The veins in the legs: symptoms and treatment varicose veins effective techniques

Varicose veins is one of the most frequent pathologies, in which occurs the expansion of the diameter of the lumen of the vein and thinning of their walls, resulting occur "nodes", which are bad for local extensions.

varicose veins in the legs

The disease occurs when the venous valves do not perform their functions, or none. When the valves stop working, blood begins to flow in your veins in the opposite direction, gradually, competing in multitude the inferior departments of members. As a result of these pathological processes vienna changes from the normal way, and then begin to various complications.

Varicose veins — a widespread disease. According to statistics, it has 1/3 of the population of the planet. Therefore, if the patient diagnosed with varicose veins are veins on the legs, what is this issues does not occur. Half of the patients in the first phase, even do not know they have the problem.

Varicose veins are men of standing is found in 3 times less than varicose veins in women. And the older women get sick more often. Age up to 25 years varicose veins suffer from only 8% of women, while for patients over 55 years of age the disease is diagnosed in 65% of cases.

The symptoms and signs of the pathology

The symptoms of the disease can vary significantly depending on your stage. Thus, in the initial stages, can be asymptomatic. Sometimes advanced of vienna can be seen by the naked eye, but any symptoms when they are missing. When the varicose expansion of vienna, along a part of the patients convex always, and part of them becomes visible only after the execution of a serious physical load. Many notice signs of varicose veins after they have spent the whole day standing up during hot weather.

Pay attention! If you have a thick or vienna, with complicated extensions, if they would swell when standing up and contract, when you lie down in a horizontal position, the more likely it is varicose veins are veins in the legs.

The symptoms of varicose veins can be attributed to the swelling of the feet, which occurs when a person sits down, it's worth or performs the physical load. In this case, the swelling usually disappears as soon as the patient adopts the down position.

Another symptom of the disease are the patches of skin covering the inner part of the tibia. The skin in the location gets painful brightness, the hairs in a certain area, almost always fall.

The characteristic signs are also fatigue, chronic feet, weight, and burning sensation. Some are marked on the pain of varicose veins and convulsions. In this case, the patients shown wearing socks varicose veins.

Causes of the disease

Generally varicose veins occur in people who, by virtue of the profession, are forced to time of stay, for example, teachers, hairdressers, cooks. It is important to understand that varicose veins is not only aesthetic defect, disturbing many of the fair sex.

Varicose veins is a condition that develops over a long period of time. This happens under the influence of various adverse factors.

Among the main causes of the disease doctors include:

  • the excess body mass;
  • violation of work of the organs of the digestive system, frequent constipation;
  • flat feet;
  • the weakening of the tone of the muscle fibers as a result of an inactive lifestyle;
  • large loads of physical;
  • the lifting of weights;
  • the constant tension of the muscles of the legs.

When you do this, the main reason for the development of the pathology, the doctors who deal with varicose veins, believe that excess weight. It creates a strong load of the foot, resulting in worsening the circulation of blood.

the causes of varicose veins feet

The varicose veins can also cause inflammatory disease reproductive organs in women, endocrine disorders, long stress, poisoning by toxins, genetic factor.

Unfortunately, defects pathology of the valves of the veins that passed on from parents to the child in 70% of cases. If one of your parents has varicose veins, the child can pick up at a young age.

Pay attention! The presence of a predisposition to varicose veins does not mean 100% that the person will develop this disease. Pathology can only occur when you have the attendant adverse factors.

Varicose veins in pregnancy

Many women who are in a position to if you are faced with this problem, such as varicose veins. They feel the constant fatigue, they are so swollen and sore feet. According to the statistics, impairment of blood circulation in the period of transport, the child develops in 20-40% of patients.

The first symptoms of the pathology, near 20 to 30% of the women that appear during the first pregnancy, and 40-60% during the second. After 3 delivery risk for the development of the pathology, increases by 80%. When you do this, most often with varicose veins women who are predisposed to the disease. This situation is aggravated by the fact that pregnant women cannot take the pill of varicose veins. In this case, the doctor may recommend only a proper nutrition and tights for varicose veins.

The treatment of varicose veins at home

Confronted with this disease, the patients realize that the treatment will be long, and the first thing your begins to want to know that it is a matter of: "Varicose veins in the legs: how to heal yourself?".

For a start, you should answer the question, if it is possible to self-medicate with this disease? Because this is a severe pathology, at the first sign that it is recommended to consult the doctor. Only the doctor is able to correctly identify the stage of the disease and assign the most effective treatment, it helps you to choose stockings of varicose veins.

However, in some cases, doctors, even their own recommend to practice the treatment of the disease at home. These activities should include the completion of dressing, the gym, the application of various ointments and infusions. In addition, it is recommended the use of mesh compression when varicose veins.

To trigger the unpleasant symptoms of a disease, you can daily to clean the affected area with ice cubes or cold tubs of ice for 5 to 10 minutes. After this, it is advisable to rest for 10 minutes, lifting the legs above the body. Benefits of a massage when varicose veins. It improves the venous circulation.

In addition, you can use the following recipes.

The decoction of hop cones

For the preparation of drugs, pour 1 St. l. hop cones cup of boiling water and let it rest in a warm place for 20 minutes. It is a tool of the varicose veins need to drink every morning, 30 minutes before a meal.

The mixture of garlic and honey

To prepare a mixture for kneading 250 g garlic 400 g of honey and let it onStto hepatica within 2 weeks. The mixture need to consume 2 times a day for 30 minutes before a meal of 1 St. l.

The kale in the treatment of diseases of the veins

For the cure of varicose veins swab of cabbage, leaf of honey and attach it to the patient beds, wrap all the cling film and leave for 2-3 hours. This procedure needs to be done regularly, 1-2 times per week.

Pay attention! All patients with varicose veins should be under the supervision of a doctor-flebolyeah. Home remedies for the treatment of varicose veins can help prevent the disease or relieve its symptoms. In cases of treatment of varicose veins in the legs honey drugs.

The treatment of varicose veins honey drugs

Medical therapy is an important component in the treatment of varicose veins, especially in the severe form. Properly selected medicines significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of patients with complications, such as pulmonary thromboembolism, varicose eczema, thrombophlebitis.

Generally, their action is directed toward the dilution of the blood, improving blood circulation, eliminating swelling and pain.

the treatment of varicose veins

In addition, the medicines help to resolve the following issues:

  • improve the tone of veins;
  • improve the output of lymph;
  • improve the circulation of the blood;
  • resolution of inflammatory processes.

The data of medicines not only to rid the patient of unpleasant symptoms, but with regular use fully feed the disease.

Pay attention! Prescribe medicines for the treatment of varicose veins may only doctor after careful research!

Prevention varicose veins in the legs

The that balance the prevention of the disease, here it is recommended to avoid large loads of foot, during the seats need to change the posture as soon as possible. In addition, it is necessary to perform light exercises, such as walking on the tips, climb stairs, run 2-3 miles a day, horseback, bicycle. Women are not recommended to use high heel shoes, the height is greater than 4-6 cm, tight jeans and tights, which are able to degrade the circulation of the blood in the veins of the legs.

Pay attention! The best prevention of this pathology is the consideration with the your body. When the first symptoms need to see a doctor and start the treatment.

Only a doctor can properly assess the state of your veins and determine the stage of varicose veins. By calling attention to the disease in its early stages, the doctor will prescribe you a treatment for varicose veins without surgery.

The diet when varicose veins

How to get rid of varicose veins with the help of diet? The doctors say that the intake of food, certain food, the man can how to improve your condition, and aggravate the disease.

When the varicose expansion of the veins, doctors recommend as it is possible to consume foods that thin the blood. This can be attributed currant, garlic, onion, olive oil, the beginning of June. If you have the opportunity to consume these products every day. In food preparation it is recommended to use spices, such as cinnamon and ginger.

However, proper nutrition when varicose veins does not guarantee that you will completely get rid of the disease. In addition to a correct diet is need to perform physical exercises light when varicose veins. They contribute to weight loss. After all, varicose veins usually occurs in people with excess weight. The diet should decide, together with your doctor. Perfect if it will help to strengthen the walls of the vessels, liquefy blood and weight loss.

Exercise with varicose veins

No matter how modern and good nebyland medicines, they will never be able to normalize the pressure in the lower limbs. In this case, can help only a year of varicose veins.

Pay attention! Before performing exercises for varicose veins, experts recommend to put your feet on the pillow and just lie down for 5 to 10 minutes. This is done to normalize the circulation.

  1. The bike. Lie down on the floor, firmly pressing him back and back, and start pedaling in the air. The execution speed of the exercise and choose, however excess is not recommended.
  2. Vertical scissors. Lie down on the floor and extend the arms along the body. During the year of crossing the legs. Try to keep your breathing at this time not сбandваlaxis. The pace of execution of the exercise can choose for yourself.
  3. An exercise for the lower part of the legs when varicose veins. Rotate the foot from different sides, bend and loosen them. You can cheer them on in a clockwise direction, and then against, then up and down. Exercise data, you can do each leg separately, it can be both at the same time. The advantage of this exercise is that it can be run in working hours, under the table cleaning before these shoes.
  4. Semi-press. Lie down on the floor, hands start from the head, the legs, bend the knees. In inspiration, try to lift the body, and in expiration, to occupy the initial position. It is an exercise necessary to repeat 5 to 10 times, depending on the fatigue.
  5. The onion. Lie down on your belly, arms extended along the trunk. Try to lift the chest and legs at the same time. Do the exercise 10 to 15 times.

After the execution of these exercises, it is recommended that you use contrast shower.

prevention varicose veins

Pay attention! Exercises with varicose veins benefit only if carried out regularly, to combine with the application of recipes of traditional medicine and medications.

Varicose veins is a serious disease that requires complex and long-term treatment. Therefore, it is better to prevent than to heal.