The tool of varicose veins: treatment methods and prevention

Varicose veins (or varicose veins) is considered a female disease, because women suffer from it three times more. This disease can affect various organs of the human body: the venous wall of the pelvis, the seed power cable, the egg, the stomach or the esophagus.

varicose veins

However, more often than they do about varicose veins of the lower limbs, which may be the result of a hereditary predisposition, a disease concomitant excess pressure, inactivity, and conditions of work which requires prolonged standing, sitting in one position, when it occurs the pressure on the veins. It is often enough varicose veins manifests itself in women during pregnancy.

Varicose veins are very difficult to treat. You can say that completely getting rid of it is almost impossible. The use of ointments, creams, lotions, tablets, tales of revenue exercises the ministry physiotherapy can help to maintain a satisfactory state. In some cases, on the recommendation of the doctor-phlebologist, the ideal can become a surgical intervention. If varicose veins are not treated, the disease can turn into more of a complex disease – thrombophlebitis, lead to the formation of eczema, trophic ulcers.

The first symptoms of the disease

To identify the onset of the disease is quite difficult because the first signs: the severity, the pain in the legs, rapid fatigue can be symptoms of other diseases. The sign of varicose veins, is missing.

In the initial stage of varicose veins woman concerned is not the pain, fatigue, and the bulging veins, and the aesthetic appearance of a defect, which is expressed in appear in the legs branched vascular image. Then, appear small swelling of the feet, passing after a night's rest. Measuring the circumference of the leg at night, before bed, and in the morning, after lifting, you can make sure violation of venous thrombosis churn. If the difference of the two values above 1 cm, it means that you need to visit phlebologist. The doctor will perform the necessary studies and prescribe the treatment.

Medicines for varicose veins

To be successful in the treatment of disease is only possible with the combination of outdoor media (this can be a variety of baths, compresses, plasters, ointments, gels) and received within capsules, tablets varicose veins. All medicines can be divided into several groups:

  • medicines, which are intended to normalize the structure of the tissues of the blood vessels and improve the tonus of the venous wall, when you do this, they reduce the swelling, relieve the pain;
  • medicines to thin the blood and improve the blood circulation, this may not be just the ointment and tablets, but and injections;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs, action which is directed not to the treatment directly to the varicose veins, and symptoms of withdrawal, which accompanies the manifestation of the disease: swelling, pain.

Ointment for varicose veins

In the complex of medicines prescribed by a doctor, usually includes ointment to varicose veins in the legs. They are not the main component of treatment and are used only as a prevention. Your main objective:

  • the reduction of the edema, the pain;
  • the increase of tonus of the walls of the blood vessels;
  • improvement of the functioning of the valves of the blood vessels.

This allows you to restore the violation of blood circulation and prevent the development of complications.

Creams and ointments varicose veins there are many. Its action is based on the content in the prescription of oral anticoagulants – provides an analgesic and an effect of toning. More an indispensable component of data of medicines and vitamins (B1, B5, C). Not worth to self-medicate and acquire the medicine independently, based on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Only your doctor can determine which ointment against varicose veins will help you. Contra-indications to the use of creams, gels and ointments when varicose veins in the legs can become an allergic reaction to a substance, to receive in its composition, damage to the skin of the integument, open wounds.

Treatment with tablets

the treatment of varicose veins

Whatever the method of treatment is not offered to a physician, may be up to the prompt intervention, between prescribed medications, will certainly be tablets of varicose veins. They are classified into various types:

  • anticoagulants;
  • medicines of oedema;
  • antiplatelet agents;
  • the tool of trophic changes;
  • antioxidants;

The majority of tablets of varicose veins in the legs can be purchased in pharmacies without a prescription. However, if you self-medicate, it's not worth, because the excessive use of drugs, can not only help in the treatment of diseases, but to damage the health of the body in general. Only the expert, the doctor, based on the research conducted, to determine exactly what are the pills of varicose veins in the legs have to be assigned to a, and give suggestions on its application.

Folk remedies

Many patients combine the treatment prescribed by the doctor with the use of remedies of varicose veins. They represent formulas of herbs of medicinal herbs, of which, then, independently, are made out of a variety of teas, ointments, lotions.

Effectively help treat varicose veins folk recipes include the root of the dandelion, the leaves of celandine, flowers of chamomile, series, wormwood, st. john's wort, calendula and other plants that grow in our territory.

The absinthe white

The leaves and stems of plants carefully ground, mixed with sour milk. Within 5 days, resulting from the composition to bind the bandage, that involve the foot. Is a supplement food take a puree of apples Antonivka: 3 apple, pour 1 liter of boiling water and leave for 3 hours. Then apples, remove it and grind with the help of a blender, mixer, or otherwise.


Quite long lasting, but the safer and more efficient for the people method of treatment of varicose veins, feet, founded on abuse within six months of the infusion of two tablespoons of nettle leaves, filled with a cup of boiled water. Insist 1 hour, and then take ¼ cup three times a day. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment need to adhere to a diet, eliminating them from the food smoked, fat meat, fried fish.

The hops

Excellent results helps get the people treatment varicose veins feet with the hops. Pour 2 tablespoons shredded hop cones boiling water (2 cups), insist on for about 30 minutes. Take before meals (half an hour), 3 times a day. The same tool can wet the bandages and apply the hit sectors.


Considered one of the best means to treat the symptoms of varicose veins. The extract from the nut is a member of many ointments, creams and gels. In popular medicine it is used for the infusion of the fruit of the chestnut. Your spray (50g), and along with the peel, pour vodka (0.5 l). Survive in the turning of a week in a dark, cool place, infusion ready.

He needs to drink 10 drops 4 times per day during the month. For this tool, there are contra-indications: first trimester of pregnancy, lactation, renal insufficiency.

Green tomatoes

This recipe is the most simple. Tomatoes you need to cut the slices and applying the hit sites. Keep the light on, after washing the skin with cold water.


The procedure does not require a lot of time and effort. Grate the potatoes and use compresses. There may be other treatment options. Squeeze out the potato juice and use it to impose a compress.

The leaves of Kalanchoe

in folk medicine, when varicose veins

Take of the pot and half fill cut leaves of Kalanchoe, the rest topped up with vodka. After a week of infusion, strain it. Resulting from the tool use, by scrubbing each day the feet in places disturbed. Gradually the blue venous mesh disappear.

Louse wood and burdock

The industries with the venous mesh to put a little bit of woodlice to cover the leaf of burdock, registering the bandage. Every 2 hours, the change of burdock. Repeat the procedure until the pain of the screen. This will take about a week.

The great popularity it enjoys a popular recipe tool of the veins in the legs, received the name of "the miracle of the ointment of varicose veins". Its preparation does not take much time, and under the effect of any one. The only one defect – the bad smell. But as well as the course of treatment is a few days, then spend it, you can, for example, during the holidays.

The ingredients that compose them, that are quite simple:

  • clarified fat;
  • the liquid honey;
  • aloe juice and onion;
  • the ointment of Greatness.

If you want, you can add liquid soap. Carefully mix 1 tablespoon of each component, heat until boiling (do not boil!). Ointment ready. The cooled composition to store in glass containers in the fridge.

Prepared according to the methods popular recipe of "the miracle of the ointment of varicose veins", apply on the affected area and not too tight apply a dressing. Change the need of 1 time per day, until they will not end up with the drug.

To deal with the manifestations of varicose veins help the cold break. For this, the base (honey, clay, mud, medicinal, chocolate, vinegar) to swab on the surface of the feet, on top of the wrap film, and maintained during 20 minutes. Then wash with water. Performing this procedure two times per week, you can get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

The treatment of varicose veins at home

Many suffer from varicose veins, especially in the initial phase, do not rush to go to the doctor and they try to pass treatment varicose veins feet at home. About this, says in one of his events Elena Malysheva. She notes that a visit to the office of phlebologist and consult your available on the issues, it is clear that should. However, this does not mean that you have to hurry to the reception, when you see the first signs of the disease.

Enough to know the main ways of treatment and prevention, to try to get rid of the first signs of varicose veins at home.

  1. If you feel tired after long periods of standing on your feet at night swollen feet, when first appeared varicose veins, then you need to start with lifestyle changes. There are still no serious threat to the health, but still need to increase the physical load, to pay more attention to the sport, active life style.
  2. The treatment of varicose veins at home is impossible without a special diet. Pay attention to your food. Make a more balanced diet. Avoid fatty foods, delete smoked, fried fish. Include in your menu of marine products (mussels, shrimps, seafood, cabbage), beef liver, various cereals (pasta rice, semolina, wheat). Do not forget to salads of fresh vegetables, only to temper your need for mayonnaise and olive oil. Such foods will enrich your body with vitamins, minerals, that will help him in combat emerging disease.
  3. Each day, take a shower contrast, it constricts the vessels, normalizes your muscle tone and also helps to strengthen the immunity. A great preventive tool in the fight against varicose veins at home will be the bath for the feet. Only perform the necessary procedure in the bath, and not in the basin, the water must reach the level of the knee. Each day spend 30 minutes the night, raising the legs above the head level.
  4. Avoid high heels (over 3 cm). Use the mesh compression. Special compression stockings, and socks when varicose veins are very effective in its initial stages. They keep the tone of the walls of the blood vessels, prevent deformation, do not allow the expansion. You can also use elastic ligatures, straps.
  5. Use the tools of folk medicine. Use a variety of decoction, tincture of medicinal herbs. The most popular herbal preparations made with the use of the chestnut, leaf of hazel, hop cones, apple cider vinegar, nutmeg. Make lotions and compresses. For example, it is very effective is the compress of cabbage leaves and honey. They apply the hit areas and lock through of the polyethylene, but not more than 2 hours.
the treatment of varicose veins at home

Ways how to treat varicose veins at home are many. However, if the disease does not regress, the symptoms are enhanced, it is best to visit a doctor that will prescribe the conduct required investigation and analysis and will then determine the ideal, most effective methods of treatment.

Varicose veins is a complex disease, as in the physical and in psychological terms. Treatment methods, and folk media, and prescription drugs, the humanity has developed many. If you caught this disease, do not despair. The integrated use of different ways, certainly, will lead to achieving positive results.