Varicose veins — treatment

Varicose veins in the legs is enough for a serious disease, which should be given the maximum attention, particularly on the part of women. In the process of the disease of vienna become less elastic, and the wall, due to the poor circulation of the blood, the more it will expand,causing to appear and become visible outside of the skin. In some cases, if you do not treat varicose veins, can result in severe consequences, up to the formation of blood clots. The treatment of varicose veins at home must occur with the consent and the doctor's control.


varicose veins

Varicose veins in the legs it is easy to confuse with the routine, the tiredness, on that are released the first symptoms of the disease. When the body does not always begin with clear manifestations a little crack in the extremities, swollen feet, you may experience the worsening of the state at night. When you do this, the swelling in the morning, decreases or disappears completely, you can not deduct these manifestations on the excess work. Due pathological of blood circulation, the situation will gradually increased, and the swelling, colour and weight on the legs will only increase.

Because of the constant incorrect the circulation of blood in the veins is the formation of nodules, very well seen, and when you touch it to give a strong pain. Before varicose veins has been observed in women with more than 40 years, that the greatest part of life, usually due to a profession, were standing. Today, the disease younger and already many times, can occur in both men when sedentary life style.

Seen some of the factors that increase the risk of occurrence of varicose veins.These include:

  1. The genetic predisposition is due to the low elasticity of tissues, blood vessels, which causes increased pressure in them;
  2. Pregnancy, due to heavy load of the foot and high pressure in the abdominal cavity;
  3. Frequent uncomfortable wearing a shoe that pinched in vienna, and stops the circulation. Special attention deserve the high heels, and should be repealed;
  4. Regular weight lifting, the most dangerous of static load;
  5. Long stay in the legs due to working conditions;
  6. The bad habits that are harmful to the state of the vessels – smoking, alcohol;
  7. Wrong, harmful nutrition;
  8. Heavy sports;
  9. The climax.

The symptoms

The symptoms of a disease can be stable if the negative impact is persistent, but that can have a variable character. No matter the varicose veins, its shape and gravity, it is necessary to pay attention to the signs of the disease and not to be taken for the treatment. The presence of the disease in the body indicate:

  1. The legs become heavy, appears to constant fatigue in the extremities, which intensifies at night;
  2. Vienna start sweating, may have indistinct color, usually blue. If you raise your hand up, put her in a chair, swelling of the veins disappears;
  3. Feet appear nodules, which can be clearly seen, although they can be small or conglomerates control;
  4. Often accompanied by edema of the feet, that may manifest swelling stop, legs, ankles or more parcels;
  5. Speeds up the regularity of the occurrence of the seizures;
  6. You can gradually increase the dryness of the skin due to the lack of nutrients;
  7. Perhaps the formation of seals, which, in appearance, have brown-black color;
  8. In stage possible trophic ulcer.


Know the main causes of the disease, can eliminate the risk factors, to not have problems of varicose veins. Modern medicine assigns such recommended measures of prevention of the disease:

  1. Use special medical socks, socks;
  2. Prevent the set of excess weight, which increases the risk of disease;
  3. Avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol;
  4. Periodically carry out a small massage on the feet. Especially good to massage in conjunction with the column;
  5. Most of practice physical exercises, increase the level of activity. Varicose veins occurs because of the stagnation phenomena in the legs, and a passive lifestyle is one of the basic premises for the disease;
  6. Constantly take a shower, watch out for the hygiene of the feet, taking warm baths with the addition of salt;
  7. The use of special tools, that have the effect of the treatment;
  8. To maximize the eliminate the stress of the phenomenon and calm down;
  9. Compose the diet of healthy foods, eliminating the harmful;
  10. Give preference to the work, where there is little reasonable to the load, the better the motor, and to eliminate the long stay standing or in a sitting position;
  11. Add the diet of the honey – it is known by its effects, beneficial effects on the vascular system of the body;
  12. Give up high heels.

The treatment of varicose veins

prevention varicose veins

The treatment of varicose veins feet at home it is more convenient to the type of therapy that helps to reduce the risk of development of disease or to exclude the expression of the general. Not worth to be based on intelligence, by identifying the causes of the disease, and if auto-fix them, the best will be to consult with your doctor, to avoid the potential harm of self-medication.

Outdoor tools: creams, ointments, gels

The treatment of varicose veins, the feet should be carried out taking into account that, initially, the damaged, vessels, which adhere to the surface of the skin, and then it is possible worsening of the disease. If in the early stages to prevent the spread of the disease, so you can quickly recover. The best tool for the recovery of vessels from the upper layers of the skin is the outer drug.

The cream is useful to prevent stagnation of blood, the stimulation of blood circulation, relief of pain, swelling of the feet. Highlighted the big 4, common to a group of medicines external applied, separated by type of exposure:

  1. Ointments that help to dissolve the increase in the number of platelets and stimulate the blood circulation;
  2. Non-steroids are drugs that eliminate the inflammatory reaction in the feet and prevent thrombosis;
  3. Prepared with the aid of the use of natural ingredients – butcher, brown. They are used chronic in the form of varicose veins, as well as do not have side effects. Allow the strengthen the walls of blood vessels, alleviate the increased fatigue, swelling of the feet.
  4. Hormonal medication have a strong anti-histamines impact, and prevent the formation of inflammation.

Medical gymnastics

One of the regular activities able to not only prevent the development of disease, but also accelerate its resolution. It is important to address the issue with the mind, to make jogging certainly effective, but Stanovaya traction weight lifters front harmful. You can use it as a simple exercise:

  1. The squat. Feet to put in the width of the shoulders and a little bit of everything to fall, until it reaches the level of the pelvis, when it becomes parallel to the floor, and then stand up. Perform about 5 times, but should not be too difficult, if you run hard, do not do so;
  2. Mahi feet. Plant, wave the feet side to side, to back, to the front. For each foot run the 5 Mach in each direction;
  3. Rotate the leg, keeping it in the air. It is necessary to take the support foot and leaving from side to side to rotate the foot. Do 5 reps and rotate in the other direction, and then change the location of the leg;
  4. The rotational motion from heel to toe and vice-versa. A very useful exercise, it can be used in different forms of execution.

The bathroom

The effective treatment of varicose veins means the drug nature is not always acceptable for reasons of health and lack of money in medicines. Prepare baths to eliminate varicose veins in the legs, is useful and convenient for treatment at home, which does not require large expenses and almost completely safe.

They are especially useful manganese tubs, they are done with the calculation, 10 litres of water for the 2 St. l. sea salt. You should dissolve in water and soak your feet in the water for 20 to 25 minutes. Optimal water temperature of 38 degrees, you can determine approximately.

With the use of turpentine proper and the white and yellow option, which is sold in every pharmacy. Cooking bathroom white:

  1. In the bowl pours the heated water of the order of 10 litres;
  2. Add 1 St. l. turpentine;
  3. Hold in the water for 20 minutes, if the procedure is well tolerated.


gym when varicose veins

In the treatment of varicose veins important to the therapy, therefore, you should only use medicines treatment site, but and overall impact. Suitable for the full treatment — tablets, capsules or injections.

It is mainly used 3 types of drugs:

  • Special medications that allow you to enhance the blood flow through the body and increase the tonus of the blood vessels. Certainly these means vein treatment at home is not achieved, but you can eliminate the negative symptoms that accompany varicose veins. Medicines consumed two times a day 1 tablet. The course of treatment is adjusted individually;
  • Medicines to thin the blood. These substances prevent the formation of blood clots, the blood becomes more fluid, eliminating the tendency for the thickness. This should be considered when wound, so the coagulation also some worsening. The need for the individual assignment, since there is not always the need for them;
  • Anti-inflammatory medications .They allow to facilitate the escape of disease, numb spots, eliminate swelling and prevent the agglutination of platelets.

The treatment of the infestation of leeches

People and medical approach may disagree about the efficacy of leeches, but many point to a positive result. On the other hand, notes that the effect is intermittent and unstable.

Varicose veins of the lower limbs, if the treatment is done at home, you can include a variety of methods, but for its account and risk, referred to in and hirudotherapy. In a short space of time leech, able to eliminate the pain and the weight on the limbs, but can lead to complications, for example, inflammation or allergy. Due to the special net allocated leech, after you detach at the bite site for a long time it continues term of the blood,when you do this, you may education thrombilabitov and abscesses.

Folk remedies

The treatment of varicose veins folk media is used with sufficient frequency, as well as around us, a natural substance useful when varicose veins, they just need to take and cook.


Retted nettle asset is used as an oral medication, when the mixture is easy to apply.You should:

  1. Chop 2 St. l. nettles;
  2. Pour 1 cup of boiling water;
  3. To maintain the liquid 1 hour, and drain;
  4. You should drink three times a day for ¼ cup;
  5. The effect of the tool is achieved within 6 months.Each month, make a pause of 2 weeks.

The apples

The treatment of varicose veins materials on hand means you can be released the product – apples, better to have a grade "Antonov". It has 2 units, medium-sized apples, put into 1 liter of boiling water and keep for 4 hours. Then, obtained apples grind them in water and mix. After drinking two times a day for 50 g.

Garlic and honey

The following way, how to treat varicose veins in the legs of the women at home is to use unusual combination of products of garlic and honey. You have 250 g of garlic and chop and then melt the honey (350 g) and pour it. Resist to 2 weeks. Must be consumed 1 St. l. three times a day for 2 months.


Little is known about the means of varicose veins are considered to be nuts. Needs a little bit of brown, the ideal, for flowers and fruits. 50 g of nuts in a blender and pour in the vodka and 0.5 l. to Insist 2 weeks, sometimes, always stirring. Should drink 40 drops three times a day, 1 month. Can also be used as an ointment.

Compresses and an ointment of varicose veins


Most an effective remedy against varicose veins is ointments or compresses. Thanks to its properties to absorb harmful substances popular the use of potatoes, that has to grate,place in the feet, especially in the specific area of manifestation of the vein and painful sensations. The potato is placed on the skin and is fixed with a bandage. Support to compress the day, every 4 hours, changing the content.


Green walnut is one of the leaders in the treatment of varicose veins, but a specificity in the total mining,as well as it is only available in the late summer/early. It is prepared simply, you must place in a container and cover with olive oil. The more you insist, walnuts for 6 weeks, it is advised that the capacity exposed to light. The lubrication of the liquid standing all night.

The salt of the sea

When varicose veins are acquired wide distribution, one can prepare a compress of sea salt. She contributes to the tone of the vessels, eliminates swelling and reduces the amount of lobbying with the blood vessels.

You should add the salt into the water until mush, and the mixture is placed in the refrigerator. Then, store the mixture in a cloth and apply on the skin, in this case, he should roll up a bandage. Keep this up until the moment of heating of salt.


the treatment of varicose veins

Kalanchoa is a plant that has a strong effect on varicose veins. You should tear the leaves and chop, and then put in the sun until dry. You should to dry 250 g of leaves, by putting in 0.5 l tin,then pour the alcohol, you can be the vodka and put off for a week in a dark place. Twice a day, hitting the feet, which helps eliminate the pain.

Honey therapy

If there is muscle pain, severe spasms and cramps in the feet, use a honey treatment. Also, the honey is famous to tone the impact on the vessels. You should, every day, on an empty stomach to eat 2 h. l. of honey. The maximum effect occurs when you use with an empty stomach and not with any liquid. Can also be used as a preventative.