Varicose veins in pregnancy

In the body of a pregnant woman, usually, there are multiple changes. The hormones adjusted so that the child has developed normal, in addition, a woman greatly increases size, and quickly gaining weight, than to suffer a lot of the feet.

In addition, cause varicose veins can growing uterus that compresses the organs and the vessels around itself and can cause its deformation. Many women in the period of pregnancy to detect the emergence of stars on the feet, that if not treated can get into serious complications.


varicose veins in pregnancy

Varicose veins is a disease in which occurs his deformity, the veins swell and are being extended. Many believe that varicose veins is a cosmetic defect, that can is not treated, a statement that is absolutely not true. Varicose veins extension is a very serious pathology that should be carefully monitored in a period of gestation, otherwise you receive a threat to life of mother and child.

This pathology is considered to be very common among women, especially pregnant women. If the first manifestation of the disease have emerged in the last pregnancy, the treatment still needs to develop, as well as after the birth, it is possible to the accentuated deterioration of the state.

Outline some of the reasons that can appear varicose veins in pregnant women:

  • A large set of the weight, in this case, the feet are experimenting with the work load and the vessels may deform.
  • A sedentary lifestyle, in that the tissues occur stagnant processes. It is important to understand that pregnancy is a physiological process and not a disease, therefore, is not the entire day eating and sleeping, must, necessarily, pass.
  • Hereditary predisposition. Varicose veins during pregnancy often occurs in women, of parents who have suffered such an illness.
  • The use of high heels can cause varicose veins even that not of a pregnant woman, uncomfortable shoes load on the column and the legs strongly increases, and increases the risk of problems with the blood vessels. Furthermore, during pregnancy high wearing pins, may involve a fall and a serious injury, that would involve a series of complications.
  • If a woman has a capillary mesh was before the pregnancy, during the transport the child, the situation can worsen dramatically.
  • Wearing of weight, especially in the period of the carriage by the child, can dramatically worsen the condition of the blood vessels.

It is important to be aware that the body of a pregnant woman daily subjected to a huge load, so the need to take preventive measures among healthy women before the spider veins begin to appear. Otherwise, you will have a long and difficult to be treated, to get rid of small defects, the pain, and not cause serious complications.

Types of

During pregnancy varicose veins can appear in various types:

  • Varicose veins in pregnancy in groin is a frequent disease, the reason the top — hormonal restructuring. In the period of the carriage by the fruit rises dramatically the amount of female hormone, as a consequence, appears varicose veins labia during pregnancy. When you do this, the groin, gets the itchy, the skin appears dry on the surface may be visible in vascular mesh. If the pathology is not treated, the veins can get damaged and cause a strong bleeding.
  • Varicose veins of the pelvic floor during pregnancy is a serious pathology that can cause a multitude of complications. In this case, it may be the uterus and the vagina, and the reason for this the same hormones, in addition, the vessels have to work in twice the force to ensure a normal feeding for the fetus. Pelvic varicose veins can pass asymptomatically, pathology, generally, reveal, in ultra-sound, so it is very important to you in a timely manner to stand up in accounting in the female consultation and examination.
  • Varicose veins in the legs during pregnancy is the most frequent pathology.

Regardless of the type of varicose veins, the woman must necessarily undergo treatment, to reduce the risk of serious complications.

The symptoms

varicose veins in pregnancy

In most cases, varicose veins manifests itself only in the last months of pregnancy. In the first time, the woman does not feel any discomfort, but may appear faded veins of the mesh and the stars, which not all pay attention.

Usually appear the following symptoms:

  • Strong fatigue of the foot during the movement. Many patients take such a symptom, as a rule, because it is logical that if you increase the weight of the foot can get tired. In fact, there is excess of fatigue should not be, woman healthy such a symptom, usually, does not suffer. The fatigue in the foot is an opportunity to sign up for considering.
  • Seizures during the night. Such a frequent symptom among pregnant women, but by many gynecologists do not refer patients for exams, prescribe vitamins. Really, when unbalanced nutrition and lack of micronutrients convulsions may occur, but to identify the exact cause of this unpleasant symptom, you should check to see if the vessels.
  • Complaining of pain in the foot, often without a very special reason. Sometimes, the legs may become ill in the latest cycle of life, if the woman was for a long time, fatigue is the norm. But if the pain bothers you the future mother every day, and without special reason, a doctor-whereas, it is necessary to use necessarily, without waiting for visible signs of the disease.
  • The swelling is a companion 90% of the pregnancies. If to become swollen exclusively of the foot, you should check to see if the vessels.
  • The severity of muscle, stiffness in movement — these symptoms say about your violation of circulation, which necessarily have to be complicated varicose veins, if you do not take any measures.
  • The feet begin to stink. One of the symptoms of the varicose veins is the increased sweating of the feet due to lack of blood circulation, so the foot can smell bad. Perspiration together with other unpleasant sensations can talk about the presence of different pathologies and infectious diseases.

Many women, after reading these symptoms, I think that at least one of them occurs in any pregnant. This is true, but not all women appears varicose veins. This symptomatology may speak of a multitude of other pathologies, or be an option normal. It is precisely to make sure that the pathology does not, any pregnant prophylactic't necessarily need to visit a doctor in the lives of more than 20 weeks, and again after 30 weeks, especially if something is bothering you.


To properly diagnose the disease can only doctor. In any case, it is not worth to be treated by a doctor or therapist, if they do not have the relevant diploma and work experience. Other professionals can only give an overview tips to relieve the symptoms, but this treatment does not bring freedom from problems and not even be able to suspend the development of complications, and, still more, delete.

diagnosis varicose veins

To visit phlebologist needs to say clearly about all your complaints, what exactly bothers you, and in that moment, with that it can be connected. It is important to remember the relatives who have been diagnosed with varicose veins. So your doctor will need to last ultrasound, that made the future mom.

Based on prepared history, and the visual inspection the doctor establishes the diagnosis of varicose veins, if any. To confirm the veracity of the diagnosis pregnant will guide you on the ultra-sonography of the vessels, through which the doctor can examine the state of blood flow and the vein, to detect the thrombus deformation.


Many patients are wondering if the doctor found varicose veins on the legs during pregnancy, what to do with it, how to treat correctly so as not to harm the child. It is important to note that, the sooner the mother-to-be asked for help, the easier will be the cure of the disease reception without harmful drugs.

The pregnant women is extremely rare, prescribe a drug treatment, as well as the surgical operation, because, in the first place you need to protect the future of the child. But if the disease is discovered the manner of execution, without a good treatment is indispensable, as well as complications may develop before the advent of the child of light, which is very dangerous for life like his, and the mother.

  1. In the first place, the mother is prescribed buy special compression clothes and use it every day. Stockings and socks for pregnant women are an excellent method of prevention and treatment of varicose veins in their early stages. They exert different pressures on the foot, which increases from top to bottom, it is allowed normally you push the blood, not giving it to accumulate at the bottom, and the vessels to expand.
  2. Physical form for pregnant women to varicose veins is a great way to establish the circulation of the blood in the legs, without the external interference, reduce the swelling and pain and improve the general state.
  3. When complicated forms of varicose veins pregnant prescribe to use special equipment for therapeutic mesh. It exerts a strong pressure on the affected area, compresses the vein, reduces the swelling and pain.
  4. Drugs prescribed for cases in which the intended benefits to the mother exceeds the potential risk to the fetus. All the medicines and the doses selects exclusively the physician, or the chronic self-medication during pregnancy can not be and speech.
  5. Surgical intervention in pregnant patients is shown only when there are complications, such as, for example, blood clots are dangerous to the life and trophic ulcers. For the resolution of cosmetics during pregnancy, the operation is contra-indicated.
  6. Home remedies can be used as prevention, so this will be perfect to have relaxing baths to the feet, massage with a moisturizing cream. Treat varicose veins folk media alone is not worth it, we need to first go through the examination and consult with your doctor. If the expert approves the selected methods in the integrated system of therapy, then using them may be.

Natural childbirth

The tactic of delivery, the doctors choose based on the state of the patient. If the illness is of a mild form and severe complications is not expected, there may be a natural birth. In this case, as prevention during labor it is necessary to wear compression stockings or apply a dressing of foot elastic bandage. Such measures will help prevent the thrombosis of the veins of the lower limbs.

If the coagulation of the blood of the patient is broken and there is a risk of blood clots, as well as the presence of other severe pathologies, may be indicated for a c-section. In some cases, prescribe drugs that improve the state of the bloodstream, and can be carried out with a natural birth.

Many waves of life after birth, how to act, and will recover with varicose veins in the army. The disease after pregnancy by itself does not pass, therefore, the woman must, necessarily, continue to be treated by a doctor. The question will recover with varicose veins in the army, difficult to answer. This depends on the stage of the disease and circulatory disorders, in some cases, the person may not be for nothing.


Preventing varicose veins when pregnancy is certain style of life. The woman needs to eat, but not too much, to lead to measure an active life-style. Need, necessarily, to spend time outdoors every day, and do gymnastics for pregnant women.

the treatment of varicose veins in pregnant women

To reduce the risk of occurrence of varicose veins in the latest cycle of life and during childbirth can wearing special compression underwear for pregnant women. In addition, compression socks and stockings help relieve the swelling, tiredness in the legs during long hikes.