Varicose veins of the lower limbs: causes and treatment

Direct walking, high heels, great load of work on your feet, excess weight, the hard work of the production and some other factors that affect the output of blood and veins. First appear small cracks, and then noticeable blue mesh, then the pain and the burning sensation – and all of this results in the formation of this disease, such as varicose veins of the lower limbs.

varicose veins of the members

This disease is, unfortunately, quite common in many people, and it appears that she, regardless of age. Already at the first sign of varicose veins, and to avoid the necessity of performing the operation, must take care of his health and the time to appeal the vascular surgeon.


Chronic disease, which are characteristic nodosos of varicose veins, varicose veins of the lower limbs. The veins in the legs have in their structure special valves, through which the blood is dropped in an upward direction, therefore, to not stagnate. In the case of violation of operation of the valves occurs a violation of output of blood, she starts to move in the veins in the opposite direction, causing the formation of stagnation, accompanied on the side of unpleasant symptoms.

Varicose veins are the doctors generally divided into six classes, each of which is accompanied by certain symptoms of diseases of the veins. Zero degree varicose veins is the normal state of the feet, without any violation. Diseases of the veins does not, but there is a heaviness in the legs. First degree — when the skin has already become
subtle blue streaks, the so-called cosmetic defects. The second class (reticular varicose veins) is a disease of the veins with symptoms early, along with visible extensions of the veins. The third is a disease of the mind veins assigned to another journal common the swelling of the feet. In the fourth stage already appearing lesions of parts of the skin, visible dermatitis. Fifth grade varicose veins, accompanied by plagues. The sixth – the released for type of venous disease, when in the skin are formed sturdy and the scars of wounds.

It occurs more frequently varicose veins in the initial grid layout the initial stage of the disease, when the feet become slightly visible screen, it is possible to see parts of the vein. This brings no discomfort, in addition to the visible cosmetic defect, but requires preventive measures, otherwise, the stage of the disease can become later, the symptoms of serious irreversible consequences.

What causes the expansion of veins? The main causes of the appearance of varicose veins are the 7 factors.

  1. Heredity. If you have one of the parents is congenital weakness of the venous wall risk of developing varicose veins in children is quite high.
  2. Wearing long high-heeled shoes.
  3. Hormonal adaptation (especially in women in period of pregnancy and menopause).
  4. Age. Varicose veins are veins in the legs is more common after the age of 45, but it happens in 25 and younger.
  5. Wrong way of life: sleep, standing position at work, a heavy work load in the foot (athletes, porters,...).
  6. The excess of weight.
  7. The presence of chronic liver disease or arteriovenous fistula, signs of

As you can see, the education varicose veins can be used to predict the which is an advantage. Have an idea of why that appears to disease varicose veins, it is possible to prevent its development and complications, the adoption of appropriate preventive measures measures (massage, fitness, therapy, exercise).

Symptoms and diagnosis of varicose veins

the causes of varicose veins

To recognize varicose veins are veins in the legs, must pay attention to the signs that you can see or feel. The veins have the property to swell and ache due to a number of reasons, and not every one of them talks about the human existence of disease of the veins, and related venous system. The fatigue of a long standing position or lying down, wearing a long time, high or uncomfortable (unstable), jumps and some other factors may influence the state of the feet. When the expansion of the deep veins of the lower limbs, the symptoms are visible and permanent. Consider the main of them.

  1. Cosmetic is a defect, when under the skin of the feet translucent or bulge winding of the vienna, dark blue or reddish dark. The skin becomes more dense, with visible pigmentation, it loses elasticity and has a pronounced shine, on its surface may, for the lack of hair.
  2. Swelling of the veins in the standing position (in the horizontal, they take the natural look).
  3. The syndrome of heavy legs, that takes systematic and is considered to be a sign of later stage of varicose veins. It is characterized by it by phenomena such as:
  • increased fatigue of the lower limbs, regardless of the degree of charge;
  • swelling in feet/ankles, which manifest themselves on hot days, after a long stay in the standing position or to the end of the daily work;
  • seizures in the area of calf muscles;
  • pain;
  • intense itching, often manifesting during the night.

As we have already said, the signals, which may be, for varicose veins, not always say about the presence of varicose veins disease. It's not worth doing hasty independent conclusions. To establish a diagnosis should seek the help of professional specialist. Based on a series of studies to be confirmed or refuted the presence of a disease.

The diagnosis of varicose veins of the feet is accomplished cardiac surgeon – a physician who treat diseases of the circulatory system, veins and blood vessels. The doctor will examine; the feet, through the study of the research and palpation, and prescribe additional tests for a more detailed examination.

Diagnosis varicose veins can be made by the method duplex scan or contrast for the procedure.

  • Ultrasound (duplex scan) – only and common method of examining the state of the veins. When this form of search, the expert can see the presence of blood clots, to find the direction of flow and the permeability of the blood, with certainty to determine the degree of varicose veins.
  • High contrast: the venography is based on the x-ray. For varicose veins were very visible in the image, it introduced a special substance that causes visible blood. He paints it, allowing you to see all the contours. This method is rarely used, as well as the supply of ultra-sound, more informative, and completely painless.

Diagnosis, and varicose veins of disease – possibility of avoiding serious complications, so it's not worth it to wait for the emergence of severe symptoms (constant headaches, weakness, express the deterioration of the blood and other). Aja, do the examination before, when without the operation cannot be dismissed!

The treatment of varicose veins feet

The treatment of varicose veins can be performed by several methods (your choice depends on the age of the patient, the stage of the disease of the veins and the presence of complications), which include sclerotherapy, hardware, and conservative means or surgical. The methods of treatment of varicose veins in the legs include: massage, therapy by exercise, by wearing special stocking and pantyhose, medications (creams, tablets), and the operation. Consider each one of them.

The conservative treatment varicose veins

the treatment of varicose veins
  1. Compression treatment of diseases of the veins is made with the ease of stocking or bandages elastic, which should be used during the day, removing only during the night. The material they are made these products, they have a special construction, thus contributing to a better circulation and improve the tone own veins. Continuous wearing similar compression stocking (golf, pantyhose) relieves the symptoms of varicose veins and slows down the progressive disease. Rubber bands and headbands must be the wind, to keep track of a spiral shape, starting at the base of the toes, therefore, for each round overlaps the previous one (about half of its entire width). When you select compression stocking should be the correct size.
  2. A pneumatic massage also applies to the easy treatment of varicose veins. The massage is done with the help of a special device, which are produced necessary for the circulation of movement. Before performing the procedure on the leg of the patient are placed on the handle, inside which the pressure is blown into the air.

The drug treatment of varicose veins

Tablets, ointments, gels – medications that can be prescribed by a doctor to eliminate the symptoms and treatment varicose veins without operation.

Important: do Not self! Contact a specialist for the correct diagnosis and the destination really effective.

The main drugs effective against the disease of varicose veins, are divided into groups.

  1. The main tools. Increase the tonus of the veins, improving the output of their blood, contribute to relieve the swelling, reduces the pain.
  2. Anti-inflammatory drugs have analgesic properties, apply as decongestants tools.
  3. Drugs, medicines for thinning the blood, against the formation of clots of blood, it is a pre-formed or injectable tools.

Among the various techniques of treatment of varicose disease of the veins are painless manipulation, which are an alternative to drug or surgical intervention. These include the traditional and modern means.

  1. The treatment of the infestation of leeches applied in practice, although for a long time. The effect of this technique lies in the fact that, in the process of exhaustion of the blood leech to vomit the substance specific, which contributes to the liquefaction of blood clots.
  2. Sclerotherapy (without the shedding of blood removal extended vein). The principle of this method consists in the introduction of advanced vienna "adhesive substances". Thanks to this action, the patient advanced of vienna can no longer participate in the blood circulation and becomes invisible — the blood moves more healthy system, ignoring the sick in vienna. When sclerotherapy ensured the correct eating healthy veins. This method of treatment is great in the early stages of varicose veins (the possibility of its application depends on the opening of vienna), and is advantageous because it does not need repeating. The injection are introduced ad course, is visible the result is obtained through several tens of days.
  3. The method of treatment of varicose veins, laseris quite effective, especially in conjunction with other methods.

There are also unconventional methods, to get rid of varicose veins, but they use very dangerous, due to the fact that you can only do evil. Even the wrong massage can have a negative impact on the state of the circulatory system in your feet.

Surgical treatment varicose veins

In cases of varicose veins of the lower limbs is not possible to eliminate the above nominated conservative forms, doctors prescribe the treatment. Typically, this applies to the execution stages varicose veins with complications.

The operation – an effective method of treatment for varicose veins, but the measure is radical, it should be resorted only in extreme cases, when none of the other methods did not give the desired result.

During the execution of the manipulation surgery, the doctor produces small incisions in the skin. Through them, he gently removes the patients of vienna. After foot surgery put bandages, which must firmly meet to. After some time (2-4 hours) the patient can get up and move independently.

Online method of varicose veins – a procedure that, in most cases it is possible to avoid, but it's not worth to be afraid, if your doctor will prescribe this form of treatment. There are techniques less painful, after that it does not occur in virtually no discomfort. For example, the endoscopy is performed by a day in the hospital, and phlebectomy is performed without cuts.

Gymnastics and for the prevention of diseases of the veins

prevention varicose veins

Varicose veins of the lower limbs, may develop symptomatic, but not interfering with your normal life, however, don't neglect the early symptoms of this disease of the veins During the initial stages of a varicose veins or for the prevention of varicose veins it is recommended to perform a series of exercises.

You can do this at any time, where convenient, with tips from an instructor entirely optional. Do everything carefully, following the instructions, not effort. It's not worth overdoing, so that the feet should be in good tone, and not as "stretched rope".