Contra-indications when varicose veins in the legs

Varicose veins is characterized clogged blood vessels, and the violation of circulation of blood in the capillaries. It is important to make adjustments in life-style, that, to prevent the occurrence of thrombophlebitis, and trophic ulcers. The success of the treatment of the disease, you must respect the contra-indications to the varix, to effectively eliminate the negative factors and relieve the state of the patient.

Varicose veins – what can and what can't be?

contra-indications when varicose veins

Contra-indications when varicose veins in the legs of women and men relate to different areas of life is nutrition, exercise, carry out the hygiene procedures, the use of shoes, restrictions on the acceptance of drug of medications and intervention in the legs.

Preventive measures it is necessary to comply with the treatment period and over the next few years of life, to stop the progression of the disease and effectively eliminate varicose veins.

The that not can varicose veins and problems vessels women:

  • You should avoid the intake of hormonal contraceptives, this recommendation is related to the fact that the sex hormones activate the clotting of the blood, as a result can appear blood clots in the vessels;
  • It is forbidden to do massage anti-cellulite with pressure and active massage damaged varicose areas – it is permitted to preventive foot massage, but only under the supervision of a doctor and in the initial phase of development of the disease;
  • When you visit the gym, you can lift weights of not more than 4 kg, it is not contraindicated in pilates, yoga, classes at the pool;
  • When varicose veins can not use high heel shoes, the height should not exceed 3 to 4 cm (heel promotes muscle tone and of the feet, prevented from venous output of blood, because of the disease progresses);
  • It is contraindicated to waxing, which reduces the elasticity of veins and vessels, prohibited is the feet with hot water, pedicure, the temperature of the bath should not exceed 35 degrees;
  • Narrow garment (leggings, jeans, leggings) exerts a pressure contributes to the correct distribution of blood to the vessels and capillaries, the clamp of vienna, which cause complications of the disease.

Contra-indications that relate to all patients with varicose veins of the extension include the absence of energy peaks in a set of body mass, and to avoid this, it is important to properly and in a balanced way to eat excluding fried, fatty dishes, products of fast food, empty carbohydrates.


Are counter-indicated when varicose veins feet of strength exercise, the excess load on the lower limbs, different types of races in time, the squat with weights. It is always necessary to measure the work load, put in a period of practice of mesh compression.

Patients with varicose veins feet forbidden to enter the baths and sauna, to avoid the pressure on the capillaries. Long stay under the sun, use of the solarium can cause the progression of the disease of the feet.

People whose work is related to the long stays in a position need to change the posture, to avoid the feeling flowing muscles, to give legs to rest (to keep the spirits high. Before you travel, or long travel use mesh compression (align the size and the degree of compression with your doctor).

Features power, when varicose veins

Patients with a diagnosis of varicose veins need to eliminate from the diet foods that are able to retain liquids in the body (seafood, cold meats, eggs, tinned fish, mayonnaise, ketchup, croutons).

To minimize minimize the consumption of canned products, pork meat and beef meat is conducive to the accumulation in the body, cholesterol harmful. High-calorie foods is important to replace fruits and vegetables, cereals and grains.

It is contraindicated in varicose veins solutions on the basis of alcohol consumed the product, that contribute to the increased viscosity of the blood, causing the development of thrombosis. The limits and smoking tobacco.


which can be when varicose veins

You should limit salt consumption, in any form, in excess, causes the appearance of edema, which exert an additional pressure on the dead of vienna.

You should eat foods that contain special vitamins help the assimilation Of vitamin c, protects the vessels of differential pressure:

  • Routine – citrus fruits, apple, buckwheat croup;
  • Catechins – which, grapes, berries;
  • Quercetin – grass st. john's wort, green tea, the onion;
  • All types of citrus.

It is preferable to use products without heat treatment, for the preparation of dishes is better to use the steam method of tempering. The liquid when varicose veins feet take in limited number, not exceeding 1.5 l per day.


When varicose veins is forbidden the attainment of several operational and intervention in the domain of the feet, for example, the treatment of the joints. When there is a heaviness in the legs, it is important to interrupt the reception of contraceptive methods, which contribute to the protrusion of the venous wall.

Right livelihood and the fulfillment of the activities of prevention will stop the resolution process of the walls venous, strengthen blood vessels and capillaries, to avoid possible complications.

It is important to take care of your feet, moderately to practice sports, reduce the load on the lower limbs. Successful recovery in this case, it is guaranteed!