Varicose veins in women

The modern medicine offers the most effective methods of treatment of such serious disease, such as varicose veins. And although this pathology finally cure is not possible, ways of simplifying the current symptoms, the removal of pain and remediando the likely effects of the defeat of the organism, which give the possibility to the patient to take one, and not limited to life. Pathology of the veins marked in adults and in childhood, can occur in the lower limbs (mainly), and also in other parts of the body: internal organs, under the arms, in the belly. Knowing how to treat varicose veins in the legs of women and avoid the aggravation available disease, can delay the development of disease, maintain the health of the feet of the beautiful half of humanity.

The general concept of the varicose veins women

varicose veins in women

A characteristic feature of the female body can be considered property of their frequent hormonal reconstructions that are shaped the physiology of women. The beginning of the pregnancy, the transition of the age and the period of growth, the beginning of menstruation, — all of these factors are able to become causal pathologies of the veins. Triggers, referred to the failure of the physical load, excess body weight, heredity, frequent stress, often become the cause of developing varicose veins, as adults, women, teenagers and even children.

To choose the way how to treat varicose veins developing in the legs and in the body, and also the internal organs of women, one must first consider the general state of the female body, the presence of a genetic predisposition to the defeat of the veins, and disturbances in the processes of circulation. This will allow the sim to remove the unpleasant symptoms of the disease, minimize their likely negative effects.

Varicose veins, manifesting "the feminine", a bit different from the symptoms of the pathology near the male half of the population: education venous node on the surface of the skin or of internal organs, the swelling of the tissues, the changes in body temperature, associated with circulatory disorders, change the appearance of the affected part of the body, — are common manifestations of varicose veins of the extension. The initial phase of the disease can be characterized by small negative changes, however, because it is in the initial phase of treatment becomes more successful, you should pay attention to and even small negative changes in the state.


Today universally considered to be the classification of varicose veins of women, founded on the site of location of the pathological process. You should consider the fact that the extension of the veins can be celebrated in almost all the areas of the body. If you have hereditary tendency to the violation of circulation, varicose veins is diagnosed in the lower limbs, hands, groin area, chest, and abdomen. Internal organs, this condition also occasionally occurs, however, for the development of the pathology with the such location must be observed in certain organic disorders, leading to a deterioration of the degree of operation of the internal organs.

Women varicose veins extension most commonly diagnosed in the following areas:

  • in the feet;
  • on the back;
  • in the belly;
  • in the region of the groin;
  • in the ovaries.

Listed space location varicose manifestations are not the only ones, in addition, varicose veins can occur in various areas and parts of the body. Each type has its own characteristics and manifestations of development, and requires a certain approach in the treatment and diagnosis.

Varicose veins in the lower limbs

The manifestations of this pathology in the legs, especially, are often diagnosed with the female half of the population. This is as the hereditary factor, and with a number of favour the disease of reasons. The nor should be attributed to the excess weight, insufficient physical load made daily, excessively long dwell time in the standing position, wearing the narrow and uncomfortable shoes 0 high heels are a prerogative of female, and is high-heeled shoes, many times when it leads to an excessive voltage feet, decrease in the tonus of the venous wall, which is one of the reasons for developing varicose veins.

On the feet, vascular mesh can occur with different points of location, most of the time she is commemorated in the skin of the ankles and calves. The appearance of seizures, especially during the night's sleep, which affects their quality, sensitivity in the feet, the appearance to the end of the day, the swelling of the tissues — all of these manifestations can be considered the main symptoms early stage varicose veins women.

The defeat in the groin area

the causes of varicose veins

Varicose veins in the groin, the development of women, also refers to frequent pathologies in the circulatory system. Once a significant number of large veins and arteries, when negative changes in the circulation is large the likelihood of developing varicose veins in the groin area. Here, as in other areas, are listed the following symptoms, which may become manifestations of lesions of the veins:

  • the appearance of the vascular veins;
  • swelling of tissues;
  • the pain, which is strongly felt by palpation of the area;
  • the bulging veins and the node of the vein above the surface of the skin.

The defeat of the vein in the groin occur when hormonal failures in the female body, which can occur when the occurrence of a transition period and during pregnancy, when menopause arrives.

The pathological changes in the chest area

Varicose veins on the chest celebrated with the order of 18-23% of women, with the expressed pathology of the veins. Especially it is observed, often this type of pathology of the veins during the period of pregnancy and lactation, when the breast increases in size and occur hormonal changes in the body.

Varicose veins the nodes may be visible to the eye already in the early stages of development of the pathology, in some cases, become visible only the execution of the manifestations of the disease. However, the appearance of pain, swelling of the soft tissue breast will help to identify varicose veins in this area, even in the early stage of development, which help yes eliminate the unpleasant symptoms.

Varicose veins the defeat of the ovary

Varicose veins of the ovary, is also a manifestation of venous disease, characteristic for the female half of the population. This is the type of pathology is scored when you have an inflammatory disease, in this organ, expressed dysfunction. Vein ovarian are extremely sensitive to hormonal changes of the female body, because control of the state of balance of hormones and the quality of the work of the endocrine system can be considered to be the main factor that allows you to alert the development varicose vein ovarian.

The technique of treatment of a particular area of the female body includes, in the first place anti-inflammatory therapy, correction of hormonal background.

The changes of the veins in the region of the abdomen and back

The manifestations of the varicose veins on the back are not marked, many times, this phenomenon may be accompanied by changes of the state of the veins in the region of the abdomen. Varicose veins in the stomach, evolving to the women, is the consequence of injury of the veins in the region. The symptoms of the pathology that is similar with the manifestations of the varicose veins in other areas:

  • felt sensitivity in the region of defeat;
  • can occur swelling of the tissue;
  • in the more advanced stages of the disease is marked the bulging vein above the surface of the skin of the belly.

We generated the veins in the stomach may be noticeable, even in the early stages of a disease process, which demonstrates about the violations of movement and able to veins and arteries.

Causes of varicose veins

Causes of varicose veins in women, which can be celebrated in the legs, in the region of the groin and pelvic region, coincide with the causes of the disease and of the men. It should be assigned:

  • a healthy lifestyle and the presence of bad habits that hinder the process of blood circulation in the tissues and the condition of the walls of the veins;
  • an inadequate diet, lacking the necessary number of elements necessary for the power of the veins;
  • the excess body weight;
  • a hereditary factor.

Trigger the causes that trigger the development of varicose veins in the legs of women and in other parts of the body, is the insufficiency of physical exercise and a sedentary lifestyle, which slows down the process of blood circulation in the tissues, wearing narrow footwear and apparel, high heel shoes, lack of rest for the feet, which is particularly important to the long finding in vertical position or sitting position. Also, the lack of opportunity of cure available of inflammatory processes in the body can cause, so it develops varicose veins of the lower limbs, the veins in the pelvic and ovary in women. The control of your own health, regular examination by your doctor will the time to discover the pathology of the circulatory and negative changes in the state of veins.

the treatment of varicose veins

Any cause of varicose veins that develops in the feet of the women, is the consequence of changes, and slowing of blood circulation. If it is poorly nutrition, the presence of bad habits is celebrated the thickening of the blood, which can hinder their passage through the veins due to which they increase in size, you lose the tone of their walls, are formed venous sites, bulging on the surface of the skin.

Causes of varicose veins are similar in men and women, however, the female has a higher probability of the onset of the disease, which most often is located in the legs. This occurs because the physiology of the female body, the characteristics of thrombosis in the venous lumen, the quality of the movement of the blood.

Characteristic symptoms and signs

Signs of varicose veins that develops in the tissues of the feet of women, can detect the disease even in early stage. The symptoms of varicose veins, diagnosed in the legs, in the groin for the women, the following:

  • the appearance of swelling of the tissues;
  • the bulging veins and its components on the skin;
  • varicose veins;
  • the pain of the feet;
  • seizures, especially at night.

Varicose veins in the groin, which can be detected in men and women, it is also characterized by pain in this area, the emergence of the node of the vein. The chest, though he rarely affect this pathology, can also suffer with the manifestation of the disease: varicose veins here is less common, but is also characterized contributes to pain, such as asterisks on the skin.

Diagnosis of the disease

Reveals the varicose veins, that can occur in women, with the completion of the visual inspection of the affected area, palpation of the skin. It is also assigned to the use of the radiographic examination of the skin and the affected area or organ of the patient undergo blood and urine tests.

Based on visual inspection and obtained from the analyses, the decision was made about the method's therapeutic impact.

Methods of treatment

Varicose veins in the legs require immediate treatment because if you do not have the required impact pathology enters into execution phase and can result in a deficiency of the patient, how to treat women and men that determines the doctor. The treatment of varicose veins, that is diagnosed with the skin of the feet of women, can be performed in different ways, with the use of medications, physical therapy and if necessary surgery.

Drug treatment

How to treat varicose veins, which is celebrated on the feet of women, must set the doctor, the pill are written based indicators analysis. Good performance is characterized ointment, which is applied to the varicose veins in the legs: your application is simple, absorbed such ointment quickly. To use ointments and tablets, is on the blood circulation, eliminates venous insufficiency.

Proposal of gels and ointments help in eliminate the pain, relieve the swelling. The availability of its cost is considered as an important advantage of this type of treatment.

Surgical intervention

When the women detected varicose veins of the leg, may be during the execution stages of the disease prompted the treatment in the form of operation. Surgical phlebectomy allows you to remove venous sites, eliminate stagnation of blood movement.

The met impact is used during the execution stages of the disease, it is assigned only by a physician.


Varicose veins of the ovaries in women can be treated with exercises: gymnastics therapy allows you to eliminate the stagnation of the phenomenon in the pelvic organs, stimulates the activation of blood circulation. The schema of such exercises offer to the doctors in any clinic treatment for varicose veins.

The main condition for the effectiveness of the exercises should be regarded as the periodicity of their execution.

Folk remedies

Can be applied and the beginning of ointment, which overlap the affected vienna, eliminating the inflammation and stimulating the circulation. The base can become the wax is natural, in which are added the natural elements: plants (Kalanchoe, aloe vera, marigold), flowers (linden, nettle).

Any ointment must be applied under the supervision of a doctor.

Possible complications varicose veins women

Varicose veins in the region of the groin, to legs, to women can have a number of negative consequences, and, when untreated, can occur a disability. The development of complications can be caused by the presence of parallel current organic defeats, weakness, that have the walls of the veins. The stage of development of the pathology determines the risk of complications during the execution of the forms of disease complications are marked.

The weakening of the veins, circulatory disorders and the spread of the disease to the patches of skin are the main probable complications of the varicose veins.

Preventive measures

prevention varicose veins

To avoid the development of varicose veins expansion in the region of the groin, is possible through the execution of exercises which activate the process of blood movement of women in the pelvic organs, the exception of bad habits, wearing a comfortable outfit. Complications thrombophlebitis can be avoided thanks to a healthy diet, prevention of varicose veins is possible when, from inspection on a regular basis with your doctor.