  3. Third step: it is broken trophic skin, thins, appear wounds. Swollen of vienna looks very ugly, the feet constantly resent.

Why is it important to treat varicose veins

Many still do not know is that it is dangerous to varicose veins in the legs of women, and the certainty that the aesthetic of imperfection can hide a long skirt or pants. But swollen bluish vienna is not the worst. Cast varicose veins can lead to the formation of trophic ulcers. And this not only hurts, but also full of entrance of the infection.

Varicose veins extension dangerous for the fact that it can cause the development of other diseases related to the violation of circulation. For example, thrombo-phlebitis, which is manifested by the formation of blood clots in the vessels. If a blood clot suddenly loose, and will come to the heart, occur in instantaneous death.

the treatment of varicose veins

It is especially dangerous female varicose veins of old age. The ladies, already do not propose the beauty and charm and not put the legs out. If so, then why get rid of ugly veins? As a result, varicose veins extension develops and brings more suffering. The young women who are concerned about their attraction, pay attention to the color change and texture of the skin on your feet, and run towards the doctor. This allows time to start the treatment, the varicose veins in the feet of the women and prevent complications.

Forms of treatment for varicose veins women

The golden rule treatment of any disease extends to varicose veins: the sooner you begin to treat, the greater the chance of success. In any case, will not prevent the conservative therapy. She prescribed as in the first phase varicose veins, and in the third, and also in the period of rehabilitation after the surgery.

  • Meshes compression. The best thing that ever was invented by doctors and scientists. Socks, socks and socks made of special material are sewn therefore, to hold the foot, with different degrees of pressure. Mesh compression selected strictly to the standards, in order to provide the proper action. Women with pleasure that take these socks instead of the usual nylon.
  • Cream against varicose veins. The anointing of the feet before sleeping – one of the habitual actions of every woman. But instead of a simple moisturizing cream is best to use a special against varicose veins. Such drugs can have as part of heparin, troxerutin and other venotonic tools that help to improve the circulation of blood in the legs. In addition, it is a massage that gives a lymphatic effect.
  • The medication treatment. Pills and medicines are written only by a physician. Because the that among the medications against varicose veins, there are different types, anticoagulants, and t. p.
  • The physical culture. The practice of sports to varicose veins, we should not forget that one of the causes of the disease are the exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to choose such exercises in which the feet almost not shake or are above the trunk. From elementary: "birch", "bicycle", "scissors". Among the destinations of gym-ideal for pilates, yoga, swimming, dance.

Now you are aware of, how to treat varicose veins in the legs of a woman in the house, and you can apply this in practice. It is best to do all this with the permission of phlebologist, but if you consult a specialist, it is not possible, it is possible to buy in optonpедическonм lounge of compression stockings, from the pharmacy – cream varicose veins, and in the evenings, to play sports.

Popular medicine against the female varicose veins

Every woman at some time in their life used a recipe of folk medicine. It is comfortable and very efficient. If you do not know how to treat varicose veins in the legs of women popular tools, refer to the Internet. In the forums, you can find lots of tips and recommendations for one or another recipe. Between them, they can be offered the baths to the feet, the broth and tinctures for use within and for rubbing and compresses.

How to avoid varicose veins expansion

Prevention varicose veins in the feet of the women it includes simple rules that must be followed regularly.

  • High-heeled shoes is very stylish, but to use them, preferably only on special days. Every day we choose comfortable shoes.
  • The diet will help you not only acquire the thinness, but also to prevent varicose veins. Because excess weight increases the load on the legs.
  • Compression socks, of course, more expensive than conventional, but it is a guarantee of well-being and health.
prevention varicose veins

And the last one. Must not forget, that the woman was created for the wonderful, for it's not worth more time to have the heavy work for the physical activities. Bags with products and internment in the apartment, leave the men. And offer more time for yourself, your beloved. Then, varicose veins and other diseases are going to skip the party.